How do you get around?

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  1. Cab? Bus? Car? Parent's car? Bike? Your feet?

    My car's been in the shop this last week but I'm finally getting it fixed today! Hoofing it (walking) and needing rides is super annoying to me; I like to drive!
  2. Mostly by car, secondly by foot... I prefer by bicycle.
  3. My own car....but I'm currently angry with him. He has TWO recall notices! As soon as I can I'm going to try to get a better car.
  4. I drive everywhere. Everything is too spread out to be able to walk or bike anywhere in my town.

    But I'm that driver.

    Yeah, THAT ONE.

    The one who gets out of his car when you cut me off just to be the first at a red light. The one that throws your cigarette back in your window when you chuck it out a window. Also the one that dumps a soda on your windshield when you're zigzagging through traffic recklessly.

    It's a really bad habit, but I don't like hearing people whine about being cut off or have rude people driving and not do anything about it.

    So I do :)
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  5. I have a car. Do I drive it? Ha, no. I still don't have my license. So I usually carpool with people. Plus when ever I DO ends in utter chaos. I am probably one of the worst drivers you could possibly meet. So yeah, my car just sits in the yard and collects dust.
  6. I've always preferred my feet even though I can ride a bike or drive a car. I can understand the need for a car if you live in a spread out area or you are just physically unable to do it, but that aside I think it's just the convenience that leads people to cars. That being said, I still plan on getting a car because although I'm okay with walking everywhere my son and significant other are less so.
  7. But, in doing so, you're a rude driver yourself! An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind :(
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  8. I commute. Bus ftw!!!!!

    (Although I prefer walking or riding my bike)
  9. Rather be blind than let someone else die because someone thinks flooring it through that light was a better idea.
  10. Yea but. . . Do these people even know why you're being mean? And if they do why would that mean an instant motor morality check? I'd just be like "who stuck a stick up his ass?" And keep driving like usual
  11. I yell very loudly when I don't mean to. The key is no expletives. Just a simple "<This is what you did wrong.>"

    Though I did call one guy a circus juggler. Quite literally. I said "I can't believe they let a circus juggler drive. No right on red."

    Like, loud enough that it makes me be quiet for the rest of my drive cause I sorta scared myself.
  12. Mostly, I walk. I can get where I need to pretty fast. I can walk for miles upon miles before I get too tired. (Unless the weather is extremely hot, then I hide in the shade a lot, which slows me down. Heh. >_>) Also, I have big feet. I can remember when I'd walk with friends, I was always farther ahead because they had little feets, ahaha.

    Other than that, we have family around who can chauffeur us. We really do need to work on licenses and a car. It's tough because I have driving anxiety and my mom didn't care enough to get me lessons or therapy. :/ (Seriously, this is how it basically was: "I'll drive you everywhere you need. 8D That couldn't possibly have consequences." Ugh mom.) As for Peter, he's walked everywhere most of his life, so there was never need for a license! We're working on it though, for we have a baby who needs us to do so.

    I love riding trains. @_@ Every possible opportunity, I'll try to take the train to places at long distances. Friendly staff, cozy environment... I luff it. I'm all for buses, also. This dumb town doesn't have a bus route, but when I lived in Bellingham I rode the bust daily to school and to work. :3 It was super affordable, even if I was creeped on a lot by hobos.
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  13. Our Van is dead, so we are piling up cash to buy a new vehicle at the end of the month. @___@ For now we are having to ask the father in law to drive us around.
  14. I drive my car around. Why because this province is ridiculously spread out. I mean in some spots it takes hours to get to the next town. I am all for fighting Urban sprawl but come the f-ing hell on.
  15. I will drive everywhere, until post-apocalypse happens.

    Because I live 20 minutes away from civilization. 20 minutes going 90 mph.
  16. Depends where in this province; I live in central BC and my town is 20 minutes at 60kph, end to end.
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  17. For the general most part, I drive everywhere I need to go unless its within a reasonable walking or biking distance. Though the area I'm in, all grocery stores are almost an hour walk from me; as for convenience stores on the other hand, one less than a quarter mile. Though, on occasion I'll go old school and roller blade to my destination. . . which is something I almost never see anymore.
  18. By bicycle or bus and when I can on my bike, Kawasaki Ninja 2013 with engine limit chucks out 250cc, always ride my bicycle whenever I can I am terribly into mountain biking recent times. Anything that is on two wheels perhaps. I think I am a decent driver, it could be better but I still think I am good, never cut off people, never run a red light. Had 3 accidents because of people rear ending me, but none of them were my fault. :-3
  19. I walk, mostly. Right now my mom or friends give me rides, but as of August I'll be a University student, so FREE BUSES MOTHAFUCKAS!
    I will SO be taking advantage of that little fact.

  20. You know there are some places where traffic laws differ, from state to state, province to province. In Texas, I get really irritated when someone DOESN'T turn right on red. But then I realize it's probably cause they're not from around Texas. =P

    But I always drive around with a car because there is no public transportation established where I live and where I work, I work in a restauraunt 30 miles/50 km away from where I live and I do clinical practicum in a hospital 45 miles/72 km from where I live.

    I'm a bit of a irritable driver, but I don't bother to try to do anything unless someone is texting and driving. If I EVER catch you or anyone else texting, I will politely honk, roll down my window, and say "PUT UP THE FUCKIN PHONE AND DRIVE, MY FRIEND." Then I give you the angry face. It looks like this> D8

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