How do you imagine each other?


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I know for a fact what a lot of you look like, but even so... there's certain images that come to mind when I see your names.

Let's see what our instinctive pictures of each other are.

For my own impressions, I think a member's first avatar has a lot of influence. It's hard to shake those images from my head.

DIANA When I see Diana's name I imagine a slim, girly woman with long and curly red/brown hair and a posh expression.

RORY An expressionless guy standing to attention and wearing a hat.

COFFEECAKE I know he looks nothing like this, but I imagine an Asian man (who could easily be mistaken for a woman >_>) with close-cropped dark hair.

TK / KATSUGI Unfortunately, I got these two confused when I first joined, and so my first image of either of them is a small girl with red hair and freckles who dresses scruffily and snickers a lot.

FLUFFY / KITTI Same again - these two are permanently mixed for me. They have long flowing black hair with a fringe and a very lithe body (like a cat's).

WARMASTER I see his face on MSN a lot, so I usually imagine his correctly, only with longer hair and perpetually holding a boltgun.

RYKER I think his original Arsenal avatar got stuck in my head, so I always imagine with fair hair that sticks up and sunglasses, kinda like Val Kilmer from TopGun, but a lot meaner.

JACKSHADE I imagine him just like his MSN avatar - a silvery complexion with long hair and a constant scowl.

PORG Just like his avatar.

DARKNESS I think one of his early avatars was of an Aragorn-type with long dark hair and a Spanish/Italian-like complexion and dressed like a Rock Metal Musician. My mental picture of him is VASTLY different from his actual picture, I know.

TORSTY Similar to his actual picutre, but wearing a horned helmet (sorry dude)

VAY The Kroot avatar combined with his MSN real face.... (weird, I know)

MEGANE His character's picture from Iwaku World.

PALONIS Nothing like his actual picture, I imagine Palonis as the man beneath his ninja avatar, dark-haired, pale and ruthless. A bit like Lance Henrikson or Quentin Tarrantino in a bad mood.

PIROGETH Strangely enough, I don't see a face when I think of Piro. (o_o weird, huh?)

SAKURA Her real face crossed with her avatar face.

PAOROU Avatar pic - visor and maniac grin.

OROCHI Like Paorou but with bigger cheeks and wilder hair

JINX Like Orochi, but fat and chortling (blame the Christmas RP)

ARCHY His character from the D&D roleplay, and before that he was another one who gave me no mental picture.

PSYCHOSIS Like a smaller version of Diana, with brown hair and constantly running around everywhere. A bit of a tomboy too...

WOODRAT A rat... I can't imagine him as human.


WEAVEL Like the Burger King Mascot, but with ginger hair. A bit like Theodon's second in command in the Two Towers.

CORVUS A tomboy with scruffy brown hair and a skinny body, like one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.

MABU / QUIINN Another two who have merged together in my head. Dark haired, standing-upright, with faces completely devoid of humour and emotion.

TYLER CRANE A weird fusion of an Elder Farseer, a Wizard and a guy in a tophat. Basically someone who always wears a robe and extravagent headgear.

RICARTEN A Dennis Leary type who's always trying to bust someone's balls and snapping at anyone who gets in his way.

ISABELLA Some ungodly transvestite prepubescent freak sitting in a pile of cushions and staring at me with wide eyes (*shudders*)

SHEWOLF No picture... partly because she played a man when I first met her.

XINDARIS A strange combination of a robed holy-man, a werewolf and Palonis. He's constantly shifting, but always outlined in white.

MYRN His real picture mixed with that of a grey puppy, forming a very hairy guy who looked like Peter Jackson.

AMPOULE Her avatar picture, scowling and aggressive.

GRUMPY His first avatar picture, the dark haired cool-looking guy with a cigarette.
Most members end up looking almost exactly how I imagined them. I'm skilled like that. >:D

BUT SOME... these people have distinct pictures of them in my head, and may always look this way!

Sakura is a cute really young teenager with a pony tail and a biiig smile.

Warde looks like a big russian in the army.

Weavel looks like the burger king and probably always will. c___c

Psy is like this super hot nurse. (I don't know why.)

I may come back and add a few people later as I think about it. XD
Heheheh, you WOULD confuse me and Kai.

Asmo: A short man with large glasses, handsome, but in a brainy "Follow me" way.

Coffee: *Snickers* I imagine a cold, calculating person with the ability to change gender.

