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  1. Setting: The year is 1814 near Northumberland, England. The Likin Moors have been home to the English Lycans for five generations now. Their origins and how they came to England has always been a mystery. The farthest they have been able to trace back to is five generations of strong, English, pure lycans. Dragos now resides and cares for Likin Manor upon the passing of his father. There are many other packs in the region as well. The farthest have been found in Ireland and Scotland were most of Likin allies reside.

    Character name: Dragos Likin
    Age: 25 (Appears: 23)
    Hair color: Red (Length: Short and always messt.
    Eye color: Green with flecks of brown and Amber.
    Clothing Style: Always appears ready for a ball. Dresses nice with a small sense of fashion. He also likes to wear his favorite black polished boots everywhere he goes. He is always clean shaven and refuses to have any facial stuble.
    General appearence: Dragos has very high and prominent cheek bones. That is about the only thing memorable about him aside from his almond shaped eyes. He has his mothers' eyes is what he has been told all his life. Dragos also prefers to keep a nice, fat free, muscular body.
    Wolf Appearence: Dragos' wolf is almost Siamese markes. His pelt is a warm honey color, almost mousey, while his points (ears, face, paws, tail and part of his back) are darker colored. His wolf stands about shoulder length to a fully grown man.

    It wasn't like this the first time Dragos arrived at Likin Manor. Before, he starred, open mouthed and bewildered, at the immense size of the manor. Standing, as a four foot five year old, before the seventy plus foot stone pillars. Dwarfed by the marbled floors and vast numbers of halls elaborately decorated with paintings of his ancestors. Eaten by the queen sized pillow top beds with too many pillows. This place held wonder, magic some might even say, and Dragos relished in it with child delight.

    Now, the gray skys hung low and swelled with impending rain. The two tallest towers pierced the y, their pointed roofs disappearing behind thick gray clouds. He was here on official business now, twenty years later. Dragos stepped out of the carriage and pulled his coat closer to cover the important files in his arms.
    "Blasted rain." He mumbled under his breath. Winter was the worst season here in the moors. Cold, clammy, rainy, dreary...and worst of all, depressing. Snow rarely ever touched these lands even though the chill could very nearly freeze you to the bone should you not be properly clothed. Spring, however, was a celebration for all living creatures. Which was one of theresons his ancestors planted their seeds along these moors. Once spring announced itself, the hills were covered in the softest of grasses. The forests were rich with thick vegetation and many varieties of animals, large and small.
    Perfect for hunting, Dragos thought, starring off into the distant tree line. He then snapped back to the present and dashed towards the door, narrowly escaping the first raindrop. As he was shaking his boots free of dirt, the door opened. There stood a short, portly older gentleman of 70 or so years, give or take some. His skin was tanned and leathery from years of working in the sun. Frown lines, wrinkles, crows feet, you name it, it was most likely on this old man's face. What hairs were left on his head were now wirey and white, combed into a come over. "Good day suh'." He said while taking a short and practiced bow. Alexandru was the butler of the Likin Manor but he was more like a family member to Dragos. Alex basically raised him while his father was away on pack business. He thought of the old man as a grandfather.

    "Hardly a good day I'd say Alex. Have you seen those clouds? Why, I could very nearly touch the heavens!" He scoffed towards the older man while handing him his deer skin coat. "Has anyone arrived yet?"

    "Not yet suh'. The pack is down by the cliffs edge while the Scottish and Irish ambassadors have not arrived yet, suh'. You appear to be the first one, suh'." Alex took his coat from him and, without even glancing towards the rack behind him, placed the coat on the rack with such grace and ease Dragos could have sworn he had some lycan in him. Dragos raised an eyebrow with amusement before continuing one through the main hall and into the library. His boots fell hard on the polished marble floor, the sound causing him to cringe a little. It's such a lonely sound, he thought.

    "The cliffs? Why is the pack at the cliffs?" Dragos stopped and turned on his heel to face Alex with a curious expression on his face.

