How annoyed does it make you when someone just STOPS an RP with you with no warning?

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How annoying is it when someone just stops an RP with you with no warning?

  1. Not at all

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  2. A little

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  3. A fair amount

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  4. Pretty badly

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  5. Really annoying

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  1. I so hate that when people just stop with no warning. You think if someone was bored with you they would say as much. I know that when I get bored I most assuredly tell someone; maybe it doesn't win me any friends but man! At least give a warning if you're gonna be gone for ages, don't you think?
  2. It's best to give a lot of patience to people, running Roleplays are not as easy as we like to believe they are. Everyone's life is very different from one person to the next.

    Change can come suddenly for us.

    Even if someone does get bored of you, someone else is waiting to know you and role play. Now that that door closed there is another one open somewhere for you.

    Your role playing possibilities are endless.

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  3. As a slow poster myself, I really have no room to criticise. When I forget to reply or take too long, I assume my partner will message me if they're concerned I've dropped them.

    If I am honest to god dropping a roleplay, I think about it carefully to be sure I can't still turn it around into something enjoyable, or that I can't still make time for it; I really do hate dropping them! But if it's unavoidable, I always make sure to let my partner know what's going on, and try to end on a friendly note.
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  4. DX I wasn't trying to be critical! TwT; I now feel really bad for ranting and asking. >w<; I'm sorry... if I seemed rude. x..x;
  5. If it's a roleplay I really liked I get SAD. But not annoyed. O_O Stuff happens and it's unavoidable and roleplays die all the time. But it still makes me sad when it happens. XD

    But I find ways to reuse the plots and characters later so is all good. And sometimes I use that roleplay as a chapter in my character's life. >:3 That's a lot of fun to do.
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  6. >w<; I feel bad!
  7. Someone is always waiting in the wing to write with. It is unfortunate that things like this happen but Iwaku is a big community. Though some threads may not work out, there's plenty room to create others.
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  8. After reading this I basically feel like a little shit that couldn't take 5 minutes of his time to at least say to his partners I am sorry I can't continue. I have no excuses, as I looked at all the roleplay that died because of me I can only hit my head on the wall and make that small feeling of failure go away. I used to sit at the screen just trying to find words on how to reply, trying to come up with something to type to them... to continue the story. But I failed in many ways.
  9. I hate it when that happens to me, so I make sure to let other people know if I'm going to be gone for a while. Once in a group rp I said they could "drag me around" basically move my character like a pawn, just to keep things moving until I could post.
  10. I don't mind if people just up and leave without telling me. Sometimes I get sad waiting, but I'm usually as slow as glass (Yes, glass is a slow moving liquid) when I post. So if they leave me, I don't get offended. However I will often times write them and ask if they're through. And since I am usually pretty good at telling when I've been dropped VS delayed posting, I can usually get an affirmative and we both move on.

    However what DOES annoy me is when people are rude about it. D: There's never any call for rudeness.
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  11. It's just a game, man; you've clearly learned a lesson so just communicate more next time and move on :)
  12. Terribly so. Especially if its a long term RP like in WoW that others were apart of. Because then it comes down to do I retcon a year of RP or play it that the character fell off the face of the world?
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  13. Honestly it just upsets me, knowing that I worked hard on something and the person just quits out of the blue. It only really annoys me when they do it more than once. It's ok though, there is always room for more RP's!
  14. If it's without any warnings and in the middle of something. I get mad. I tend to become emotionally invested in characters and I feel bad when there isn't at least some sort of ending note. I don't mind if there's some sorta ending.....but I need to know. If others have problems replying I need to know....I can be very patient.......but most of my rps are like that right now and without any plots in mind it's nearly impossible to find anything new. T_T I dunno. I don't hold grudges against people suddenly stopping.....I'm a person who will be angry for an hour then be back to being a happy person. Unless you do something that really pisses me off or makes me break down into tears I'll get over it.

    EDIT: So I gotta I the only one who doesn't like to bother people? I'll usually say something ONE time when they forget to post, never anything rude just like a 'Hey please don't forget this rp' or something but I don't like to ask more than once...even if they drop the ball multiple times. T_T (it's how my rps tend to die....)
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  15. Amen. Though it tends to linger on in my characters attitude.
    Worse is IC explanations for a spouse and 2 children who vanish.
  16. Oh no! that's horrible! I imagine THAT character's quite cold towards others eh? That's really sad.
  17. Aw, you shouldn't be so shy! If it's one friendly note, and not early-onset spam attacks, I usually appreciate the reminders!
  18. Two weeks is reasonable then...right? because that's my rule of thumb. and then after a month I get sad and assume it's dropped.
  19. In general probably. I find it helpful to establish in the beginning how often I can post, so the other person knows not to panic if it takes awhile, but everyone has different time allowances
  20. Horribly so. It's a shame. It ostracized me from my long-time guild and everything. And sorta invalidates art of said character.
    Said couple in question.

    You mean you don't post any chance you get? I've been doing it wrong for years...
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