How Do I Earn Green Bars?

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  1. I'm bored and half asleep so I'm going to ask EVERY question I can think to ask right now. So this one is: How do I earn green bars? Like are they a status or something?

    Here's a picture with a conveniently (and terribly drawn) arrow to show what I mean. How do I go about earning those little buggers? I feel all inadiquate cuz I only have one and like everyone I'm RP'ing with has at least 3 or 4. I feel not good enough.

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  2. Oooh yay I know now! (And knowing is half the battle!) Thankies!
  3. No, no, bad Doxa. No giving wrong answers to others.

    The bars are based off reputation given to your posts, not likes and thanks. The bars indicate a reputation score.
  4. do you get reputation points?? (sorry for intruding)
  5. From what I was told and have learned..Reputation is something you have to work for and is not just handed out. Otherwise, all of the members and such would have green bars galore.

    Sometimes if you post something that somebody REALLY enjoys and contains good features, they'll reward a green bar [reputation.]

  6. oooohhhhhh okies ^_^
  7. Juku is correct!
    Posts that are especially helpful, insightful, well-written, etc. will often be given reputation by others for their value. These are supposed to be like special recognition for a wonderful post and are not handed out as freely as likes/thanks.
  8. Actually, you -can- get reputation points for likes/thanks, but they are very minimal.

    You get many many more by Reputation. You can give a person reputation by clicking the "star" symbol under people's posts. o_o
  9. My apologies. I was wrong. Sorry! I tried.
  10. Huh I always wondered what they meant. Also what is 'currency' and how are we meant to use it?
  11. The currency is used for the Iwaku Triad to by cards or can be used in the Vbshop to customize the user title under your avatar.
  12. Ah thank you.