    "For the master, suh'. They held a ceremony in his honor." The 'pack like the olden days. There was not much of a ranking system among the members anymore. Likin had turned into a safe haven for all Lycans in the area. It became a place that families could calnd pup could grow old. His ancestors built this manor to live in safety away from the ever leering human populations.
    Built roughly twenty miles from the nearest town, Northumberland, Likin Manor is consists of a large main house. The house itself has three two story wings. Each wing consists of six bedrooms. These bedrooms hosted the large Likin family many years ago. Now, the rooms collected dust and remain undisturbed. Most of thelycan families that call Likin home prefer to live in the smaller houses that are situated behind the house. These family houses are each two stories (they used to be small one storysore houses but his great grandfather had them rebuilt when the population got bigger) with plenty of room to fit four people comfortably. The two towers along the sides act as jails or holding cells. Dragos never went in any of them growing up for fear that he would hear things he could never forget. There was also a very large stable along the far right side of the main house. Many beautiful equins are housed there, including Dragos' fine Palomino stud, Baron. Over all, Dragos enjoyed the layout ofthis vast property, but a few rules were going to change around here.
    "Ah, seems fitting I suppose. Should someone arrive, please notify me immediately. I'll have the ambassadors, however, in the library." Dragos dismissed the old man with a wave of his hand and placed the files on the large oak table and sat down. He let a hand gently caress the polished wood. It was smooth and cool to his touch. A smile played across his lips as a fond memory of his father carving one of the legs for this table popped into his head. A fine piece of furniture, he thought. A small sigh escaped his lips as his hand raised to pinch the bridge of his nose. A headache was inching its way through his skull. Dropping his hand in his lap, Dragos looked around the room for some liquid relief and came up short.

    'Of course! We travel all this way for a damn funeral, or whatever, arrive expecting some sort of refreshments and nothing! Not even a whiskey!' His wolf paced back and forth, irritated beyond all means, within the confines of his mind.

    "Hush now, you. It is a funeral for my father. Which means he was your father, too. Show some respect and at least act like you're in mourning." He quietly hushed the creature and figuratively gave him a pat on the head. The wolf slumped to the ground with a huff. It was understandable why the beast was as restless as he was. Traveling meant no late night runs for the risk of being seen. People didn't take too kindly to seeing a very large wolf sneaking around their homes at night. The wolf was experiencing cabin fever at its worst and it was getting harder and harder for Dragos to control him.

    'Come on, my brother. Just one run to stretch our legs. Then, I promise I will stay silent for the rest of the night.' Putting on its best puppy face rendition, the wolf sat and waited.

    "No. Our father just passed away and we are here because the old man just had to state me, of all people, in his will to inherit this damn palace!" Dragos threw his hands up in an exasperated motion and sighed. His wolf shrank to the ground. 'You used to love this place. What happened?'

    'Never you mind. Hush now, I have work to do." With that, Dragos was done with their conversation. He nodded to himself and opened the never ending files.

    ((OOC and a few rules.
    This Rp is meant for a mature audience. Swearing, gore, romance, and possibly nudity will take place in this Rp. If you are squeamish or cannot handle a mature scene, this is not for you.
    If you want to speak to someone OOC, use brackets or parentheses. [[]] or (()). It makes it easier for us to read what is going on.
    You CAN have NPCs if you want. Alexandru can be a globalNPC if you prefer.
    Please be courteous of others. And lastly enjoy yourself!)
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  2. Name: Brianna Whelan
    Age: 24
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Greyish blue w/hints of amber
    Clothing Style: Due to her "career" Brianna does not dress like a typical "lady." Being a hunter the woman usually dresses in pants. She does keep some more feminine aspects to her clothing but rarely and unless required will she wear a dress.
    General appearence: Brianna is a tall woman, standing at about 5' 8". She maintains a womanly figure but her body is strong, thick, fairly defined and well built. Her hair falls in loose waves, the contrast with her eyes is very evident; one might say her eyes are probably the most piercing and striking feature upon her. Brianna's face is soft and round, her jaw line slightly wide. Her lips are plump and her nose is up turned in the slightest something one doesn't notice till after they've looked at her for a few moments. Her body is adorned with a few scars, memories. There's a gash that follows her left cheek bone, deep claw marks run down her back and the marks of a deep bite wound adorn her right shoulder and neck area.
    Wolf Appearence: Pitch black fur, piercing greyish blue eyes with hints of amber. Her scars are evident when she is changed.

