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  1. It'd been over 5 years since Nani was last able to feel safe. It'd been two years since she'd had the pleasure of eating freshly cooked food as opposed to ancient mushy contents of whatever cans she could find. When they announced the infection, she didn't understand why people started offing themselves. She thought they were pathetic and weak.

    Why give up if you don't know the outcome of a situation, especially when you're healthy and strong enough to deal with whatever lies ahead? How do we know that things won't be under control in a few months? How do they know they're not throwing their lives away for nothing? We're going to make it, we've come too far as a race to be defeated. Somebody will save us.

    These were her thoughts initially. And then reality set in as the months passed by, then years. Things weren't going to get better. They were only going to get worse. However, she was now in charge of her own life, and she'd fight until her last breath.

    Alone she sat atop the mountain peak. She had a pack filled with small amounts of basic necessities, had a pistol in her hand that she wasn't afraid to use in order to survive. Nani sighed, pulling her dirty hair back into a hairband carefully as not to break it, it was the only one she had left. The young woman made a mental note to take advantage of the next stream she came across. It'd been days since she'd had a proper wash.

    After a few moments of making sure she was alone she was able to relax. Finally feeling a sense of security, she took a deep breath and sipped on her water.
  2. Dj didn't really mind always being on the run he kind of liked killing things and setting traps... this looks great he came up on a building .. he noticed that some blocked the door with things that make noise. He walked around a few times it was quiet no dead around... he saw an open window .. he looked back to the tree with his three bags .. safe he grabbed them and tossed them in m... he then climbed through to see a girl sitting on the floor ... "you look exhausted are you bitten " he learned in the 5years time to ask people if they were bitten .. what's the point in getting to know someone to just have to end up killing them cause they lied or you didn't ask 50. The others died during the winter .... as he thought this a mad look crossed his face but in the dark you couldn't see it. He quickly puts on a smile as he grips his blade
  3. Upon hearing a voice, Nani whirled around and pointed her gun right at the boy. A few moments passed before she realized what he'd asked her. He's...human? She thought to herself, a confused expression moving across her face. "No, I'm not bitten. And you're obviously not. I'd say we're doing pretty good," she said, relaxing a little and lowering her pistol. "I look exhausted? You don't look so great yourself. I can see you've been through hell." She understood what that was like.
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  4. he chuckled at her response "I mean.. never mind well I was out there and this place looked safe . do you think I could like share with you? for the night..." even before the girl could answer he was taking out a cover to sleep on. he was smiling. " so where are you from " he asked then quickly followed it with " hope you don't mind a little small talk.
  5. Nani watched him closely, checking for any signs that would lead her to believe he was being dishonest. After a few moments, she deemed him at the very least not suspicious and sat beside him on the floor. "Been a while since I've had company, too long. I'm from up north," she said. She wasn't the type to give specifics, nor to expect them from anyone else. "How about you?" She opened her sack and took out a can of pork n' beans. "You hungry? I've been cooking over this fire here." She pointed at the homemade cooking spot she'd created on the floor. The ceiling right above it had been darkened from the smoke, but it wasn't like the owners would come back and scold her for it.
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  6. "up north (he smiles) im from the north to . Newyork state. "he liked to talkto get out of being nervous /awkward situations.. dj went on "i lived in syracuse a small city in the middle of the state.( He looked areond then changing the topic . )how long you been here for?
  7. She perked a brow at his words. "How ironic, I'm from New York, as well. New York City, to be exact. The center of it all when things went to shit. Wasn't fun watching so many people become infected in such a short amount of time," she said quietly as she emptied the can of beans into a small pan over a weak fire she'd just created. "But uh.. I've been in this house for a couple of weeks, maybe longer. Don't often stay in one place for so long, but nobody comes out here. Or should I say... nothing," this was a reference to the infected. She gave the boy a weak smile.
  8. "oh wow newyorkers.. "he smiles "i hope if anything does come its not my fault. Cause it seems that they love to follow me" he gets up from next to her and goes to his bags he pulls out a neacklace its a diamond statue of liberty bent in half .. Dj reclaims his seat .. And just looks at it . While looking at it he saw that the torxh was
    missing and half the diamonds were gone.. His first time seeing it since the out break .. "excuse me" he gotup and went out side. What made him pick it hy did he .. He thought to himself. He held it in his hand as he looked at the night sky
  9. Nani's eyes followed him as he grabbed the necklace and then left the room. She sighed, looking down at the pan of food as she stirred it. So much loss, so much sadness, sometimes we grow so accustomed to it that we aren't affected by it anymore, she thought. The young lady fished around in her pack and brought our two small mismatched bowls. One had flowers painted into the bottom, chips littered the top of it. The other was metal. She spooned pork and beans into both of them and brought our two small cups for water. After setting them down on the ground, she stood and walked over to the door. "You... okay?" She asked the boy. "You don't have to talk about it, don't worry. I made some food for you, it's in here when you're ready," she said with a gentle smile before walking back in, seating herself and beginning to eat.
  10. I went inside "I'm fine thanks " I look at the flood "thank you but I don't want to eat all your food save it for later " its not like I was trying to be mean but I was allergic To almost every bean known to man .. but should I tell her I did ... I re took my seat next to her "it was a gift for myfriend who died in a plane crash that morning she was on her way back from Florida when a man went crazy the whole time I was on the phone .. the phone went dead I looked over the airport and a plane was free falling to the ground. "A tear fell frorm my eye I just kept looking at the necklace
  11. Nani froze, her spoon halfway to her mouth. She was so used to hearing stories of loved ones gone mad from infection and killing one another, it'd been so long since she'd heard of a different kind of death. "I'm... so sorry. I figured it was due to the infection so I didn't want to ask and upset you," the young girl said, resting her hand on the man's leg for a moment, hoping that it'd comfort him at least a little. She sighed and placed her bowl on the ground. As he didn't want his, she was going to take it. She poured his bowl into her own to create one big serving. From scavenging, she'd found more than enough food to last her a while, so this meal would be guilt-free. But all the sudden, she heard a gut-wrenching scream.

