How big are your maps?

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  1. do you make maps for your roleplays? Do you like to map out only specific areas? Cities? Countries? continents? Whole planets? SOLAR SYSTEMS?!

    How big are your maps, people? I gots to know!!
  2. Depends on the RP. I've done a city map for one, continent for another, half a continent for a third. Others have required no maps at all. They start off general but if a player will require more info I go into specific detail of an area.
  3. I use the DF generator for my maps. I put them on the highest setting size wise, so they're massive.
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  4. They're huge!
    in my head, at least. busy imagination, lazy fingers.
  5. It depends. Sometimes I make world maps, sometimes it's just a continent, or part of a continent where the story mainly takes place.

    I drew maps frequently by hand before, and have done some digitally. But I tend to get caught up in making the map look really nice if I do it that way, rather than making it a good map.
  6. I once used a generator to get a map for a roleplay, but we barely used it.

    For my novel, I'm actually hand drawing maps the important places. It's a lot more difficult than it appears to be, and I've only managed to finish one map; a city map. I'm planning on drafting a few more; one like a very low detailed 'world view', and one of the main character's house/yard.
  7. All of the maps! The most recent map I made was just for a building, so rather small, but I've made world maps before.
  8. ?????????????

    I'm actually no good at drawing things like that... I'm only really good at drawing blades and symbols... I'd actually like for someone to help me discuss a personal world and draw a map out for me...
  9. Dwarf fortress map generator
  10. does it require downloading or anything? And if not, is it blocky, like MC?
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