    The tall woman was one of the first to leave. Not that she didn't have respect for the Alpha, she just couldn't stand there much longer with Gregor constantly glancing over. She had paid her dues and respects to Master Likin when his time had come.
    She knew there was more to this day than the ceremony being held. Slowly, the woman made her way back to the manor, her dress followed behind, the dirt slowly turning to mud as the fabric became dirtier by the moment. The rain had started pouring down harder by the time she had approached the mansion. Her clothes drenched and muddy. Not that Brianna cared really, she had always disliked dresses, she didn't understand how the women could wear them at all times. As she was about to knock the door was pulled open.

    "Good day Miss Whelan. I take it Mister Histkins was pestering you again?" Alexandru questioned as he motioned for her to step in.

    "Not really perstering Alex. Just irritating." The man nodded in response and Brianna couldn't help but smile, sharpened canines revealed, a side effect of her condition. She hadn't noticed such a feature in any of the others.

    Alexandru reached out and assisted Brianna with her coat. Quickly he hung it up and moved on. Brianna caught the scent of a familiar face and smirked as she heard Alex inform Dragos of her arrival. She walked further into the manor, her boots clicking against the floors. The sound echoing as it bounced off every single surface. It had been a while since she had been at this safe haven. She remembered everything rather clearly. Her days within the manor had not started in the best. She had been forced into the holding cells unable to come to terms with what had happened to her, how drastically her life had changed. Brianna had always fought and argued, but Master Likin had always been kind to her; he was constantly trying to help her, comfort her. She was the one who argued and fought against him. He always remained calm with her, took everything and anything she threw at him. It took quite a while for her to come to terms with her new life, just recently she had finally decided that there was nothing she could do to change it. She had to deal with it and that was all. Although that did not mean that she was forced to accept Gregor, she could not and she never would. It would be smarter on his behalf to stop trying then to test her. He certainly knew better than to fight with her.

    At this point Brianna had reached one of the living rooms, a large fireplace to the right of the room as one walked in. Two large chairs were turned away in the slightest from the fireplace, towards the center of the room so that people could socialize as they sat. Intriguing paintings hung on the wall, miscellaneous furs and antlers adorned the panelled walls, deer, caribou, fox, boar and even animal pelts from across the ocean hung loosely. It was in reality a trophy room along with a living room for socializing. Brianna's fingers gently ran over one of the pelts, her eyes soon looking out a set of large windows. She was able to look upon the guest homes and the forest beyond that. The large amount of land that belonged to the Likin's, that belonged to the pack. A family that she was just beginning to officially try and make herself a part of. The sight of the forest excited her as she smirked, it sent a shiver down her spine, her senses alert her body was ready to run, stalk, kill...She bit her lip as she sighed, closing her eyes she shook her head. 'Not just yet...' She thought to herself. 'Let this business be settled with first.' It had been a while, her body ached and yearned for the familiar pain and sensations.

    Tonight she would run and hunt, not just for herself but for the mentor she had recently lost aswell.
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  3. Dragos flipped through file after nonesense file in front of him and sighed loudly. Most of the paper work was about the land that Likin Manor sat upon. He glanced at the paper in his hand and frowned. It was a notice that had been placed upon the door earlier in the week. Alexandru had handed it to him when Dragos had sat down.

    "I don't get it. The people of Northumberland never wanted anything to do with this place. Now they want thisplace." Dragos sighed as he placed the piece of paper down and starred at it. It was a letter from a local baron. Vince Garrick was his name, Baron Reese. Oh yes, Dragos has heard a lot about while he was away. The letter had stated that the Baron had just returned to Northumberland from the colonies with his new American wife and that he requested the audience of Master Likin, his father. Dragos knew what the shrt letter his hand meant behind its misguiding words. Ever since he was a child the Garricks' had been close acquaintances. He remembers playing with Vince in the moors. But ever since Vince's brother, Kerry, died unexpectedly, he'd been on a rampage across the land.Buying the presumed ruins of the English moors.
    Well, Dragos thought, he needs to get back on his barkentine and sail his happy little ass back to the colonies with his American wife. He scoffed and closed the file before pushing it away from him.

    "Suh', Mrs. Whelan has returned from the cliffs alone. She sits in living area." Alexandru announced at the doorway.

    "Ah, thank you. I suppose she already knows I am here. Here," Dragos stood and handed Alex the files. "See that these files and my belongings all make it to my father's room. I will be residing in his room." The butler nodded his head and with the files, made his way into the west wing where the Master's suit was.

