How do you do those spoiler tags?

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  1. I'm normally not experienced with the coding of those spoiler tags or the hider tags, but how do you do those? I have a hard time remembering codes like these in a of honesty. It does look pretty cool to me.
  2. [*spoiler]text[/spoiler]


    [*spoiler=this is a title!]text[/spoiler]

    just remove the '*'!
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  3. Code:
    [Spoiler]This is hidden[/spoiler]

    Show Spoiler
    This is hidden

    BBcode page so you can bookmark it for feature reference :3
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  4. Okay! Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  5. No problem ^.^

    (Edited the link in just in case you did see :3)
  6. Also, if you want one that's smaller and preserves BB coding (unlike the normal spoiler code, which makes images really tiny and I think does a few other weird things), you can use [*spoilerbb][/*spoilerbb]. This one also lets you put your own title in if you want (like [*spoilerbb=things][/*spoilerbb]).

    and it should come out like this

    And then, if you want a really small one that goes in-line with the text, like this, use the [*spoili][/*spoili] code.

    Hopefully that's not too much to remember. They all have very similar uses, but I feel like the subtle differences makes some of them better for certain things than others.
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