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  1. What's up? How was your day?
  2. An emotional Labyrinth .. Still feel the same xD
  3. I figured out another combo for Akatsuki from Under Night In-Birth!

    My day? Somewhat productive. ;D
  4. Exhausted, anxious, sad. Been alone all day. No one is around to talk to. My best friend is having a day-long birthday celebration at his house, and he wants me to come, but I don't think I can. I said I would... I said 'see you Saturday,' but I really don't think I can. I don't know why I agree to stupid things like that.

    And my memory is still really bad, and I feel like I'm forgetting something, especially regarding role-plays but I just can't pinpoint what. Agh, I want to hide in a hole. :(
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  5. I am doing great. As always.
  6. Drab, but at least I added a few more tech stuffs to my large collection of tech stuffs.
    Wait! Is this an experiment?!
  7. All is well. I just wish I can be myself and be different, but society won't let you. But that won't stop me.
  8. Yeah, I'm with the government actually. Thank you for your input.
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  9. Anything I can do to help out a fellow govermentee.... *multiple "what ifs" ravage brain*
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  10. Bored, tired, slightly depressed, and a bunch of other things. Overall, it's not that bad compared to how I normally feel these days.
  11. Right now I feel a bit better xD. Someone put a very Wide Smile on my face ~ <33
  12. My back's all sore.

    Probably from doing awesome training.

    So its all good.
  13. Today has been alright, recovered from my panic attack last night, went to the library, I'm currently avoiding my chores which is always fun
  14. Feeling great but impatient. Super excited for my 3 days off from work~!
  15. Panic Attacks suck, sorry about that.

  16. Something like this. But that's normal for my mind.
  17. My day was spent holed up at home, tapping away at a keyboard. It was fun though, got to talk to people.
  18. Why are you called the stabbity-stab admin? That's sort of terrifying.
  19. One would think such a moniker would be self explanatory.

    He stabs things.
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