House of Wax: Vincent Comes Back

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Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Horror; anything really, I'll try my hand at something once.
Okay if you've ever seen the House of Wax movie, the one where Paris Hilton gets killed. This whole rp is about that. A bunch of teenagers go on a road trip and find the house, rebuilt after so many years, and one by one they start to die.

Simple but still cool.
Okay here is a character sheet.



Hair color:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:



Simple right? I'm going to play Vincent himself and he has two kids, and a wife so I'll be switching between them unless someone wants to play them.
I have one rule, it is a horror/Modern rp and anyhing can happen, but please no fantasy stuff {EX: sprouts wings and flies away to safety}
and please stay active and anyone can join up.
Name: Kitty
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5"3"
Weight: 130
Hair color: Black and red
Skin color: Slightly tan, not fake tan.
Eye color: Brownish red.
History: Addicted to some drugs but trying to quit. Parents both died and lives with her girlfriend, Ashley.
Personality: Loving, caring, sweet, mean when she gets mad, loves danger, very spontaneous, and not very sexual

Sound good??c:
Very, I'm glad, now I need more people to join
Maybe at least three? or four? I was hoping for six to start off but I'm trying not to keep my hopes up
Yeah, Maybe you could ask around in the group as well??
I have but i'vr got no responce
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