    Dragos hummed to himself while making his way down to the living area. His high polished boots, yet again, echoed off the glossed and shiney surfaces around him. He sped up his step to avoid the lonely feeling that was creeping up with every step. As he rounded the corner to the living area, he stopped and leaned against the wall.
    "Greetings, Brianna. It sure has been awhile. Has the ceremony ended so soon?" Dragos was looking at her back while talking to her. Although he didn't remember this woman's fave, her scent registered in his mind. He remembered her scent the most. His father had many a kind word to say to the woman while they were growing up. He remembers peeking around a corner and listening tohis father gently scold the girl before letting her run off.

    Now, the little girl had grown into a fine woman, from what he could tell. Her black hair hung in tendrils down her back. It was shiney and appeared soft. Her woman's body filled out nicely too. He could see the curves through her dress. The trains of her gown was dirty and he thought it odd before brushing it off. He folded his arms across his chest and relaxed against the stone wall.
    "I thought a lady never dirtied her skirts before nightfall." He teased. Though an inappropriate time for the jest, Dragos couldn't stop it before it slipped out.
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  4. Name: Colton Topper (Just gets called Topper)
    Age: 20
    Hair color: Brown with a streak of blonde running through it
    Eye color: Has one blue eye and one brown
    Clothing style: Even when he tries to wear formal clothing Topper looks scruffy. He usually wears a brown shirt with a green jacket over it and light brown trousers.
    General appearance:Topper is short and possesses elegant features, his hair is fairly wavy and. He also has light stubble around his chin from not shaving in a while. He also has a scar across his nose.

    Wolf Appearance: Black and white patched fur, one blue eye the other brown. The scar across his nose is more visible as a wolf as the fur has not grown over it.

    Topper waited around for a while but he was never one for these people who cared for these types of occasions so he left shortly after the woman he did not seem to recall.
    He walked with quite a pace back to the manor. The rain only seemed to make his appearance scruffier as he looked like he had just crawled out of a cave or a river. He reached the mansion and waited at the door for a while before knocking, he always disliked the manor as it seemed to make him think of death and growing old even though he had spent his childhood there he still hated it. He finally knocked on the door

    "Good day Topper may I take your jacket” Alexandru said to him as he entered the house making a trail of mud every few steps he took.

    Topper took of his coat and handed it over to Alexandru so he could place it on the hook reached. He walked through the hallway following the sound of distant talking which he imagined was the woman from earlier walked further into the manor. He looked up at the grand staircase as he passed it and dreaded the thought of climbing up them as he was staying at the manor until his family back in Ireland accepted him for gambling away nearly all of their money.

    Topper walked over to the living room door and pushed it open quietly not wanting to annoy anyone with his presence which he seemed to do a lot, he moved over to the far corner away from most of the people in the room and closest to the fire place to dry out his clothes. He took of his boots as he just now noticed the large trail of mud he had made which made him ashamed.
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  5. The echoing footsteps were easily audible to anyone as they approached the living area. Brianna's eyes continued to scan the lands behind the manor. The rain drenching the land, the earth absorbing what it required and more. Her mind wandered as memories flashed behind her eyes. She caught a large bird taking flight, her eyes quickly following the predator. It was a scent that caught her attention as she snapped out of the small trance she had fallen into. Glancing over her shoulder at Dragos, Brianna smirked.

    "You can thank Gregor for my early arrival." She simply raised an eyebrow.

    Turning around Brianna smiled as she looked at Dragos.

    "Are you implying something Master Likin?" She smirked, eyebrow raised. The door behind the man opened and she watched as the shorter man came in. Mud followed him. A word did not escape him as he quietly made his way towards the fire place. Brianna's blue eyes were intrigued by this man. His scent was unknown to her, his face unfamiliar. Glancing at Dragos she quickly looked back at the shorter man.

    "And you are?" She questioned. Brianna was curious really. An unfamiliar face within the manor was odd. Then again she had not been to her haven in quite some time, the man could simply have been a newer member of the pack. Slowly she made her way over, heels clicking against the floor. Putting her hand out she smiled. "Brianna Whelan." One of the few accepted into the pack that had no blood relation and that had also been bitten, not born as a lycan. But that was information best kept for later, if the question ever came up.
  6. Topper looked out the window to see the rain hitting against it and grey clouds started to fill the sky, the rain only made him miss home more even though his father would not let him return he still wanted to see his mother and sister again. He had been forced to take his mothers maiden name and flee to England to stay with the Likin who had been family friends for a few years.

