How do you prefer your toast?

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How dark do you like your toast?

  1. Light

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  2. Medium

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  3. Dark

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  4. Very Dark

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  5. I don't particularly mind

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  1. The topic says it all.
  2. On the borderline of "burnt." ANYTHING ELSE IS NOT TOAST.

    I also don't like butter on my toast. Butter is gross. I just eat it hard and dry. Toasted so black and crisp that it shreds the soft inside of your mouth with every bite as you eat it slowly... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This applies to toast-eating as well.

  3. Rebecca “Rikki” Barnes
    AKA Nomad

    Power Level

    19-21 (Est.)

    Hair Color

    Eye Color



    Note: She does have an official grid from one of the old handbooks, but it was based on the character as she was during her original appearances in the '90s (the prototypical Bucky, i.e a rebellious teenage sidekick with talent but only moderate training). She came into her own more after moving to the 616 universe, so I updated it to reflect her being older, better and more experienced.

    Once Bucky, now Nomad. Rikki Barnes was the product of a last-resort pocket universe willed into existence by the nigh-omnipotent Franklin Richards as a countermeasure against the psionic entity called Onslaught, the desperate effort of an all-powerful child to save his parents and family in the Fantastic Four from certain death. An entire new sub-universe was created, nestled in the folds of the true Earth-616, the heroes who launched a final assault on Onslaught deposited there in lieu of certain death and given fabricated memories as an entire world was shaped around them. In this reality, Rikki was the modern-day teen sidekick of Captain America, granddaughter of the World War II era Bucky and inheritor of the legacy title, considered a "chronal anomaly" by SHIELD for unknown reasons.

    All of it meant nothing when the transposed heroes abandoned the Counter-Earth and returned to their own universe, leaving the likes of Rikki behind. That would've been the end of it if not for the return of Onslaught in the mainstream earth some years later and his targeting of Franklin Richards, who attempted the same trick he'd done to evade the monster before and reached into the pocket universe once again, this time depositing himself. The failing in this plan was that Onslaught was fully capable of following suit this time, but when the entity arrived it was faced with an assemblage of the world's mightiest heroes, Rikki included. The ensuing battle ended with her own gambit as she ensured both she and Onslaught were trapped in the Negative Zone with no way back to her home universe.

    She expected her end, but it didn't come. She instead found herself in the true Earth-616 with no memory of what transpired after her arrival in the Negative Zone, though this was hardly preferable; She was a girl without a world, no reputation and no relations in this new earth to speak of, those heroes who had known her only possessing brief, fleeting memories of their time in the pocket universe now. She could never resume her partnership with a Captain America who barely even knew her, and she was even warned off doing so by an aggressive Black Widow, told a fabrication like her had no place inserting herself in their real lives. Though she desired something, anything, to anchor her to this new reality she found herself in, she ultimately drifted away and formed a new identity for herself as the newest recipient of the vacant Nomad mantle, at Widow's encouragement.

    Ironically, she found the anchor she was looking for in a new friend, not an old one. The burgeoning Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon, and the new Nomad crossed paths in a chance encounter and bonded quickly after forming a partnership as heroes, with Rikki figuring out the spider's identity and giving up her own name in return. Several more adventures ensued and the formation of a new Young Allies team (a unit she had been part of in her home universe) even seemed to be in the works, but an abrupt twist put a tragic end to things; Rikki had been active in the prime universe only as a tether for the still-alive Onslaught, who had lacked the energy to transport all his own power through from the Negative Zone but possessed enough to substitute Nomad. She, ironically, was his anchor, the means by which he was slowly pulling himself back to Earth-616 piece by piece. Though she was powerless to stop him, she ultimately resisted his domination and implored teammate Gravity to kill her, once again finding a way to cut off Onslaught's plans despite being the smallest of fishes. She was remembered by few, albeit fondly, and there was a suggestion that some lingering psionic imprint of her still remained.

    (Canon break after this point so she's not dead like in the comics since that'd be no fun, building off the "chronal anomaly" plot point that was never really resolved. Lemme know if any of this needs reworking)

    This was proven true when the world merge occurred in 2012, the universes of the Avengers and the Justice League becoming irreversibly one. The Reality Shards forming sent ripples throughout the hierarchy of the multiverse, affecting individuals across the newly-formed composite world and rewriting them with their selves from other earths like patchwork, but for the psionic "ghost" of Rikki the effect was different. An anomaly in the multiverse, as SHIELD had identified from the very beginning, the only version of her to exist across the various universes was her as created by Franklin Richards; Were it not for his desperate shaping of reality the multiverse as it was meant to be would have no place for Rikki Barnes. So rather than replacing her with another version of herself that didn't exist, nature did as it did and abhorred the vacuum-- The energy imprint left by her tether to Onslaught, status as a chronal aberration and the pocket universe's lingering connection to its originator all came together to recreate Nomad in living form again, just as she last was but with the tether to Onslaught long since severed.

