How Angry Can You Get? (OOC & Plot Discussion)

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  1. So, I have checked to make sure everyone still holds an interest in the RP thus far. ( DJ, Nani, Sniper dude, 'Rocky', and myself. )

    Since we are all still keen, here is the thread to make any OOC's or to suggest or plan plot ideas.

    If you are going to stop posting, or have to go away for a period of time. Please notify us on here so that we can plan accordingly.

    Lots of love,

  2. [MENTION=4176]djrae315[/MENTION] [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION]

    Just wanted to tag the others who are involved. I imagine you'll be telling your friend, so I won't tag him.

    But yes, this sudden slowness is driving me up the wall because it just got to a good spot. XD
  3. I'll get me a post in this evening, worry not.
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  4. And in return you'll receive baskets and baskets of kittens.
  5. I was gonna say, Might need to take some of nani's booze. Glad to hear we are gonna pick the pace up again :) *Unties noose around his neck.*
  6. Re-ties the noose around Jean's neck. :D Stop judging me :(
  7. hey guys im back .. until i get fully accstomed to the collegelife im only going to be on late night maybe after 9 but i am able to post now . i dont want to just post cause last time i kindof posted out of turn .. so ill read all to catch up and could someone let me know when would be good to jump in:)
  8. You are a part of this already mate, read all the posts, catch up on the story, and just join in whenever ! just make sure it makes sense :)
  9. ok thnkss
  10. Hey gang. Lets split up and search for cl....
    Just kidding....
    I think we need some direction in the RP, would be good to discuss ideas of what we could or should do in the long run so everybody gets a say.
    Also do we want to have time leaps when events are just character interaction or are you guys happy to focus more on the action. Personally I enjoy the banter and background info from the characters discussions but I think it should be a democracy.

  11. I'd like to have something exciting happen. I was thinking that they could wait until day, then head into the city or something. Maybe a mall? There's bound to be loads of excitement there, eh?

    But watch out, you never know when you could be killed....
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  12. The city might be a bit far off for one day, but we could deffo set out to make it to the city? maybe come across a hotel or motel on the way, with a bar. My character could use a very irresponsible zomb apoc drink.
    But the mall sounds like a plan when we get there, and lets try to be realistic, protect each other don't charge in and kill all the zombies like a walking nuke, last thing we want is for someone to be bitten and die.
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  13. That's very true, and also a very good suggestion. I like it. Like, a motel that's sort of isolated like those you find on the highway. Ooooh, I'm getting an RP boner just thinking about it.

    But I also agree with your second point. It takes the fun out of a plot-thickening twist if someone runs in and takes the danger away in one post. Lets make our poor characters struggle, shall we? It's the apocalypse, for crying out loud! It would be a shame if someone got hurt or even died in the midst of trying to play hero, because these infected are nasty buggers.
  14. Yeah, some cheap ass motel, probably a couple of prostitute zombies creeping about. A shower as well, my guy I imagine could use a shower.
    My knickers are wet at the thought.
    It would be shit to lose my character this early. Not to mention, if anyone gets bitten, Nani is the one to shoot them, so its hard for her guys.
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  15. Zombie prostitutes? My fav.

    Nani has all ready proven that killing anyone will result in a meltdown. Do you want to see that happen again? But you know, it will have to happen. So moral of the story: if you don't want Nani shooting you in the head, don't charge in and get bitten.
  16. All sounds great, I would hate it if somebody got over confident and died. Also chum you do know hot water is an unlikely commodity for a post apocalyptic sleazy motel but you could definitely use one. Need a car upgrade so, the city needs to be a focus for me and my new car WILL NOT BE A PIECE OF JUNK SNIPES!
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  17. Just make sure you save your bullets for zombies. No strays you lunatic.
    In this crazy world, One maniac at a time, we will take it back.
    Check your guns, swords and nades ladies and gents, shits about to get real.
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  18. I have you for that, swords are so much quieter than guns.
    Don't worry though I have had my fair share of bloodlust for a little bit :I
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  19. Aye, lets give 'em hell.
  20. Motel zombies?

    This has much potential. I dig it.
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