How do you personalize the things you're required to have in school?

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  1. With school coming back in about a month, I started thinking about when I was in school...

    Back when I was in high school, I used to decorate binders with anime pictures. I even made my own magnets from magnet strips to represent some of my favorite anime and video games in my locker. What do you guys do to personalize stuff in school? :)
  2. I would say my lack of personalization is personalization in it's own right lol.

    Though I tend to doodle/scribble in my binders/notebooks when I'm REALLY bored. Whenever I reuse a binder it's usually covered in ink and pencil marks or things my friends have written on them. If I get a sticker I'll put it on a binder. Rarely I'll put a friend's drawing on the front.

    And I color code my binders, too. If I can, I'll always use certain colors for each subject. In elementary school they used to make us get certain colors for notebooks for certain subjects.. I've carried that along. Helps me identify which is which when I'm in a hurry.
  3. I doodled on every single one of my school books. We were encouraged to decorate our books in whichever way we wanted to so long as it wasn't anything rude or explicit, most people just used colourful wrapping paper for theirs. I drew all kinds of things, and they ended up looking something like this;

    For our French books, my friend and I swapped and decorated each others. He took a compass to mine and tore up the back and front as if it had been attacked by a dog, while I doodled some crude things on his along with a giant gentleman sausage with wings, which was a breach of rules but the teacher didn't care :D
  4. All my erasers had my initials carved into them so they wouldn't get lost. Not to mention that I, too, was one of the people with color-coded dividers. After that I didn't have much to personalize, because you kind of stop caring in senior year, and our teachers at the time picked up on that; they gave us less take-home stuff, but we had more in class work to do. Decent trade off, if you ask me.

    I think I still have one of those erasers, but it's little more than a nub now.
  5. I never really bothered to personalize my stuff. I don't give a crap how my notebooks or whatever look, so I always went full utilitarian mode and got plain shit that never got decorated. The only sort of personalization they ended up having was the inevitable damage that was incurred as another byproduct of my lack of fucks to give about school things. :P
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  6. Crayons and duct tape
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  7. I doodle in the margins. (Seriously, I had a bad habit of doodling in my textbooks back in elementary school. I was that much of an airhead when it came to zoning out I didn't even realize I had doodled on the pages until my classmates pointed it out to me. So much for being considered a brainiac back then.)

    In high school, most of the margins of my books and notebooks had my own commentary on my classes. Especially my history book and economics book xD I acted a bit like a smartass. It was great. My bestfriend also wrote her own replies. Still some doodles, distinctly anime art style, but not so much.

    When I felt like it I also put on those felt flowers or lace bands on the covers. Or used colored pens and glittery stuff if I felt like being flamboyant.
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  8. I carve kill counters in the cover of every textbook with a boxcutter while staring unblinking at the first person who makes eye contact.

    Then I bring them muffins and let them wonder what it all means.
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  9. I draw dicks on them.

    For real though, I doodle on everything. Pick any notebook out of the 20-something I own and I can guarantee it has sketches and cartoon characters on it. And inside it, too.
  10. Stickers! and doodles. But mostly stickers!
  11. Doodles... doodles everywhere.
    If I could write/draw on it there would be doodles.
    I even do this today with college binders.
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  12. Eyes!

    Battle scenes!

    My notebooks looked like some eldritch horror by years end with covers and pages completely filled with eyes of various sizes shapes and creatures!
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  13. Almost the same as this, but it's just eyes everywhere.

    And only the left. I can never draw the pair.

    I've gotten quite good, actually. :D
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  14. I pee on it.
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  15. When I was in high school, I would often draw the logos of different musicians I enjoyed at the time on things. My backpack had a large variety of those drawn on with a whiteout pen or a paint marker, whereas individual binders and notebooks had one or two drawn on with a Sharpie pen. For example, 9th grade is when I had physical science. I drew the album cover for "Dark Side of the Moon" on my notebook. A simple design, really, but it did come up one day in class, when we were discussing how prisms refract light. Those were good times.
  16. No personalizations! D:

    A pristine book cover with a neatly printed and squarely taped on label was always my trademark!
  17. What a nerd.
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  18. I put, "WARNING: Secret Redhead Spy Stuff" on my binder and notebooks. :D
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  19. I would draw on EVERYTHING. x____x everything.

    And also because I couldn't afford to buy yearbooks, I would use my binders and folders as my yearbooks. o__o So classmates signed those every year.
  20. My books usually contain written conversations with friends or random doodles. It's always a challenge for me because I promise myself to keep it neat and perfect and clean at the beginning of the year xD
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