How do you kill your Slumps?

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  1. I haven't been on here in a while, and I'm shamefully late with replies on the couple of roleplays I am/was involved in.

    I'm sure we all have those times when we know we should reply, or write something, but no ideas come. The creative challenges help, but even there it can be hard to find something that knocks you out of your slump.

    So, whether it's a plot hole, or obstacle to write around, a simple lack of inspiration, or a lack of time/energy to put into it, how do you guys overcome your slumps?
  2. I find this to be a pretty tough question to answer since I've hardly ever come out of my own slumps. But from what I gather you could always try interacting with another character in some way, maybe spark a flame for more content to go off of and recover. If you can't do that I'm a little stuck on how else you could try and recover. You could go back and read previous posts you and others have made with over looked details that you could use for content.
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  3. Lately I've noticed getting away from people helps me a lot. >> Most of my muse-killers come in the form of socializing with people in my physical presence. When I have a few days to be alone, just listening to music or watching TV it helps recharge all my senses.

    Uuum, otherwise it's usually just a matter of FORCE. I have to force myself to write something, force myself to jump in somewhere and play. Slumps/writer's block etc, is usually all just a mental thing. You tell yourself you can't write so long, you start to believe your can't. And then when you do attempt it, you get so wrapped up in it not being "up to par" or "good enough" or as much as you usually do, you end up blocking yourself even more. So I just force myself through it, even if I feel like I am making shitty posts at first. >> Cause eventually I get over it and get excited again.
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  4. Yeah that's the best remedy for me, sitting down and actually writing. I find that creating the environment I write best in also helps. I cannot write at all when there are people around me talking loudly, or playing music that has lyrics. If I am listening to music, I typically turn on my classical/Mozart station on Pandora. I need to set the mood. XD
  5. This has all been very helpful, thanks guys! Diana what you said is absolutely right; when I'm in a slump I know I need to write, but I get bogged down because my posts look like shit to me; I'm not sure if it's cause they are actual shit and I need to build up from it over time, or because I'm holding higher standards like you said, but either way I can see how JUST DO IT is the answer