    His boots were now placed on a small rag he had taken from his pocket and he was now sitting on a small stool he had found in the corner. His legs were stretched out in front of the fireplace to keep warm and his back was turned to everyone in the room. He was not a social person and only came back to the manor because he could not stand to stay out in the rain any longer.
    He looked up from a brief moment as he saw the woman from earlier begin to walk over to him with a curious look on her face. He smiled to himself as she began to introduce herself.
    "Colton topper" he said back to Brianna.
    He had not seen her before but he was newer here as Master Likin had been kind enough to let him stay just before he died. He did not stand up to greet the woman and kept him focus on the fire as it danced around and made his hands warmer. His clothing had dried some but there were still some patches on his clothing that had not been dried out yet.
  7. Name: Maximara (Simply goes by Max)
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Max can be quite the striking young woman standing at an average height of 5'6" with black hair cascading over her shoulders in wild curls and bright golden eyes that peered out dazzlingly from a pretty ebony face. There is a comforting, welcoming aura about her at all times almost that mixes with a certain air of elegance and wild temperament to match her carefree, fun-loving, adventure-seeking personality.
    Clothing: Prefers to wear what she finds comfortable, even if it means looking less like a lady from time to time.
    Title: Witch, Dark Caster, Spell Binder, the list goes on, but she is nothing of the pack.

    "I'm actually quite surprised that you decided to attend the service today, Max. You were never one to willing choose such an event to take part in."

    As the rain started to gently tap against the leathery, protective material of her black cloak's hood, Max continued to gaze on at the pack of lycans paying their respects to the master, the young woman doing the same, though quietly and separated from the pack, already able to tell that they were eyeing her oddly, more than likely confused as to why a human female would be amongst them on a most sacred day. The deep voice that spoke in her ear told the truth of her not being one to willingly attend a funeral if she could help it...but this was one she just couldn't let pass by without paying her respects. She knew Master Likin from coming across him a few times while on her travels. She had been pleasantly surprised by his kind nature, considering what he truly was, and had taken to him and his wise, patient ways ever since. They had some history together, strictly platonic, and he was one of the few people she greatly admired; hearing of his passing had struck a painful chord in her heart and before she knew it, she found herself traveling across the lands of Europe to attend the service.

    "I had no choice this time, Eli," she replied to the voice, her golden eyes shimmering with dampened playfulness turning to lock with blood red eyes staring back at her, the small black dragon that was her companion curled around her shoulders with his tail gently wrapped around her neck comfortably, "The old Alpha and I go quite a ways back...before I met you. We didn't spend a lot of time together, but he left a profound impression on me. So today, I pay my respects to him."

    The dragon stared up at his magical companion for a moment, noting how even though there was no obvious sign of grief on her face, the bright spark of her happiness had diminished considerably. Her aura was grieving...Eli took that as the truth teller to her emotions.

    "He must have been a great individual in order to have your respect," the dragon replied, his deep voice soft and regal...elegant, like that of a royal gentleman.

    Max smiled after a moment, her eyes catching two wolves leaving the ceremony; "...He was. I think it's time we made our way back to the manor to pay our respects to his son...and to make sure our presence isn't causing an unsettling stir," she answered, turning from the service, and the watching eyes, to make her way to the manor, her cloak fluttering around her body.

    She had never before visited the manor, even though old Master Likin had requested for her company several times before, but now that she was there...she found it fitting to the man that once took pride in it. She approached the door and knocked on the heavy wood, waiting a few seconds before it opened to reveal a portly, elderly gentleman. He stared at her for a beat too long, probably a tad confused as to why she was there among wolves, but he quickly straightened up and bowed respectively.

    "Good evening, Madam. Are you perhaps lost?" He asked.

    Max shook her head, "Nope. I'm here for the service of Master Likin. I'm an old friend."

    "Ah...I see. Then please come in, Miss..."

    "Max," she answered, stepping inside and removing her own coat, hanging it with the others on the coat rack, "Just Max is fine and this is my friend, Eli."

    "It is a pleasure to meet you," the dragon greeted, bowing his head.

