Houston we have a problem.

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  1. Hello there, people of Iwaku, I have a problem. You see I want to bring in some of my Rps from NS. But I can't post a thread in Global Signups& Plot list, may I ask why?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. You cannot post there, haha. Choose the appropriate section for the roleplay OOC and such, they'll need to each be posted individually in the correct area (modern, fantasy, etc.).
  3. So...I just click, lets say fantasy,and then post my thread?

    Because it's saying I have insufficient privileges to post here.

    Yeah, that's what I meant.
  4. So you went to the fantasy main subforum and it won't let you post?
  5. Yes, as a test. Wouldn't let me post a thread.
  6. Odd, I could see that happening if you mistook the catagory links as subforums while in the Global sign up, but if you were in a regular subforum on the main page it shouldn't be giving you problems.
  7. I'll show you what it should look like, and if that isn't working, we'll see about what's up.

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  8. ....How did I not noticed that?

    I was clicking the stuff on Global.

    *Sigh* Well,I guess I learned something new about these site.

    Thank you.
  9. Glad I could help! Keep learning but we're happy to help when you need it.