How are you feeling today?

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  1. Simple really, how are you feeling today?

    Me? I feel like if someone lit a match under my butt, it would light on fire allllll for the wrong reasons.
  2. I feel like if humans ate phlegm instead of all other foods, I alone could end world hunger >__>
  3. I feel like touching someone.
  4. I feel like I have lice in my head.

    ... Probably should get that checked out.
  5. I feel like touching myself!
  6. I feel as if all of those descriptions are inside my brother at this very moment in time -___-

    *plugs nose of smell, ears of gagging noise that has now been spat at the wall, his voice now starting descibe the texture and colour of the phlegm, while closing eyes against view as mentioned brother 'adjusts' himself*


  7. I feel like a double side of death warmed over.
  8. I feel like making an animal species go extinct.
  9. I feel like an entire civilization lives in my nose hole who is desperately attempting to commit mutiny on the rest of my face.
  10. I feel as if a teem of elves shrunk themselves just so that they could crawl through my bellbutton and start drilling away at the insides of my stomach.
  11. That's called pregnancy
  12. No, that's called eating a sub for dinner after jogging all evening. Bleh. The oil and fake meats just- Bleh. >-<
  13. Fake meat is a crime!
  14. I feel jolly good ouo
  15. I feel like I'm somewhere I'm not supposed to be at right now.

    Then again, I'm late for work.
  16. Guess who's crippled again! THIS GUY!
  17. You know what? I'm still feeling bleh -__-
    NOW it's because I had too many kidney beans for dinner the other night, and now, being Birthday season around my house (three b-days in less than three weeks x_x) I'm stuffed with fat saturated frostings, processed sugars and cancerous colourings. Damn you, bloody cakes.
    Don't forget piles of stress and the local fever plague that hit our area.
    Gonna be sick soon enough...
  18. I feel like someone's taken a fucking jackhammer to my back. -_____-"