    "I would like to give my condolences to Likin's son, if that's okay," she requested, standing before the butler in a pair of black tights, brown thigh-high boots, a cream colored long sleeved tunic and a brown vest that both hid and pronounced her curvaceous figure.

    "Of course, Madam, right this way," the butler informed her, leading woman and dragon to the living area.

    The butler knocked and then entered the room, standing aside to allow Max entrance as he announced her arrival to the occupants inside; "Master Drago, a Miss Max, along with her companion, Master Eli, have come to offer their condolences. She states that she knew your father and had attended the services."

    Max slowly walked in, looking at the others, before her eyes rested on Drago, remembering his image from when his father had told her of him.

    "Hello...I'm sorry that we have to meet under such grim circumstances, but my name is Max and I was a friend of your father. I'm sorry for your loss...we both are," she greeted the red-haired man, both she and Eli bowing their heads.
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  8. As Brianna turned around, the memoriesof a young girl flashed through his mind. Wow, was all he thought. The girl had certainly grown up indeed. Her facial features lost their childhood plump and were replaced with a very pleasing face to glance upon. Though her cheeks still held a bit of her youth, her eyes had remained that same piercing blue color.
    He pushed off the wall and smirked as she commented on his jest. Just then, the door opened and a smaller man joined the small group. He was unfamiliar to Dragos. The man stood a good foot shorter to his tall, 6ft 4in frame. His hair was a soft brown color and messy. Dragos cocked his head to the left as he watched the man, footsteps of mud trailing behind him. He then turned his head and glanced out into the hall. Yep, muddy footprints. Dragos sighed softly to himself. He'll have to get Alexandru to clean that up.

    "Colton Topper."

    Dragos turned when the man spoke his name to Brianna. Topper, eh? He remembered his father speaking of the Topper family. This man must have been taken under the wing of his father not too long ago.
    So many names, he thought. The headache increased in strength and became a full on throbbing migraine. He closed his eyes once more and returned his hand to the bridge of his nose just as Alex walked in with another guest.
    His eyes opened as a woman walked in with a dragon on her shoulder. Dragos dropped his hand and starred at the red eyed creature on the woman's shoulder. He'd never come across a dragon beforei all his 25 years. His father used to tell him bedtime stories about the majestic creatures. He tilted his head once more to the side. He thought for sure they'd be larger than this manor.
    Completely forgetting his manners for a moment, Dragos snapped his attention back to the woman. Max? He'd never heard of a woman named Max. A human woman at that. He'd have to go through his father's study to see if his father had written anything down about her.

    "Dragos Likin. I appreciate your condolences greatly. But, might I incquire something. How do you know my father?" His deep voice was soft but demanding. A trait shared by him and his wolf, who was surprisingly quiet.
  9. Max smiled at the question, absently lifting her hand to caress her fingers across Eli's head, something she does often when in thought. The dragon merely allowed her what she wanted, quite used to being treated as a small pet by now for they both knew the truth of his true stage.

    "I met him a few times...on my travels," she answered the man, making her way towards the fireplace, the flames starting to flicker and dance happily in her presence.

    Her eyes settled on the shorter man that sat there, nodding in greeting him and smiling as she placed her hand on the mantle above the smoldering flames, Eli unwinding himself from her shoulders to make himself comfortable on his new perch. Her golden eyes continued staring on into the fire for a moment before she turned to Drago to speak again, her smile still in place, filled with playfulness at the memories of Master Likin.

    "I was much younger and yes, traveling on my own. I hadn't quite gotten used to my magic yet when I found myself in trouble battling a small group of orcs. I was pretty sure I was done for when your father, in his Lycan form, came to my aid. It was a...very messy battle, but we won in the end," she explained, giggling, "We looked awful, hahaha! But...your father was impressed with my skills even at such a young age...and he had impressed me with his kindness and wisdom, something not freely shown to female travelers who take to the road alone...we met a few times after that when I stayed a little up north from here. He told me a lot about you...he was always talking about you, hehe."
  10. Dragos drank in the smaller woman's almost bubbly aura. Her presence actually diminishing the effects of his migraine only a little. He watched her as she talked about his father. What was it with women now a days and not wearing skirts. His eyes traveled down the woman's legs then back up to scan her chest and face. Her hair, like Brianna's, was black. Hers, however, fell in wild, tantalizing curls across her shoulders. Her golden hued eyes held his for the longest before he forced his stare over her shoulder.
    'These women will be the death of us, Dragos.' His wolf suddenly perked its ears and raised its snout, categorizing the new scents in the room.
    Not if you keep your cold wet nose out of trouble, he thought.

