How do you like your eggs?

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  1. When I was a young child Diana I watched Runaway Bride staring Julia Roberts! I don't remember CRAP from that movie except:

    How do you like your eggs?

    That question was a big deal, because she would always say she liked her eggs however her man of the time liked them. The whole lesson of the story (or at least what child Diana got from it) was that you should know yourself and not just become a mirror of your partner/friends/whatever. So when someone asks if you like something, you are able to tell your actual opinion and not repeat what someone else feels.

    So now that you have been baited in to my topic trap, answer me these questions! 8D

    How DO you like your eggs?

    What is something you liked/hated just because your significant other, friend, family, etc did? When did you realize your REAL opinion about it?

    Are you someone that tends to mirror the people you are around? Or do people try to mirror you?
  2. Unfertilized! >_>

    Just kidding...well, not really.

    Honestly, I love mine scrambled with ham and cheese. When I was pregnant though, I lived off of egg sandwiches with the eggs sunnyside up. I can't eat them that way now though. Just the thought makes me want to throw up...
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  4. My grandfather was a patriarchal tyrant with autism. He threw my father out of the home at 16 because he wouldn't put salt on his egg.

    Apparently that was a mark of the Irish-born aristocrat or something. Not really sure. Autistic logic.

    Since that time, my father has been very... nervous... I think is the word... when it comes to cooking eggs. And I've picked that tendency up too. I worry about shells falling in the skillet, about the yokes breaking, about whether they're cooked enough, about how to get them out of the pan at the end.

    So the result is that I like eggs the same way as whoever I'm with, because they usually cook them for me. I can do every other part of the meal, but choke on the egg part.

    I guess I'm Julia Roberts... o_o
  5. ... I like eggs almost any way. Poached are a bit watery but are still good. I prefer over medium (not quite as runny, but runny) and scrambled.

    The only example of the second question I can think up right now are all the times my step-mum and step-sister would have a phase over some type of food (orange juice... mix. Sausages with garlic. Store bought freezer pies. Particular discontinued cereals. Crackers that tasted apparently like chicken) and I would just go along with it as to not offend them even though their habits were a little... strange.. at times. I remember liking silly bands just because everyone else had them.

    Sometimes I mirror the people around me but I don't give enough damns to really try.
  6. Scrambled mixed with cooked ground beef and topped with ketchup.
  7. The same way we make meth.

    Basically all of the videos.
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  8. I like them sunny side up, at least that what I call it, whatever the term is for not flipping the egg over while you are cooking it.
  9. THIS. Scrambled with teh ham and cheese.....I like cheddar and colby best with eggs. Something with a good strong taste. :) I also really like omelettes with just ham and cheese. 'specially my dad's omelettes.
  10. I'll eat my eggs any way, really. Eggs are delicious. My favorite is over-medium, though. Runny egg yolk makes a delicious sauce of sorts to blend with my white rice, smear on top of waffles or toast... Also really good on my famous breakfast sammiches, and burgers. You can imagine my displeasure when my midwife told me to not eat my eggs that way. xP Ach.

    I dated a guy who was kind of a health nut. Therefore, he encouraged the same to me. This meant replacing my precious bacon with blasphemous TURKEY bacon, and my ground beef with ground TURKEY. I don't hate these, but I don't love them either... Not enough to want to replace what I'm used to eating. I also had to deal with eating tomato slices on my sub sandwiches. .___. I was willing to give all of this a try and it's how I lived for a few years. I also liked a lot of the same music as him, just because he liked it.
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  11. Diana I love that you chose that reference point to start this topic, it's literally the only thing that resonated with me from that movie.

    When I was younger I was totally like Julia Roberts character, I dated the skater dude and became the skater girl, I dated the rap dude and became the r&b girl, I dated the jock and became preppy, etc....

    One day I meant this guy and he was completely indifferent to me, because he said I didn't know myself. We weren't in a relationship but to this day he knows me better than myself, he taught me so much about myself just by asking me questions and making me realise who I was. Now I have quite a strong self regard for who I am as a person, I'm still incredibly insecure sometimes, but I always know my opinion on things, even if I'm too afraid to admit them sometimes.

    I think the greatest gift you can give someone is questions, make them think about who they are before you disclose yourself, then you'll always know each other better.
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  12. I don't really like eggs all that much. I'll eat them scrambled/in omelettes, and Quiche is amazing. But that's about it. I. Can't. Stand. Yolk. It's gross. The taste, texture, sight just throws me off. If eggs were just Whites, I'd probably like them a lot more.... And out of context, that sounds terrible o-o

    As for the other thing... I'm not really sure if my opinions were ever based entirely on someone else's. Or if they were, I don't remember them.
  13. Scrambled eggs. Salt and pepper. No stories.
  14. On a spoon and addicted? XD

    I actually only like my scrambled. My mom used to put a bit of milk in my eggs when I was younger, and I think they taste better that way.
  15. I don't really care for eggs as a solo food rather than as an ingredient of better food, but if they're all that's on the menu I'll take them scrambled, lightly salted with some shredded cheddar cheese on top, and with bacon, ham, or sausage mixed in as well.

    Hrm, examples of thinking I liked something but I was really just going along with others... Only things I can think of are video games. I played some crappy games just because others wanted to, and it was only when I tried to go for it solo that I realized I didn't actually care for it. Nothing really major though, maybe 5 hours wasted at most.

    I'm generally pretty blatant about making it clear when I don't like whatever shit other people are into. I notice people mirroring my preferences sometimes though. I guess I'm a leader, not a follower. :lol:
  16. I adore eggs cooked in almost any fashioned. It's probably my favourite 'staple' food and when I'm finally out on my own I can picture myself having them at least once a day haha. My favourite 'comfort' version of eggs is just scrambled fluffy with cream and salt, with the tiniest little bit of mayonnaise mixed in afterwards. I spread it on toast. My mom used to make my brother and I eggs like that when we were wee ones, so it's a nice nostalgic treat for me.

    #1 favourite: SOFT POACHED EGGS BENEDICT. I could eat this wretched, heart attacked inducing meal every day and die the happiest, plumpest woman.
  17. The way I like my eggs is to not have them at all! I can't stand the taste of eggs. Well, technically it's only the whites that I don't like. A nice bit of runny or hardboiled yolk with a pinch of salt tastes pretty good.

    My family isn't that "into" mainstream music, as my parents just don't listen to it and my siblings have a kind of "ugh, not this processed, bland crap again" attitude towards it, so growing up, I sort of shunned it as well. But later on I discovered artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj, and I just couldn't help but like their songs, so I sort of came to the realization that I have to give things a chance before automatically hating them.

    I do tend to mirror the people around me, actually. But I see it as a social skill rather than a weakness. Being able to keep up a conversation with anyone you meet is incredibly handy, and it lets you avoid awkward situations.
  18. Simple: sunny side-up.
  19. I like my eggs scrambled usually, but as long as they still taste good, I'm not really too picky about how it's done.

    As for mirroring other people, I stopped doing that a looong time ago, like when I was 10. I do things because I'm interested in them, not because my family and friends are. This is evident when you consider my main interest, Vocaloids. I get a lot of flack from my family for liking something as unique as virtual pop stars (most of which are Japanese), but I honestly don't care what they think; my love for Vocaloids is a part of me that's never gonna change no matter how much other people might influence me otherwise.
  20. Over medium, slapped right onto a mound of hashbrowns
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