How do I actually join a roleplay *pouts*



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I've been trying for 30mins now to join a roleplay,posting on people's threads and writing my own...
That was a epic fail! Please help,why am I doing it wrong?
Hello there! I'd be happy to help you out.
First, where did your respond at?
Second, sometimes it takes a little time for a response, since we have so many different time zones represented.
Third, out of curiosity, have you seen our Member Central board?
Introducing yourself there is a lovely way to greet people and make some friends on here to talk with about the roleplays.
Haii, Oh right, I did post there, but no one responded................
Hi there! I was writing this post and then saw that Miss Nissa already responded, but maybe I can help too?

So are you new to forum Roleplay? If so It is basically like collaborative story writing where you play the 'Role' of a character that you create.

If you are wondering how to actually join a game, just check out the Sign-up section for games still accepting Characters. Also, try looking in the Roleplay Talk section for games still in the plotting phase. This is good if you want to get in on the ground floor.

If you want a more in depth explanation on anything, shoot myself or Nissa a message and we can help : )
Thank you guys! You are so helpful, though I must admit pumpkin dude, you were more helpful *smiles sweetly @Miss Nissa*
Check your PMs.
I was more helpful first.
Also, patience is good. XD For most roleplay stuff, people aren't going to reply in 10 minutes.
I was the most helpful.
I also have to wonder about this...

It is hard to tell which role play is still accepting people, and which is not. I see threads with 2 pages, or more, and I can't help but wonder if they are still accepting people, or, if they have moved on to actually doing the rp. Is there any way to tell, aside from the tags that are put up?
We have a subforum for roleplays not accepting new players. <3
All of them that aren't there are accepting new people, then.
This is where all the closed ones are. October posted a link to where you will find all the open ones.
Oh! Thank you very much.

I just posted an interest check, so hopefully I get some input. :3
If you are interested, we need a female character for this roleplay here