Woodrat: Is it weird that I think of a very friendly, very tiny shrew?

Darkness: Devil's advocate

Ryker: My first thought of what he looked like, for some reason, is kinda what Asmo looks like, combined with the first avatar that I saw. Of course, I know he looks nothing like that.... he's much more huggable-looking.

TC: A cold scientist.

Diana: .....No offense, but what comes to mind isn't even a PERSON OR AN ANIMAL.... I think of an apple.... Healthy, sweet, and you should have one each day, and round and cute and fun to draw.

WMD:..... *Sigh* An orc.

Psy:.... Starscream chibi.

Kai:.... WAIT! I KNOW HER IN REALLIFE WHY AM I....Forget it. I think of a tiger when I think of her.

Palonis: The ninja smilely icon.....

Rory:.... Bradpit with historical wardrobe.

Vay: ....gas mask

Corvus: .....*Coughdon'thitmecough* Thong

PattyPixie: ....bra

Kitti: Ball of talking yarn.... perverted yarn...

Jack: Dark curly hair covering blue eyes, pale complexion

Porg: Teacup

Grumpy: Shot gun...

Fluffy: a sheep....

Weavel:.... Burger king...

Poa/Oro: Some freak of nature glued these two together in my head...

Angl: Pretty close to what she really looks like...

Torsty:.... Toast. I... used to think his name was a typo...

Myrn: .....You don't want to know...

Raz: Scalpel

Sakura: ... A bouncy ball.... a pink one...
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I imagined Sakura was this crazy weeaboo with pink hair.

Diana, I imagined was chubby, everything else was pretty much right. I don't remember if she is though, so yeah.

Asmodeus looked to me like this dude with a beard and black hair who smokes a lot, until he told me he used to be a goth kid. Ohhh boy, try and get the image of him listening to Nightwish out of my head now.

Torsty had straight hair instead of curly.

Kitti, uh... Kinda like what Asmo thinks.

And I've no idea why you guys think of people like animals, animals can't type.
Kitti: Ball of talking yarn.... perverted yarn...

o.0 That is an intersting one. And as for Asmo's description of me...I AM FACELESS!!!

Asmo: Just like his picture. After seeing that it won't come out o' me head.

Diana: A more real version of her lolwtf avatar.

Rory: Stoic soldier ready to lay down the old law.

Coffee: Well...we all like coffee.

Kitti: A brown haired girl, slightly smaller than I but with an iPod and a lot to say.

Sakura: Kind of like Asmo's description a combination of her avy and her real self.

Palonis: Sorry dude but I always imagine this nerd with glasses who magically transforms into your avatar at night.

Jack Shade: I've seen a lot of Jack's but this one portrays a black haired man taller than I who likes hanging out in areas where his face is not visible at the back of an alley.

Porg: There is no getting rid of that one picture he had on that picture thread. I still laugh to this day but it is very very recognizable.

Miru: Same as his photo only with a more grasshopper type attitude.

Corvus Corax: To be honest I have no picture in mind, but if anything I see her has a more American looking 4got10angl.

PattyPixie: Red head with an influx of ideas and the power to change hair color and clothing to her whim.

Vay: Yeah you can see a trend, I imagine you as your photo picture. Only difference is I could see you pulling the darth vader move with that helmet in your avatar.

I'd do more but I'm getting lost in faces.
I always imagined Asmo as a great Winged Quasi-Humanoid Dragon Diety with bear claws and a bag of Assorted die.
~ A combo of my avii and my real face ? A BOUNCY PINK BALL ~ PINK HAIR ??! Hehe :)

---Since I know what everyone looks like pretty much, I'm just going to mash general appearances with how I feel when I would look/imagine them :) Some of them I haven't seen so if the guesses are outrageous~ that would explain it :D

-Asmodeus: a REALLY handsome looking older person with a charming smile and witty comments that make me want him as an older brother to walk me around so to make all my friends jealous :)

-Diana: Slightly curly, windblown, casual-ish hair and a sweet smile~ Like a motherly/sisterly type of figure :)

-Pirogeth: Curly hair, a nice laugh, the intellectual look.

-Rory: Nice, honest looking person with a warm, welcoming smile and tone~

-Darkness: Curly black hair, dark eyes, the bad boy look, a smirk~ ?

