How Americans thought wealth was distributed in the nation.

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  1. A video I watched today in a class. I thought it would be interesting to some of you.

  2. Nice video, the guy who's talking reminds me of the guy who did the documentary Food Inc. I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. But yes, very scary figures indeed.
  3. It's a very sad and very depressing truth about our economy. >:[
  4. Here's the question though, and one I will gladly play devils advocate for the sake of discussion.

    How would you even begin to change that?
  5. Robin Hood style? Steal from the rich and give to the poor? :P Sounds like a cool plot...Modern Day, Robin Hood.
  6. I think that is part of the problem CWD. I have no idea what steps would be needed to change this, or even how to do it. I mean I could think of some basic things that probably wouldn't work as effectively as they should. But raising taxes higher for people like that?

    If I have been understanding the news properly. Right now Cyprus is dealing with going completely bankrupt and I believe they are trying to pass a law that will take 10% from everyones bank account to pay back loans they have taken. Which unfortunately is likely just giving the money to that 1 percent group. But why not just take 10% from them instead? Why not take more than that and flow it back into the economy or somewhere else.

    I might have to research this a bit, but if anyone has an answer I would like to hear it.

  7. There's a few problems with both of these prospects.

    First off as for Raising Taxes for people who fall into the top percents of the wealth earned in the american economy, that's already being done. With the Tax changes put forward in the Obama Administration anyone who earns 200k or more per year will now be liable for greater taxation.

    The argument against that is pretty simple. Who are the people who earn those incomes?

    Business owners.

    What is the most common form of business in america at this time?

    Small businesses - sole proprietorships.

    What do small businesses do?

    They hire people.

    What are small businesses more likely to not do if a large portion of their proceeds are cut by the government?

    Hire people. If they have to choose to stay in business or lay folks off, you better believe they're going to stay afloat.

    As for the problem with the taking 10% out of bank accounts for loans taken out.... eh. I can see pros to that and I can see cons to that. What I don't see is how that goes to improve wealth distribution in America with the state it's in now. Simply put, a lot of people in today's society are in Debt right now. It's a large factor driving down the poor and middle class. Spending practices taken in the 90s and early 2000s have created a debt riddled society across the board. As a result of that, doing that would, as you said probably be more likely to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Some of those people who would be hit by this probably live paycheck to paycheck as it is.

    Moral of this story is Don't go into debt folks. Only spend what you have available to you and you'll never be broke.

    While a cool premise for a plot, vigilantism is still very illegal. In today's world, there's enough you can be arrested for without treading into property rights infringement. You better believe that those rich people you'd be stealing from have the money to make sure you go away for a while.

    Not so many folks these days are willing to put their neck on the line to make a point. To be honest I don't rightly blame them.

    Of course, the other argument to that side: One might say the Government's already doing that. Except replace the word Rich with "Working" and the poor with "Unemployed/immigrants"

    That argument of course will not be a very popular one, but some would make it.
  8. I've been in debt at one point in my life, I had about 12k in loans to pay back. That's why I joined the army and fixed things up. Now I have quite a bit saved away. I am no longer negative and doing beyond well for someone my age. It was a scary thing having that looming over me and I don't want that again. I can't imagine being in debt that is beyond that.

    I was hoping you would have some suggestions of your own on how to fix things as well.
  9. I do. In fact I'm in the process of carrying it out.

    I started a business. Specifically a business designed for no other reason than to give vets jobs in today's economy. It's all I hire.

    While I agree with you, allow me to give you some food for thought.

    While our Economy has it's holes, it's pitfalls and it's large klunky shortcomings....

    Take my word for it, It could be so.... so.... sooooooooo much worse.
  10. You know, those figures look scary till you realize that the 1% are called the 1% for a reason. What are a good chunk of these people? They are people who make big money because of the media and those who make big money through things like business. However, even if you were to confiscate all their money, you wouldn't run the government for a year. In fact, you'd last only 2-3 months. Robin hooding and whatnot does not work.
  11. Whaaaaaaawwat? You mean to say that under all the Hollywoods, reality shows and bullshit, America is kinda like.....oligarchy Russia? :O

    I don't mean to be rude, but I thought this was common knowledge(PS.which is why I didn't watch the video) among natives. I learned about this simply through watching John Stewart's today show...a satirical show!
    What the 'eff do they air on your news channels over there? CNN International doesn't really have anything about america other than cheap speeches by politicans, disasters and tradegies, and economical news(stock exchange stuffs).

    I guess thats what happens when your main news stations are mainly owned by the same people who are in the 1%, LOLOLOL. God bless freedom from regulation above all!
  12. Only way to fix this is to have a catastrophic super disaster put enough stress on our country to collapse the government and send us into chaos..

    Then again... that won't really fix the poblem... just cause massive famine and civil wars and stuff.. but at least we'd get a chance to start over!
  13. Amen.
  14. At this point, I'd like to gather all the other non-yanks together to laugh and make snide remarks (all whilst ignoring our own fucked economies!)
  15. Australia generally has a much larger middle class with more wealth in it then the USA at least that's how I understand it. That's why our economy did better when the financial crisis came. That being said we have a waaaay lower population then the USA.
  16. Ironically, all you non yanks are often the first folk to bring up comments like this.

    However, if you want to look at the progression of Macroeconomics on the big picture, it's actually looking like one of the main reasons America is likely going to remain afloat is because the Euro is depreciating faster than the dollar is.

    Food for thought :P

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  18. Redistribution =P.

    Now, whether or not I think the State should be involved in that literally changes by the week. Right now, I'm an antistatist.
  19. Well, my favorite american politician is Ron Paul, I guess he's not active anymore now(?). But I think his belief that if everything is left to the free market(creating jobs), everything will eventually "work itself out" seems very naive.