    While more than happy to be alive, if not entirely ready to resume her superhero duties immediately, she found over two years had passed since her demise and that most had moved on. In more than one way, she was a girl without a world once more.

    • Gymnast - Highly athletic, agile and acrobatic, conditioned with peak functional strength for her frame to effortlessly pull her own body weight, allowing her to maneuver and flip herself across rooftops and battlefields alike. Her agility was developed from her dance proficiency and honed for application as a hero over the years, meaning she's innately skilled at practically anything requiring flexibility and dexterity.
    • Bilingual - Speaks English and Spanish.
    • Espionage - Having been put through the same training as SHIELD agents, Nomad knows many of the ins and outs of being an effective spy, such as stealth, info and intel gathering, deducing other peoples' way of thinking and reacting in advance, escape artistry, parachuting, vehicular operation, hacking, lockpicking, infiltrating and wilderness survival.
    • Marksmanship - Proficient in the use of both conventional firearms and thrown weapons.
    • Hand-to-hand combat - Much like the original Bucky, she is innately scrappy and was trained personally by Captain America for an extensive period of time, to be as good as or better than all but the very best. Has taken what she learned from him and the self-defense techniques from her SHIELD training and developed her own personalized fighting style over the years.
    • Tactician - Very capable of goal-oriented and battlefield tactics, likely inherited from working in the field alongside Captain America.
    • Equipment - Wears a padded costume composed of a specialized material that grants her a degree of (not complete) bulletproofness from the neck down while retaining its flexibility. Vibranium-laced tech is installed in her gloves and the soles of her boots, allowing her to generate a photonic energy shield with properties similar to vibranium from the former and to run across walls, move silently, leap greater distances and land from great heights with the latter. Similar to the original Nomad, the discs on the chest of her costume can be unclipped and thrown as weapons, delivering an electric discharge on impact and capable of rendering conventional enemies unconscious at fifty feet.

  4. Light with regular sized sandwiches.
    Light or Medium with subs/heroes/hoagies/poboys.
    Dark and crunchy with jams, jellies, and preserves, assuming a good country-style biscuit isn't around...a misleading phrase which implies I don't willingly choose toast over biscuits as often as I actually do.

    I prefer mine without butter most of the time, but I'll accept it so long as it isn't thickly spread.
  5. Light and without butter.

    Seriously, what is the point of butter?

    Why would I want to grease my bread?

    It's sick.
  6. I don't mind. Crunchy and soft slightly crisp toast both appeal to me.

    I particularly dislike burnt toast though.
  7. The nearly on fire and setting off smoke alarms is the way to go for me. You just cannot beat the taste of ultimately toasted bread. Of course spreads all but butter on this toast is great. So here's to the burnt toast the toast with the most of this toast.
  8. MEDIUM. Too light isn't toasted enough, and too brown is just bleh. I HAPPEN TO LIKE BUTTER. Buttered and with jam. :D It has to be Jam and not jelly. I also like Apple Butter, which isn't butter at all but delicious. c__c It's like a cross between jam and apple sauce.

    Clearly you people aren't using real butter. >:[
  9. Apple butter is okay.. but.. PUMPKIN BUTTER..

  10. I have never had a toast in my life.

    Take that, americans, taste the rebellion >:(
  11. i like it when its almost burnt. and i happen to put my butter before i start toasting, and then i sprinkle it with sugar. (i use an oven toaster btw)
  12. Lightly toasted (enough to be crunchy), with cream cheese. Or some canned fish. Or jam, or peanut butter, or almond butter, etc.
  13. I love toast I even have a toast shir! Heres is a song about TOAST!!

    from the "Bob and Tom show from Chicago" A very funny toast song.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Bob and Tom Show - Toast[/ame]
  15. Light...

    Is it weird that I prefer my toast to be somewhat soft?
  16. Not at all. That's how I like mine.
  17. Happy birthday, Paladin, have a Nero!


  18. I like it medium-light. It has to be white, and it has to be crunchy. <3
    And butter is a no-no.
    I'd rather have like cheese or coleslaw. But not butter.
    Nope Nope <3

  19. Hello! So far I'd only like to play one character, and that's Jason Todd from Batman: Arkham Knight.
  20. Coleslaw and toast... I need to try that sometime. I've eaten Texas toast with coleslaw, but it never occurred to me to deliberately mix the two instead of eating them consecutively... Which is sort of out-of-character for me.

    Whoa. Your comment really has me over thinking this. Given my eating habits, why have I yet to mix the two?!

    Careful you don't get sick, trying to play tough. ;)
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