How are your Math classes right now?

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  1. Are they any good? Are you able to keep up with your professor's lectures? Why does Math have so many formulas? ; - ; To be honest, I do a lot better in memorization of words, not formulas. Mine goes something like this, all the time in my Engineering Calculus. And yes, I literally learn jack squat.

  2. Hah! I don't have any math classes! >: D

    I took 'advanced math' or whatever the heck I should call it in upper secondary school though. Some of the stuff went way over my head at times but I'm a nerd so I kinda liked my math classes anyway. And the easier loser math would've probably been boring.

    It's been quite a while since my math days though. If I was thrown into a math class right now, I'd be so fucked.
  3. I haven't taken math since grade 11, that would have been 16/17? I'm now 23. So it's been a while. Looking at my younger sister's homework now (she's 11) I get a little lost. Clearly I've gotten rusty xD
  4. I miss math class; I'm also getting rusty. I studied pure mathematics for my bachelor's degree. There are a lot of formulas, but the more important aspect was proofs. Most of the time, if you understand the proof, you better understand the formulas.

    I've seen engineering math (my collegues studied engineering) and I have done some statistics, and while I can understand that the courses have to sacrifice the reasons why the math works, knowing why makes the math easier to understand. ex. Engineers can use eigenvalues without even knowing what an eigenvalue is.
  5. To be honest, I don't know why the hell I chose Electrical Engineering as my course. Probably because I had no ambition at the time I had to choose. I'm better off onto memorizing stuff like being a Doctor or something. Agh! Dx Too bad I'm already a fourth year college student. I can't shift courses now.
  6. You can always get a second degree. I'm not satisfied with just one degree myself. Like you, I couldn't shift out of my original plan of becoming a teacher. When I graduated, however, the world continued to spin. I got working for a firm and now I'm studying off time. Seize the moment. Engineers have a high prospect in landing a job, even if that job doesn't become a life career. I would bank that an engineer can pick up any other degree because engineering involves a great deal of dedication and hard work.
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  7. I just kept thinking that I'll get through this since you would rarely apply these formulas when it comes to actual field work anyways. Apart from the <insert techno babble here> laws that use resistance, voltage, current and the like, the other mathematical equations are pointless. I just kept asking why the hell would you need that in connecting cables and shizzle?! XD
  8. I hate math. >:[ I did it when I was forced to, but I hated it. It was just numbers and more numbers and the most boring thing on the planet. ;___;
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  9. I'm talking college calculus 2. It's really annoying but the professor helps explain the reason why to approach a question. My main difficulty is that I'm weak at math overall and so things like my arithmetic will be bad.
  10. Having a good professor can go a long way towards improving your enjoyment of learning math. For instance, my Calc 3 professor was a goddamn asshole of a troll; your grade was based 100% on exams, he said they would all be comprehensive, but in reality several were not, and they were all 6 questions each, so studying was always a nightmare since you didn't know exactly what would be covered on an exam and if the exam would actually be fucking comprehensive like he claimed. The only exam besides the very first I got an A on was the final, since I am the absolute master of cramming and my instructor basically spelled out what had a high likelihood of being on the final.

    However my professors, even my Calc 3 professor, were all pretty good at proving all the theorems that we learned, so I usually had a good conceptual understanding of all the topics.
  11. you said the M word

    *makes sign of the cross* BACK BACK YOU DEVIL!
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  13. I'm taking two maths subjects into my finals...

  14. cus ur asian

    also maths is hell i dont want anything to do with it but i have to pass or rest in pieces my bumbum it shall be disappears.
  15. I'm in university pursuing a communications degree

  16. Let me be frank here.

    I kick ass at Calculus. In fact, I kick ass at most high-school level math and below.

    But now in my graduate MBA program, the only math we have is finance or accounting and that shit FRUSTRATES THE HELL OUT OF ME.
  17. @fatalrendezvous Can't brush off those Azn stereotypes!

    I haven't had to math since college trig.

    I failed out of college trig.

    Why they placed me at being able to take trig, I will never know.

    I kicked ass at HS Algebra and Geometry though.
  18. I've generally liked if not loved my math classes for the past 4 years of schooling. Pre-calc is a bit more annoying and frustrating, but still tolerable.

    But in my school computer science is considered a math.

    I ended up in advanced placement computer science.

    And I fucking hate it!
  19. I am pursuing an honours degree in Accounting, so much of my life is math. But I adore it -- some professors are terrible, but I tend to be better at teaching myself anyways. Math has always been one of my strong subjects... though I do remember the pain of senior year trig identities. Does anyone else remember those terrible little buggers?

    Did I mention I love math?
  20. I was one of those kids really good at math as a little kid, so people kept bragging about me being good, expecting me to be good, and pushing me into the academic level of math classes (alternative being applied).

    Except there was an issue with this that no one ever noticed, I was only good at it because it was a lot of quick and simple repetition. Stuff people with Autism are recorded at excelling at... So I definitely had an edge in that department.
    So when I entered the more complex math (Grade 10-11) where it required a lot more steps, varying approaches, explanations etc. That's when my grades started slipping, and suddenly I became one of the children struggling in math.

    That being said though, according to my Math Teacher in high school (by chance I got the same one every year) part of the problem was ever since Grade 9 I did actually get most of the answers correct, but the issue was I simply jumping straight to the answer/result, and wasn't explaining or showing my process most of the time. And most of the time that I did manage to show my process I was using the wrong one, which meant I wasn't practising the skills I needed for the later years.

    Now with it being four years after leaving high school (and five after taking math) I can pull open something like D&D and crunch the numbers insanely well.
    But if you want me to handle most of the Math Tactics shown in High School? Good luck, I basically forgot that stuff the second Grade 12 came around.
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