How can I find a GM?

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  1. Hi,

    I've been with Iwaku for a couple weeks now and I'm wanting to get a few of my RP stories started. I, however, have a great deal of apprehension toward GMing games since every single one that I've run has become a disappointing failure. Is there a way or place to find GMs willing to run other people's ideas on Iwaku?
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  2. Why is this part of the forum so lonely?
  3. Because I wasn't awake when it was post? O_O @Zachymas ?

    In any case, finding someone to GM you stuff for you is a little tricky, but you can try asking for co gm help in Roleplay Talk! When you tell people your ideas, sometimes you can find volunteers that love it enough and want to help you run it.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't get discouraged at being a GM. Most roleplays will die off, even for people who are really good and experienced at being a GM. That's just how attention spans and timing works. Keep trying!
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