    "Ah, so you've met my father on his travels. I do apologize if any of the pack made you feel uncomfortable. This place is a lycan safe haven, I'm sure he's informed you, so we are not used to seeing humans on Likin grounds except the main house help." Dragos then paced into the middle of the room to better catch everyone's attention.

    "May i have your attention please.As you all know, my father is no longer with us and has passed this manor into my care. I have traveled very far and left everything I had for this house and its occupants. Although I do not possess the same Alpha qualities as my father did, I will not let this land fall into the ever greedy hands of English human collectors." Dragos looked at each member in the eyes. "I do need your help though. I fear that the ambassadors of our Ally packs in Scotland and Ireland have refused my invitation to attend my fathers funeral. The greedy bastards have probably had their eyes fixed on the manor ever since my father took ill. Why, just a week ago Alexandru received a notice about the Baron Reese looking into purchasing this property. If he has his greedy eyes set on this place, who is to know how many others have too. This causes an alarm in my mind." Dragos moved to the open chair by the fire place and sat down. His crossed one leg over his knee and placed a hand on his chin in thought.
    "I knew this would happen eventually. The human population is getting closer and closer to Likin with each passing generation. If Baron Reese has his eyes on it, that means he has already had his men inspect the grounds without raisingan alarm. Which wouldn't be surprising, Baron Reese is an old family friend. This unsettles me, though, and we need to think of how to prevent the humans from tearing our land up and claiming it as their own." He leaned forward.
    "It is dangerous out there now. Dangerous for us to shift into our wolves. We have to stick to the trails that are marked in the woods and along the moors. Those trails were marked accordingly to hide a larger wolf so it'll be safe along those trails." He sighed and leaned back into the plushy chair. His head fell onto its straightened back and he closed his eyes. The migraine had fired up again. He really needed to find a way to remove it before his head exploded.
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  11. “We could kill off a few off his men that would scare the little shit” Topper said it was the first time since he had arrived here he had spoken up in front of a group. He shuffled the stool back slightly and greeted the other woman in the room with a simple nod of the head. He continued to think of ways to save the manor as he did so he ran his hand over some stubble that had formed on his face due to the fact he had not shaved in a while.

    Topper reached over to grab his other jacket this one green and only used on occasions like the one he was experiencing now, it had brown shoulder pads on the elbow and a few small tears down the sides were it has gotten caught on branches, he put the jacket on and moved away from the fireplace slightly again.

    “ Or we could chase him off with a bribe” he said, the only problem with that idea was that Topper had no money on him he had spent it all gambling and drinking so he hoped one of the others had a somewhat better idea than his ones. While he was thinking of ideas he studied the human who had entered the room, Topper respected her if he was human he would not have the guts to come into a room filled with Lycans.
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  12. "A pleasure Mr. Topper" Brianna responded with a soft smirk.

    Her gaze was quickly upon the door as Alexandru had stepped in, swiftly making way for another woman to enter. Brianna's piercing blue eyes were hungry as she looked upon the woman. She had smelled the magic using human when she had walked into the manner but thought nothing of it; seeing who the scent belonged to, the lycan was intrigued. It was always fun to finally put a face to a scent, especially one so unique. Standing up straight Brianna flashed a grin, unnaturally sharp canines glistening. Human flesh and blood had always been her weakness. This one had an exotic scent, the beast itching to get closer. Licking her lips she stepped back. The last thing she needed was to be tossed within the cells in the basement. Her eyes studied the woman, the hunger ever so evident, a subtle sinister smirk played on her lips, her eyes glistening. Brianna did well to keep her distance, whenever the woman moved she did too. Trying her hardest to stay back and keep the urges from bursting through.

    Their conversation was interesting but in all honesty the dark haired woman wasn't paying attention to the words that were being exchanged, her ears were focused on the steady thumping of the other woman's heart. Brianna had caught her name. Max, a rather masculine name for a woman. Once Dragos' voice was raised Brianna's ears and eyes were on him. Although he might not consider himself as great of an Alpha as his father Dragos had now officially become the Alpha of this pack. Brianna's primal mind recognized that, as did her human self.