    "Oh God..." The girl pulled out her pistol and bit her lip. "Something has found us." She bolted up and ran to the corner, her back to the wall. She never liked to have the possibility of an infected coming up behind her, it was too risky.
  12. I digin a bag and pull out two gathers ... seeing that her reaction was to grab an unsilenced I took my own and tossed it to her whispering "use this " I stood walked to the door looking out there was a mini hired out there and it looked like on zombie possibly the leader was talking to the others. I silently move to nani "thank you .. I think they smelt the food there are 8 .. I say kill them but what would u like to do ?"
  13. There's this old pre-catastrofuck urban legend amongst military pukes. Goes something like this.

    Enter journalist type, some college-degree'd type who reckons he can hack it as a wartime correspondent, out in some sandy hellhole interviewing the troops and all that. He gets some time with one of the boys from the sniper units, and figures he can pull off some poinciana, moving nonsense of a story if he asks the right question.
    “What do you feel when you shoot an enemy combatant?” he asks this sniper, who simply shrugs and responds with but a single word.

    Good joke. Raised a chuckle from me when first I heard it all those years ago.

    And I'm reminded of it now, as I sight up one of those things in my crosshairs.

    Now, speaking as someone who has shot both the regular and 'crazed, infected freak' variety of human being, I've got to say that 'recoil' sums up the experience of putting a 7.62mm through the head of the latter pretty nicely. There's no feeling to it, no sensation, no rush... these poor fucks are basically dead already; shuffling, mindless animals driven by that old lizard brain and not a whole lot else. They don't dive for cover when one of their buddies goes down, they don't return fire, or try to locate your position and flank you.

    Nah, stupid bastards just starting screaming like howler monkeys and charging for you, or else moaning like an extra in a George Romero flick and trudging in your direction. It's like they're just asking to get shot in the head.

    My name is Alfie Budden. I used to shoot people for a living. Now I shoot crazy people to stay alive.

    Crazy people such as the pack of eight currently rushing a small mountain house. Guess they've smelled lunch. And far be it from me to stop someone from getting their eat on, but I'd actually quite like to see a face that isn't rotten or covered in gore from the dude they've just been chowing down on. Plus, I don't think those guys count as 'someones' anymore. I've set myself down next to an old, crumbling wall, the rifle from my back unslung and the integrated bipods snapped out. Beautiful rifle, the Steyr Scout Tactical. Sleek, masterfully crafted and with an effective kill-range of up to 500 metres, plus the added bonus of a compact, light design that makes it a joy to carry around compared to the hefty steel contraptions I used back in my days in uniform.

    Through the scope, a chunky, reliable old number I've been using for years, I zero in on my first target. Back of the head, just above the spinal column. Even if the shot somehow doesn't kill him, he sure as shit won't be walking again.

    Finger hovers just over the trigger.

    Suck in a breath, nice and slow.

    Release breath, squeeze trigger. Release .308 round at a muzzle velocity of almost 3000 feet a second into the back of first target's head.

    Smile. Snap back bolt-lever, chambering next round. Sight up next target and be ready to fire within two seconds.

    I'm in the zone, now. These unfortunate suckers won't be shuffling and screaming much longer.
  14. a gun sounded the nearest zombie fell.. quick moment to think what to do .. Go out and risk getting shot. Or stay here and ensure our safety. "im going out " I look to nani then head out.HITTING PNE ZOMBIED IN THE HEAD his fist flew through it . Seeing the way the first fell when shot he knew which way to look I waved my arm as I advanced to the next.
  15. Nani heard a shot and saw a zombie go down, but the boy who had been her company for a little while now wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. Who in the flying hell? She thought, whirling around and looking in all directions from the holes in the walls. She didn't really have time to search for whoever just saved her ass, so she grabbed the gun tossed to her. With a deep breath she ran to the nearest hole, crouching and aiming out at the infected closest to her. "Au revoir, sorry son of a bitch," she muttered, shooting the poor lost soul right in the forehead. As the body hit the ground, she took a deep breath and steadied her gun to aim once more. "You okay?" She yelled to her guest, as she was unable to see him.

