How are you feeling?

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It's pretty self explanatory. There's a fine line when people ask you how you are doing and when you say nothing they tend to ask more and worry more. So, I figured this is appropriate for all of us here. Instead of people asking you "How you are doing or feeling" I've decided to take it upon myself and create a thread such as this.

I'm feeling... bleh. Like I don't want to do anything and I just want to curl up in bed for the rest of the day.

It's that simple.

Actually more like: >:[

I am feeling very up and down right now. I've been like this for the past month. >>; I'll get super depressed, then super happy, then super pissy, and the cycle goes on and on and on.

There's nothing really wrong with ME. o__o Most of it is the on-going fight against "the past" (even when you get in to a good place in life, it never goes away completely. You still have work with it.) and a combination of a really bad PMS and now four days late period. >:[ Which is making me PARANOID. Cause my big sister is preggo and if I end up preggo too, I feel like I'll be taking away her spotlight. D: Not to mention how horrified I'd be to have a baby. (Sooo not mentally ready!)

The rest of it is a frustration in dealing with -all the other cranky people-. Summer is a very high stress season both online and off. x___x Lots of people online are getting snippy about stuff, and then I get to hear about the latest drama from my family. Which makes me REALLY GRATEFUL that I now live in my own place with people that don't drag me down in to chaos. But at the same time makes me wish there was something I could do to get my parents out of their death spiral. Throw in my guys only getting one off day every other week and the whole house is pissy.

SO basically, when someone asks "How do you feel/doing" all THAT is going on. But I can't really say that, cause then they'll think "Poor Poor Diana" and assume I am super stressed and having a terrible time. XD Which isn't true... All of this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what my life USED to be like. So it's no biggie.

However, it does still make me moody. D: So I am going to be all GRRRR until I finally get my period and have some release. (Or find out I'm preggo... then everyone should be scared. >>; )
I'm not as numb as I would've expected given I've had no sugar today. Just a bit bored, if I'm honest. I know I'll perk up when I have folk to talk to later on today. Well, maybe.

I totally want to read my new book, but my eyes have been giving me mega headaches lately so I'm kinda putting it off and getting annoyed at it lol
Getting over a cold, maybe just allergies or something...whatever it was it sucked! > < Anyways, I am tired and want to sleep all day!
Lately, it's just missing a very good friend who needed to disappear for the next six months. It's quite the change when I'm suddenly not talking to someone I conversed with on a daily basis. Sad panda.

Also, frustrated because though I love where I work, I know that inside I'm not doing what I love or went to school for, or being paid what I need to be.

Other than that, AWESOME! :)
I feel stressed right now. Got a tight, financial situation, lots of occasions this summer I'm being forced to attend, drama llamas, a possibility of moving back to my hometown and some tough decisions to make.

Other than that, I'm doing okay. I know everything will work out for the best, which is a significant thing for me. I'm usually really pessimistic and expect the worst. x]

People that love me are supporting me, so I'm thankful. Very thankful, and smiling. <3
I should be feeling pretty awesome considering my band got to play in front of thousands of people this weekend at a comic expo where we opened for William Shatner (!!!!!!). Everything went well, but there were small things that ended up happening that completely ruined my weekend and instead of feeling awesome about playing a great show in front of a huge crowd, I just feel shitty about the whole weekend and want to forget that it ever happened.
I've been feeling pretty crappy as of late. Getting a job is slim to none right now where I live, I've got a senior project to do and I have gotten shit for progress. To top it all off I'm getting closer to my last year of high school and for some reason I'm just not happy about it.

Though not everything has kept me down. I got a Zelda Ocarina of time 3ds cover for... well my 3ds and I've gotten a chance to watch How to Train your Dragon again; aaannd I called gamestop in Owattona (not sure if I had spelled that right, but I think it is) to see if they had a copy of "Ocarina of time 3D" and they did so they set one aside for me.
I just read Diana's post. All I can say is:

I claim the right to be your firstborn's middle name!
SORRY! First born's middle name is going to be after my uncle, it's it's a girl!

...then everyone can fight to the death for it. >:D

However, I am not preggers and my Dad didn't get fired. :D All is cool.

Except not having my period yet... that's still not cool.

Right this moment, I feel like a superior author to publish romance novelists. I write roleplay posts better than this stuff on a daily basis. D:<
Then I claim firstborn's first name--don't worry, Adrian worked around a little becomes a perfectly good name for a girl!