How Do You Relax?

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How do you relax?

  1. Sex

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  2. Drugs

    2 vote(s)
  3. Rock n Roll

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  4. Alcohol

    3 vote(s)
  5. Hobbies (drawing, playing an instrument, etc)

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  6. Taking your rage out on unsuspecting victims

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  7. Yoga/meditation

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  8. Reading

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  9. Other

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  1. Personally, I practice yoga and meditation. Sometimes I take a hike into the woods. Getting away from people for a while makes me feel a lot better, and kind of resets my mind.

    So how do YOU find relaxation?
  2. I hope into my video games,....and I shoot things in the face, or scare the piss out of people.
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  3. I like your style :D
  4. A walk, a nap, or a beer!
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  5. I sleep o.o
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  6. Watch goofy shit on YouTube, and if possible I run out to the shooting range and wow people with my funky looking TAR-21. Shooting, for me at least, calms me down because proper shooting techniques regulate your breathing and forces you to focus.
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  7. Watching silly crap on Youtube, reading, or playing video games (either mindless action to wreck things or hard strategy stuff that requires lots of concentration and takes my mind off of stressful things).
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  8. ASMR videos on youtube. The only way I can sleep, sometimes.
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  9. I don't

    I usually will sit down and draw while I listen to music, or maybe go play with my lovely dogs for a while so they cane have some fun too ^^ I've found both methods to be pretty effective when I'm getting too strung up and tense about anything.
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  10. As weird as it sounds, I like to listen to people talk. I've got an arsenal of audio posts from tumblr, most of them are just people voice acting or talking. Almost all of them are guys with deeper voices, because somehow that's just really relaxing to listen to. Audio books work too, like The Red Necklace read by Hiddleston.

    Other than that, games, TV shows, singing and ambient music works wonders. The ambient music, particularly the engine ambience from the Normandy in ME3, works great if the room is too quiet. Kind of makes you feel like you're in space or something.
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  11. I wish I could find ways to relax. Sleep doesn't even help. I tried a yoga class one day, that helped me out a lot but I'd rather be guided in it instead of doing it myself. I'm still a newbie... >>
  12. I'm putting together a stream of my yoga classes. I've been teaching for a long time, and now want to reach out to others through the internet. I'll keep you updated if you'd like. I may end up creating a group.
  13. @Hope Where will you be streaming it?
  14. Dynasty Warriors-like video games set on easy. Nothing like slaughtering thousands of people without actually worrying about getting murderlated yourself. Also, if not in a gaming mood, I throw on some music and read.
  15. Masturbating is a good idea.
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  16. Most commonly... Groceries and cooking. Beer and videogames are also viable. I do yoga as well, but it's more for the body than the mind in my case.
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  17. I will probably start streaming some of my classes live on Skype. I will also record some and put them on youtube.
  18. Besides my video games, I like to write, though it's difficult to do so much of the time, as I lack inspiration quite a bit.

    That and there's something about rubbing my feet against cold hardwood floors which is incredibly relaxing, no matter the time of year.
  19. I drink.
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  20. @Hope Well, whenever you post some videos to Youtube, just let me know. (:
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