How did you meet your closest friends?

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  1. We all have friends, right? 8D

    How did you meet your closest friends? Was it by chance? Was it in some cool and crazy way?
  2. My ~freund~ and I used to be next to each other alphabetically. She's a BR last name, I'm a BU. So we met standing in line for everything in middle school. XD Now we're practically inseparable, a nonsexual lesbian couple, and total freaks.

    She also introduced me to one of my other best friends. He also lives close to me, so we can hang out pretty easily.

    My other friends are all just classmates I get along with well. I doubt I'll keep in touch with most of them after I graduate. :/

    My craziest story about meeting a friend, though, is a guy I sat next to on a train from Brussels to London. Two and a half hours seemed like minutes. We just instantly connected, and we still Skype sometimes- I'm not really close to him, but we literally just met and talked for a while, and now BOOM- friends. I'd just gotten my first haircut, he'd survived a pretty serious car crash with only scrapes and bruises, so we were both just in a great mental state and his excitement and charisma is just contagious. ^^
  3. My craziest meeting a friend story was that I was part of an eighth grade trip to Washington DC, we were visiting the Iwo Jima memorial, but it was getting too dark to see anything, right before we left this girl randomly steps in front of me, takes a picture with a flash camera that blinds and disorients me, then gives me a piece of paper with her name and phone number...The best part was that her hotel room was literally right under ours, so we opened our windows and talked by sticking our heads out and yelling at each other lol. I still occasionally talk to her, although she's a LDS missionary now, so she's out of contact most of the time.
  4. The internet.

    *hugs all of you*
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  5. Heh, one of my best friends I actually met at a Scientology protest.

    Most of my friends I met either in high school or through my tabletop group. We're all such nerds.

    EDIT: Oh snap, I forgot about my internet friends. Gosh. I met a handful that I still talk to daily back in '99 on a Pokemon usenet group. They're the longest-going friendships I've ever had.
  6. I cut contact with most of the folks I grew up with after I went to the Navy, and since I moved away when I got back we haven't been in very much contact since.

    I met my current best and closest friend through another friend that I'd met a few years ago in a Steam chat. I had no idea we'd end up being as close as we are. Most of the other people I talk to now are either from Tumblr or DA.
  7. I.... don't have any friends :'( *Sad violin in background*

    I'm just screwing with ya :3

    I met all my closest friends in school. Two of them were in my class through 1st to 9th grade. One of them were in my violin class and one of them went in my parallel class in high school. It wasn't any crazy ways of meeting, the crazy started much later once we knew each other better x)
  8. I've cut ties with most of the people I know from my past, save one. He's one of the best friends I've had for… ever. My mom used to babysit him and his younger sister, and we'd spend HOURS just pretending to be nintendo characters. Had him as a roommate for a while a few years ago, but we both decided that didn't work well. So live separately, see each other sparingly, and we're still pretty damn close.

    Another was met through school after I moved in grade 7. We spent one year together in the literary club in middle school, before she went to highshool and I didn't see her again until last year, where we ended up working at the same job. We scare people with just how similar in personality we are. If we looked anything alike, we'd probably be mistaken for sisters.

    And last but certainly not least is the one online friend that I still have. There was a rather large group of us at one point, and we all met on a writing site called Mizahar. While most of the group has moved on, me and him have never been closer.
  9. I met one of my closest friends in first grade. We still hang out. When we got to middle school, we met another pair of boys in Boy Scouts who had also met and been friends since first grade. Our two groups merged and have hung out ever since.
  10. My best friend to this day is Hawk. She and I went to camp together one year when we were about seven and eight. Nobody wanted to bunk with me because I was that strange new kid who hated wearing shoes, and really disliked being around other people. Unlike now, I was so shy that even seeing my sister made me want to run into a corner and hide. But hawk was able to pry me out of the cabin, and within the first few months of our friendship we became really close. she helped me out of my introverted shyness, and once back at camp, I even led rule breaking. Pranking people, hiking into the woods where bears were sighted just so we could get a good look at em, or hiking to the meadow and playing ElfQuest or Warrior Cats. We had a couple of bunkmates before but I guess they don't like it when you find a beautiful garder snake or Hercules Beetle and bring them into the cabin.
  11. ....I'm friends with Vay?
  13. All but one of my best friends I met online. :D Some have been with me for years longer than I have been an admin, and some I have met here on Iwaku!
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