-Porg: Laughing!! :) Pretty blue eyes to DIE FOR <3 BLOND HAIR <3 Cuddable <3

-Torsty: Red/Brown hair, tall and muscular with a grin that makes you want to laugh too

-Paochama: Asian, tall, dressed in cool/modern clothes, walks like he owns the place, but has this "teasing/annoying brother" friendliness

-Orochi: AMAZING HAIR, Asian, tall, dressed cuuteely :) face makes you wanna cling to him "teasing/annoying brother" friendliness

-Grumpy: Mhmm... Dark hair, grey eyes, Tall, the "familiar stranger" look.

-Feekun: Light Brown hair "intellectual look" PLUS brotherly look, a warm smile~

-DYNDYNkun: Mhmm... I don't imagine hair color, I see a shadowed figure, but I sense a smile and a casual attitude :D

:)) I missed alot of people, I know, but this is all I could think of at the moment :D
Whata bout meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? xD

Seeing as I've seen Diana, it's just uhh Diana. But for some reason whenever I do it's Diana from her younger years. No idea why.

Kitti: Is just a snuggle bunny I want to love on. She's short and cute. I imagine red hair on this girl for some reason though.

Saku: Similar to Kitti... but omg.. she's one of those anime characters you can't resist. You just want to pinch her cheeks and if she's crying you want to fix it OMG AS FAST AS POSISBLE. Down to those cute pigtails that are full of curls and everything.

Gibs: Despite knowing what this man looks like in real life. I can't help but always imagining him in that one picture with the drawn brown sac or soemthing over his head with the creepy face. Like I'm thinking scarecrow type mask or something. I don't know.

Pan: Pretty pretty princess. xD I imagine RL Pan. But with a tiara, but that's when he's logged in as Isabella.

Asmo: Is just a scarey death knight to me.

Woodrat: Will always be pictured as Caboose.

Shan: A goth loli doll. Despite knowing what she looks like too. I think I imagine this with her kitty ears from halloween.

Leander: I always picture as some tall gorgeous elf. xD Completely random and hyper elf. But still an elf!

>_> For the moment that's all my preg brain will let me think of. I'll think of more later.
I like Piro's description of me. ^_^

Diana: Brown hair, blue eyes, kinda hyper.

Asmo: Blond, eyebrow contantly cocked, smoking a pipe in a dressing robe. XD

Piro: Buried in snow, Pretty much like his picture.

Corvus: long black hair, lithe body

Vay: Hmm...Probably slaving in front of a computer all day wearing a headset like a telemarketer. lol

Jinx: A college guy, always snickering

Frost: Wearing a robe and holding a DM folder in front of him

That's all for now. lol
Asmoman: I've seen his pictures and quite frankly, due to his prior service, I can't help but picture him in fatigues and a beret.

Seriously, the British know how to do the beret.

Julez: I have seen her. All of her.

Kai: I have seen her too. She's damn near Julez' twin, which is why I can understand why Asmoman mixes the two up.

WMD: See his avatar.

Grumpy: A Scottish wino, or whatever the equivalent is, just cleaner and comprehinsible.

Or the equivalent of comprehensible.

Palonis: For the longest time I thought he was British. Then I found out he's from America.


Rory: I've seen his reenactment pictures so there's no real substitute image here.

Ryker: No idea. The mirror always runs away when I try to shave.

Psy: I know she's Samoan. I had a picture but I lost it when my harddrive had to be reset.

Vay: Kroot. 'Nuff said...

Quinn: See WMD's avatar. Don't ask me why...

Jack Shade: Some guy with black, semi-emo hair, and a trench coat. I don't know why...

Darkness: Any random Venezuelan who fits the following criteria: Male, closet case, Rock God.

CoffeeCakeSadist: Much like the MegaTokyo moderator, Char, I picture CCS as a Japanese model.

Y'hear that Coffee? I'm using your face simultaneously with the happy sock.

Myrn: A shiba inu, or however the hell it's spelled.

That's all I've got for now.
Is it sad that as I was reading McCarthy's on Darkness instead of "closet case" I read "closet rapist"?
T.T I'm a little sad that Asmo's the only one who came up with something for me...
....I'm a tomboy a thong and a lithe long black haired vixen. great. Ok then. Oh and a more american version of someone.

You all know im in the pic thread....right?

Ive seen alot of people. So the ones I haven't seen ehh I'll put them if i have any image in my head.

Frost= guy with a painting of him self making kissy faces at it.

Piro= ...Tin foil monster.

Mara= serious face mommy powers of staring at you and getting you to do something.
I dont have a picture just teh idea.

