House of Wax: Vincent Comes Back

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  1. Okay if you've ever seen the House of Wax movie, the one where Paris Hilton gets killed. This whole rp is about that. A bunch of teenagers go on a road trip and find the house, rebuilt after so many years, and one by one they start to die.

    Simple but still cool.
    Okay here is a character sheet.



    Hair color:
    Skin Color:
    Eye Color:



    Simple right? I'm going to play Vincent himself and he has two kids, and a wife so I'll be switching between them unless someone wants to play them.
    I have one rule, it is a horror/Modern rp and anyhing can happen, but please no fantasy stuff {EX: sprouts wings and flies away to safety}
    and please stay active and anyone can join up.
  2. Name: Kitty
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5"3"
    Weight: 130
    Hair color: Black and red
    Skin color: Slightly tan, not fake tan.
    Eye color: Brownish red.
    History: Addicted to some drugs but trying to quit. Parents both died and lives with her girlfriend, Ashley.
    Personality: Loving, caring, sweet, mean when she gets mad, loves danger, very spontaneous, and not very sexual

    Sound good??c:
  3. Very, I'm glad, now I need more people to join
  4. How many more??
  5. Maybe at least three? or four? I was hoping for six to start off but I'm trying not to keep my hopes up
  6. Yeah, Maybe you could ask around in the group as well??
  7. I have but i'vr got no responce
  8. Oh that sucks..:/
Thread Status:
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