    She heard a shot once more that also didn't come from DJ. Interesting. Nice to have some support from somewhere, how did a pack of 8 find us? Jesus. She thought as she shot right through the arm of another infected. "Damn it." If she kept that up, she'd run out of ammo and have 6 angry zombies on her tail.
  16. Yup, there's other non-gribbly psychotic types in that house.

    Well, given that one of them's out punching the infected to death, I dunno about the non-psychotic part. But hey, you take what you can get.

    I squeeze the trigger and watch as a third of the infected drops.

    The rifle kicks pretty solidly, but I've been using this weapon for over two years now; I'm so used to the sensation it's practically muscle memory. And hell, the kick from the Scout Tactical is nothing compared to the kick from that Barrett I was lugging around during my last tour. Thing was like a fucking mule had just taken extreme offence to your shoulder being in one piece. Damn good rifle if you didn't have to lug it about the apocalypse, but I'll stick with my current loadout. You gotta balance killing power with mobility, and this rifle does just that.

    A second survivor reveals her presence; this one doesn't seem to have the same deathwish of the first one, firing out at the infected from inside the house. She drops one, but her second target she only catches in the arm. Headshots aren't easy, even for me. I mean, fuck, you try getting trained to shoot for the centre-mass your entire career, then try landing the perfect dome-shot every time. Luckily for me, I've had plenty of practice over the last half decade; chambering another round, I sight onto the creature the second survivor was aiming for and put a bullet through it's face.

    Three shots, three kills. Not bad at all, Alfie, if I do say so myself.

    Fingers crossed my two comrades in arms across the mountain can mop up the rest with me without getting themselves bitten. It'd be a damn shame if my introduction had to include me shooting them.
  17. "im fine " dj yelled as he swung both arms the blades of the daggers sliding through the zombies neck with ease they met in the middle .. he pulled them apart and went back to the door"3 more left he said" and rolled a smoke screen .. he learned that just like a normal human if the zombie cant see it cant function .. .. I run un and punch three times all zombies fall I finish them off with a blade to the head to ensure death again . I exit the smoke with my arms up .."done"​
  18. Before Nani could even attempt another headshot, the rest of the infected met their demise in double time. The young lady squinted one eye, lowering her weapon and getting to her feet. She stuck her head out and scanned the area for more, but all she saw were dead bodies littering the ground, accompanied by blood, guts, and the occasional eyeball. "Well damn skippy!" She exclaimed, running up to her guest and giving him an enthusiastic high-five. "It would appear that we, with the help of a mysterious stranger, took them all down," she said quickly, then spun around, searching for whoever it was that helped them. "Hello? I swear I'm not gonna kill you, I've even got some food here if you wanna come sit with us!" She yelled.

    Usually she was extremely cautious as to who she invited into her shelter, but as this man/woman/whatever had saved her life, it wouldn't feel right to not make the invitation.
  19. Well, I can't speak for the safety of his methods, but I can't deny that the guy swinging the knives about like a character in some pre-apocalypse wire-fu flick isn't pretty good at taking down attackers.

    Never been one for the close and personal kill. Bit too risky for me.

    The second survivor's calling to me from the small mountain house, inviting me to join them for food and promising not to kill me. That triggers a small chuckle; here I am, hidden half a kilometre over the mountain from her, behind solid with a high-powered rifle matched up against her handgun and Mister Stabs-A-Lot, but she promises she won't kill me.

    I appreciate the sentiment. If not the noise.

    The infected are lacking in a number of departments. Critical faculties, mobility, skill and tactics, the works. But hearing is one of the few places those incessant bastards excel in. Those things hear something? Like, oh say, a cheeky little firefight between three survivors and a mob of infected? They're gonna be like a rotten homing missile on wherever that shootout went down, not stopping until they locate the source of the noise or spot another potential food source.

    So tempting as the offer of food is, it's going to have to wait. Hauling myself up from the wall, I snap the safety on and begin to make my way out towards the house. My rifle is held above my head, a nice gesture of my peaceful intentions. Should they start shooting I can always go prone and start returning fire, or else draw my sidearm. Somehow I doubt they will, though. These two seem honest enough, the usual desperate, struggling types you meet these days. Beats the other variety of survivor you'll run into, all bravado and a moral compass so fucking loose it's pointed south.

    It takes me a good minute or two to reach my new-found friends; my arm's aching slightly by the time I reach them from holding the rifle up, but it's generally best to make clear your intentions when dealing with strangers in this day and age.
    “Nice night for it,” I say by way of greeting. I have a soft voice, quiet and calm, the voice of a man who's spent a great deal of his life either talking very quietly or not talking at all. “Food sounds great, but afraid we might not be out the fire yet. Our little display of pre-catastrofuck firearms tech was great and all, but we may well have brought more attention down upon us.”
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  20. YES. which means we get to live another day" he smiles. as the male comes he speaks “Food sounds great, but afraid we might not be out the fire yet. Our little display of pre-catastrofuck firearms tech was great and all, but we may well have brought more attention down upon us.” I I give a small look of concern and respond "Iguess we can move to a higher floor ing the house . until morning .. " i wipe the blades on my shirt cleaning the blood and place them in the holsters on my legs. "are you ex military as well"