TNT= associate him with two face now.

chaos=spork monster for some god dang reason.

Torsty= little emo cartoon char yelling at someone then being nice...kinda bipolar like.

Alarice= imagine cookies/baked good of some kind. period.

Rory= kinda morphed into the wizard of oz lion when he has teh fake crown and robe on.

Diana= shehulk, she smash when no posts.

October knight= a char he had on another site.

Porg= tea and ah...ahem...a monster.

Ric= blurry/random dude in uniform.

grumpy= always has a trident sticking out his ass.

woodrat= little green man........

kitti= since teh prom thing i sorta imagine her as carrie with teh blood all over her.uhh...i dunno' why.

coffee= walking around with a list of what to do next to mess with asmo's plans.

Sho= the damn oo's that or a evil cupcake with sharp pointy teeth and no eyes.

okies I put something, even if it was just a fragment!! If I didn't put you I've seen you or you slipped my mind...or...I dont know you!
Hahahahaha. It's really interesting to see what other people think I look lkike o_O;

Asmo, for me, looks a little like the profile picture he used to have, the split mask. Except with dark hair =|

Rory, he somehow looks like Legolas to me...

Saku, sorry, dear, I get the same impression pretty much everyone does ^^; You're essentially Sakura from Cardcaptors for me.

Orochi looks basically the same as he really does, except with a more maniacal expression.

Paorou and Raz scared the hell out of me, because Raz looks how I pictured Pao.

Darkness makes me think of a wiry, sardonic looking Mexican rocker. Which is actually a good thing when you understand my head...

Torsty I always pictured as being a little pirate-y. I know that's weird, considering he's Norwegian and all.

Diana, she looks like that avatar picture she has with the blue background, ya know?

TK/Katsu, I am so sorry but you both mesh in my mind too ;__; I think of a buxom redhead with a fox tail.

TC will probably always be his old profile picture to me, striped top hat and all.

Ryker, I first met him when it was going by Ryker. So that profile picture = Ryker?

Corvax, the lead from Not Anotheer Teen Movie. Probably the whole prom thing.

Chaos changes for me between Rider and a slightly younger version of Legolas. Go figure.

Vay is a Kroot-esque figure in all plate armor.

That's all I've got for now >_<;
I imagine Asmo as some kind of small, hunched figure in the dark with only one naked, dim bulb swaying above him. I only see him from behind, the glare from his monitor obscuring his features. His thin body trembles as he snickers to himself, trying not to laugh too hard at anything.

Then I come by and kick him over and laugh really loud.
I've been avoiding this because pictures of others form slowly in my head but no longer.... but first i think I need to comment on what you guys think on me, feel free to ingore.
Asmo: I want to see that mental image

TK: Nice... I can live with that

Piro: I would if I had a gasmask, *goes gasmask shopping*

TZS: I'm amused and confused. Will talk to you later. Also I want to see that Image.

Patty: Not quite but you already know that.

Carl: 'Nuff said indeed.

Kitti: Sweet.... I like that image. Especially from you.

Asmo: A sarcastic Goat-man laughing at us all.

Diana: The pic of you in the vietnam style hat... as a notacatgirl (hard to explain)

WMD: Space Marine Devastator of the deathwatch with a heavy bolter.

Sakura: Any cute anime girls she has used in her signatures.

Kitti: The girl in this video: [nomedia=""]YouTube- Faraway Vol. 2[/nomedia] mixed with her photo.

Myrn: A terrier.

Patty: An eldar harlequin... sorry can't shake it....

Cor: You msn pic that looks like the chick from bones.

Quinn: A guardsman fresh from the trenches.

Coffee: Macho Italian looking bloke with stubble.

Izzy: Anime crossdresser moeblob with red eyes.

Carl: A cigar smoking commander riding a tank with a laser designator.

Nic: The guy from fallout 3 who gives you the pipboy.

Piro: A guy hunched over a writing table with the moonlight streaming through a window.

Xin: Werewolf.....

Thats it for now... there are others i'd like to mention.... like Alarice and Shewolf to name a couple cot still forming mental images of them.......
.... Kai.... and I.... are always combined it seems....

*Thinks on this*

..... It's kinda funny that we do kinda look alike... She's got red hair, blue eyes, is around 6' average frame, EXTREMELY white. I'm scrawny, brown hair, green eyes, 5'8 and have the ability to TAN!