How About a Decent Warrior Cats RP?

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    The three Clans of the valley have been at peace for moons, now. EmberClan, RainClan, and SilverClan have dealt with each other without severe bloodshed and there haven't been many struggles. The most that they usually worry about is sudden outbreaks of disease and the slight lack of prey.

    Leaf-fall is turning into leaf-bare. Food is suddenly getting scarcer as the days grow longer. Yet, peace is still flowing in between the Clans... somewhat. That is, until something terrible happens, and the peace that has lingered will finally be blown away by the cold winds.

    What is this terrible thing? You'll just have to find out.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I am mine didn't take off
  3. I'm interested!
  4. I really hope this takes off! Gather your friends!
  5. Oh my god! I love warriors! I'd love to take part if this goes places :)
  6. @Ambra
    Question: Will you be allowing special powers and names like Glitterpelt/Gorepaw etc?
  7. That, is a very good question.
  8. I only read the books in german but I'd love to just hadouken my interest in here
  9. I'm sure there wasn't any story changes between the translations so no worries :)
  10. I have been in many Warrior's rps. Skullstar (Skullsoul anymore. I use her as an Elder these days.) I can't bring myself to kill her, she my first rp character.