How did you spend V-Day?

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  1. Me and all of my RL friends are single atm, so lacking any plans we went up for the three day weekend (we Ontario people get Monday off as family day) to one of our friends farm.

    Which I am still at btw, but the others are sleeping so I'm killing time online.
  2. With my right hand.
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  3. I sat in my room all day. I sang, I went on Iwaku, I made characters, and I did less homework than I should've.
  4. I worked at my part time job setting up TV's and electronics demo's at different retailers.
  5. Probably talked with my friends through Telegram and played Tera all day long; I don't remember that day...
  6. I spent the weekend at my boyfriend's house and went to dinner with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. It was awesome. :)
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  7. Baking, administration, drinking wine, signing up for courses, it was quite productive. Except I planned to do more RP'ing... But yeah.
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  8. Walked the dog, made some RP posts, bought some groceries, ordered some stuff off Amazon, and played Insurgency.

    It was awesome.
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  9. In my house, strangely optimistic.
  10. Doing one of these!

    Also, my husband and I walked the dog, cooked an awesome meal, and just lounged around at home because we try not to go ANYWHERE on Valentines Day xD
  11. Finished House of Cards Season 1. Had sex. Played on the computer. Listened to music.

    It was eventful obviously.

    Oh, and I made burgers. :D

    That looks like it would be a blast. ;) Definitely looking into that next year!
  12. Spent it curled on my armchair with Netflix and tea. Watched Life on Mars and caught the QX gay gala, but other than that, yeah, Netflix and tea.

    I'm very low maintenance.
  13. What V-day?
    Or VJ Day?
  14. I spent my Valentine's day perfecting heart-shaped whipped cream on top of sundaes at work.

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  15. I had lunch with my mom since my dad is out of town and I didn't want her to have to be alone.
  16. To people who don't understand:
    Those are the days that Japan and Europe surrendered in WWII. That's what I think of when I hear V-Day.
    I spent mine just playing video games.
  17. You mean Germany, I'm sure :P

    I spend V day trying very hard to ignore it... and succeeding, for the most part.
  18. Tortured myself with animal rescue videos on youtube or sleeping after crying for a couple of hours of torture before going right back to watching more of them.
  19. At work of course, serving a bunch of two tops. (couples) So about the same as the past six or so Valentine Days.

    Wait. I take that back, four years ago I had the day off and ended up tripping on mushrooms with some good friends and we had one hell of an amazing experience with lots of watercolour paints. That was a different kind of love, but love no less.

    I did get a box of wrapped chocolates from my best friends wife though. I squealed like an imbecile upon realizing it was all dark chocolate with fudge centers.
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  20. Spent most of the day running around getting a birthday present for my son's friend and laughing at all the guys running through Walmart trying to get a last minute present. Yelled at my husband for saying he should have bought me flowers when he knows I hate them, but I think that was more to get my mind off the fact that we've got another 2 months until we're together again. @_@
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