How Dark Are You? (a fun litle quiz I run across)

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  1. Heres the link, enjoy ppls! :)

    My result vas "moderately nefarious". Yes no shit, tel me something I dont know, you need to have a mean-streak to get forward in this fucked-up world. :P
  2. Decidedly Dastardly.

    My wife called me Dick Dastardly just the other night. Seems fitting.

    The road to success is paved with the failures.
  3. You are infrequently vile – you mostly put others before yourself, though you may find occasions in which your dark side shines.

    Sounds like me.
  4. I got infrequently vile as well, which sounds about right. Most of the time I'm a snuggly lump of lo mein cravings and anime references, but I have my occasional fiery moments.
  5. Moderately nefarious it seems.

    I guess. I dunno lol
  6. Decidedly dastard with the highest possible psychopath leaning. No surprise.
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  7. You are infrequently vile – you mostly put others before yourself, though you may find occasions in which your dark side shines.

  8. Shockingly saintly - Do you ever find yourself walking on water? Because you are shockingly saintly. You are a chink of light in a dark world.

    See that folks? Site says I'm basically Jesus. You should construct some monument celebrating my great humility.
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  9. One cannot have the light without the dark.
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  10. Moderately nefarious. Mostly from my apparent machiavellianism.

  11. [​IMG]

    It makes sense that this would be some what more prominent in me than the rest. I personally believe that it is human nature to care more about the self, and how the world affects your own being rather than others. We all strive for personal gain in order to get ahead in life. That's a perfectly normal human characteristic. Sure it isn't a pleasant one, but life isn't pleasant. The only time I don't put anyone before me is when I think they're beneficial to me in some way. Either because they'll be useful for something later on because of their talents, or because they provide me with excellent emotional support. This doesn't mean that I don't genuinely like and put people before me though, but that's a small number of people I would put my life on the line for. The world isn't entirely white and black after all.


    I hate myself to much to be narcissistic. :T


    I don't think a short quiz online is really qualified to tell me whether or not I am insane. Sure I'm probably not, but let's all leave that to the professionals to decide kiddies. ;P
  12. I got Infrequently Vile. Sounds about right. I'm pretty sweet for the most part (according to most people) but my dark side DEFINITELY can shine through which seems to scare people O.o
  13. Shockingly Saintly 8I

    I'm gross and I apologize
  14. You're too Canadian. You still apologized!
  15. Brrrr now I'm scared. :P Its the saintly ppl who hide the darkest secrets... O_o
  16. I got shockingly saintly myself, but I heavily disagree with it.

    I am not good, nor am I bad. I have made mistakes and good choices, but neither have shown who I am completely.
  17. Moderately Nefarious

    I'm surprised, I would think I'd be lower in darkness than this... Hmmm...

    Machiavellianism was the highest! I was expecting narcissism myself, but it was just under midway. O__O Very low on psychopath.
  19. I got decidedly dastardly with this layout of results:

    The only surprise for me is that psychopathy is so high.
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