How do you manage your media?

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How do you manage your media?

  1. Hard drives on your main desktop/laptop

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  2. NAS/Media server

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  3. Don't download the media and just use services such as netflix, spotify, sickbeard, etc

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  4. Store it on a cloud service such as AWS, Dropbox, Google Drive

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  5. Other(Please mention it in the thread)

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  1. So, in this day and age, everything is digital. Music, movies, TV, anime, etc. How do you manage your media? Do you keep it stored on a NAS? Stored on the cloud? Just stream it and not bother storing it?

    And for those of you who keep it stored on site or on the cloud, how do you listen/watch your content? Do you use Plex? Kodi? Some other exotic solution? Or do you just copy it over the network to your laptop/desktop/phone and use it that way?

    Just curious.

    I personally keep all my media on a couple of hard drives in RAID 1 on my desktop, which I stream throughout the house via Plex.
  2. Too bad no multiple choice!

    A lot of things are stored on Dropbox, but most of it is on my computer. I have a few TB of space -- though it's quickly filling up. Though now since we have unlimited download for our Internet package, I stream a lot more than I used too -- Youtube for music and Netflix/others for series and movies o:
  3. @_@ I don't use any storage for that kind of stuff. TV and movies I either watch traditionally, own hard copies of, use stuff like Netflix, oooor I sometimes stream things off of not-quite-legal sources, admittedly. In any case, I don't bother downloading any of it.

    As for music... I'm a hipster with a record collection. Really. And I honestly do enjoy the physicality of it. Just feels more worthwhile than digital downloads. (Although I've been meaning to get Spotify for when I'm on the go and stuff, but... meh. I've been lazy.)

    I have a couple CD's that I copied onto my laptop, but that's really only because it's more convenient than needing to put the disc in every time (especially since my laptop technically doesn't even have a disc drive, and I have to plug in an external one). In any case, they're just stored in my iTunes library. What sparse pieces of media I do have on my computer aren't organized very well, seeing as how I don't have a lot of it, sooo it's not like I put a lot of thought into managing it all.

    I prefer to store things with, like... shelves. I like having physical copies of things.

    I realize that makes me the odd one out, though.
  4. As much as I would love to have a physical copy of everything movie / series / music, it's a pain when you move a lot :/ also it's cheaper to have digital copies o_o

    I think what takes up the most space are videogames hotdamn
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  5. I use cloud and my hard drive. All of my ebooks are stored on my Kindle. My music is stored on my iPod, but movies and other things are all on my hard drive.
  6. Ah, oversight on my part. Poll is now multiple choice!
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  7. I mean, yeah, I get that -- it's just that, anything I don't own physically, I tend to just stream instead. Managing a bunch of stuff digitally just seems like an unnecessary hassle to me. Plus, while digital copies are technically cheaper, to me they just don't seem worth buying at all a lot of the time. It's hard to explain, but, there's just a certain value to the physical stuff that isn't in the digital versions -- at least to me.

    It's not that I hate digital content, it's just... I've never really felt the need to spend money on it. I like owning physical things, but buying digital stuff a lot of the time just feels... meh.

    Not that there's anything wrong with other people preferring digital content. I can definitely understand your reasoning! It just doesn't feel the same to me.

    Oh. Yeah. That.

    The only game on my computer is Undertale.


    I am not really one for PC gaming.
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  8. Can confirm. Of the 1tb available on my dedicated games drive, I'm using 700gb of it. And that's not including the couple of smaller games I keep on my SSD, such as Minecraft.
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  9. It used to all be stored on my computer laptop, before I started streaming everything.

    We have plans to create a storage tower though to put the household's music, images, and other bullshit on so we can all access it through the network and directly through the TV. 8D
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  10. I have a 64GB USB flash drive that I store everything important on. I'm quite reluctant to save anything on my laptop because my previous laptop ended up having several data loss issues (which I blame on Windows Vista). I ended up wiping the OS on my old laptop and replaced it with Windows XP once the entire laptop died.
  11. all music is backed up on external hard drive. other media is physical.
  12. >checks music folder


    I'm all good to go
  13. Agreed! I usually just stream what I want, though I do have three hard drives with a whole bunch of crap on it lol, like eight years worth.
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  14. All of my music is stored on my flash drive and phone.

    For movies, I have a huge DVD collection and am starting to collect Blu-Rays.

    For TV shows, I have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video.
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