How do you see the world?

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I wear glasses. Well, sometimes I do but sometimes I wear contact lenses. There are a lot of people in the world that don't see the world in perfect 20/20 vision and I'm curious about ways that we might physically percieve the world differently. I know through glasses and contact lenses lights sometimes have a much larger glow around them as a result of the way my glasses/contacts reflect the light. I'm also curious about anything else vision related. Glasses and contacts in fashion? Monocles? Blindness? Anything.

I know I personally like wearing both glasses and contacts but prefer contacts because I feel like I'm seeing the world in hd. Glasses smudge, get dirty, foggy, whatever. Also with contacts you don't feel like your trapped behind glass. Sometimes it's like you're inside a fishbowl. I also have tried coloured contacts before, I think they're pretty interesting but also pricey.
I don't always wear my glasses (bad Kitti!) though I probably ought to do so. It's not imperative but it does help me. Without my glasses, as compared to having them on, the world is a lot softer. I actually find things to be prettier (alas, only far away things!) without my glasses because of the lack of definition.
The bane of my existence, however, is peripheral vision. I used to have it and so I know what I am missing. It feels like I have blinders on. v_v
As with Kitti... I have no peripheral vision. My glasses cause me to always be focused on what I'm facing. I wear transition lenses, so the world is often dimmer than it actually is. Plus, I'm perpetually having to clean them.

Without my glasses, the world is a blur of lights and colors. I can't see clearly at all. -superblind-
I'm actually glad I'm not the only one that gets the blinders thing. I call it a fishbowl effect though because I feel trapped behind glass, like I can't move around. It's actually kind of hard to focus sometimes because of it. Only with the glasses though. I really do feel like I can see infinitly better with contact lenses than glasses.

It's an amazing difference. I prefer seeing with such excellent definition because the colours and shadows just become so much more crisp. Although I'm tempted to try seeing the world a little bit blurrier for a day, to see the difference. My visions pretty bad though (superblind here to) so when things are blurry, they're very blurry. But it's interesting to hear someone describe the blurry vision as pretty. It might be a matter of perspective?
I can't see shit without my glasses on. Everything is a messy blur. Nothing has an edge, and everything bleeds into each other. I can usually tell what colors an object is, and sometimes the shape, but nothing else. Last time I checked, I can only see about three inches in front of my face. My prescription is so powerful that people who have tried my glasses on have gotten nauseous.

I like my glasses, but I only wear them when I'm feeling lazy now. Because the lenses are so thick, even after they've been thinned, everything is magnified and looks a lot farther away then it actually is, so contacts make more sense. Plus my eyes look really weird behind the lenses. I'm still adjusting to contacts. My face feels really naked without my spectacles. :/
It'll get better Freik. I remember the first time I put my contacts in it took me an hour. The optometrist that gave me my first pair always made fun of me when I went in to get a new prescription after. Or rather, she thought I was my brother so she'd always talk about how it took him so long and how it had never taken anyone in her entire career that long to get them in. I'd always remind her that it was actually me, and then she'd laugh . . . I'm pretty sure she was trolling me XD. Then again she didn't speak english very well so I could never be sure from her tone.

Also . . . this thread reminded me of a little TPB (Trailer Park Boys)

I wear glasses and I always have. I got them when I was five and in order to avoid paying for them, I was told I was too irresponsible to have contacts. Eventually I just didn't want them and stuck with glasses. It is the window to the world that I look through and it is fine with me. I lack no peripheral vision, and I take my glasses off for a few weeks before getting new glasses, so that my eyes are stronger and only get better. Maybe this is true and maybe not.

When I see things, I can focus on detail, but because I sometimes do rough stuff and can lose them, I've learned to focus on the shape of things and how they move and interact with the world. People are the same way, I focus on the way people move and walk, the way they sound, or smell. It's served me well and I have rarely fell behind others in that way.
Oh my god, getting them in was such a huge pain the first time... Haha, my optometrist is an asshole too. "You eyes really are just so bad! And an astigmatism, too! We really had to dig around in the archives to find your contacts!"

Dick. >_>
Okay so I should've gotten glasses a lot sooner than when I did get them, which was in the 7th grade. I was already starting to lose my sight when I was in the 5th grade and couldn't see things on the white board, especially things that are red because the color just wouldn't show up well against a WHITE board. I always felt like a dumbass having to move up to see the board. Oh it was awful. But when I finally did get glasses, it was absolute heaven. Granted, my eyes were so bad by then that I had a lot of trouble getting accustomed to them. I was nauseous the first couple of weeks wearing them, and walking down a shopping aisle made my head spin like crazy. But oh my goodness I still remember walking out of the optometrist building and looking at this birch tree across the parking lot. I could see every single fucking leaf. It blew my mind.

I have contacts as well, although because they are pricey I don't just stick to them anymore. My insurance used to cover them, but now glasses are the cheaper choice. Ever since I got my contacts, I hate my glasses. I don't like the fact that I have this piece of glass on my face. I'm scared of something hitting me in the face and shattering it, and it's annoying as hell when I'm in kitchen and the glasses fog up. (And yes people laugh at me for it, but only because I instigate it.) But anyways, ever since I got glasses, I have been very very fond of my sight and of colors as well.