    Piercing blue eyes gandered at the voice that came from her right. Brianna couldn't help but smile. "Oooh" She chuckled "I certainly second that thought." Even the simple idea of human blood and flesh excited her. "If nobody wants to attack Baron Reese's men I will gladly take the challenge on myself." another small giggle escaped her as she looked back at Max for a moment before her gaze trailed on to Dragos. Master Likin had always told Brianna that she was one of his best fighters. He had personally trained her in combat as a human and as a wolf. He always seemed to praise her for her skills in fighting. He had told her she would have to defend herself, she would have to do it with every inch of her being or else she would fail. That was something he had said that he never wanted to witness.
  13. When Dragos took to the center of the room, calling for attention, Max slowly made her way towards the window, her hand gliding along the mantle as the flames followed suit, attempting to escape the prison that was the fireplace, but falling short with the lack of wood to burn. Just before she removed her hand completely from the mantle, Eli slithered onto her arm and up to her shoulder, winding himself comfortably on his usual perch once more with his tail wrapped loosely around her neck. The young witch, an outcast among the Lycan pack, seated herself in a chair next to the window, watching the streaks of rain run down the pane in the flashes of lightning that began to brew. It was here that she saw movement again and turned her head a little to see the other woman in the room moving away from her, even though her piercing blue eyes kept finding their way back to her figure. Max grinned to herself before returning her sight to the world beyond the window, feeling Eli shift between the curly tresses of her hair.

    "You can sense it, can't you, Max? Her hunger for your flesh is...transparent," Eli informed her, his red eyes peering over at the other woman, Brianna if Max remembered it correctly.

    The golden-eyed female merely laughed to herself and nodded, "Of course I notice, but she's trying to control herself, so I won't worry about it too much. If she gets aggressive, though, she'll find that I'm not as weak as they would like to think," the girl responded, glancing over at Brianna again before giving her attention to Dragos, listening with growing interest to his recent plight of losing the manor that was passed on to him from his late father. It was quite a pity and a shame to hear that so many selfish Englishman were attempting to take what did not rightfully belong to them and considering that what they were after was the home of someone she respected, it lit a burning anger inside of her, anger that she masked as she continues to listen. The man named Topper suggested simply tearing the company of a man by the name of Reese to shreds...and then he suggested bribing him; two completely different tactics that seemed too extreme from the other. Brianna seemed more than happy to have a reason to sink her teeth into soft, human flesh...Max figured it was the Lycan in them that guided their thoughts to kill first before anything else. However, her suggestion she thought to be

    "If you don't mind me speaking, I would love to offer a suggestion," she stated from her place by the window, grinning as she got to her feet, "While I don't have any qualms against you all simply tearing Reese's men to bloody shreds, I believe my approach would offer some entertainment."

    She grinned at the others as the fire started to flicker and diminish, a sudden chill rushing through the room as a darkness fell over them. She glided over to the fireplace where the smoldering embers sat burning, her golden eyes glowing in the darkness as she reached her hand towards the ashes.

    "Why not scare them away from the manor...really give them a fright? Force them to come face to face with what fear is afraid of?"

    Out of the embers came a swirling fog of misty blackness and red ashes, the sudden new life wrapping around Max's arm and crawling up her shoulder before it dove under her hair and then sprang up behind her to reveal a ghoulish face of burning eye sockets and a wide grinning mouth of terror. Max's eyes continued to glow an inhumanly bright color as she gave them a show of her powers...a small dose of what she could really do.

    "If the mind is open, I can see what they're afraid of and bring those fears to's quite fun to be honest with you," she explained as the figure disappeared into thin air, the lights came back on and the fire returned to life, "That's my suggestion, but if it doesn't suit your taste, it's fine by me, hehe."
  14. Dragos opened his eyes as Topper suggested killing Reese's men. He shook his head. "No matter how tantalizing it sounds to kill his men, we cannot cause a commotion and have the human authorities poking around, searching for the missing bodies. The bribe is a good suggestion, but the Baron is only after land. He won't accept the money. And if he did, it would be an outrageous amount. Funds Likin just can't afford." Dragos looked at the man and stood to walk over to him. He placed a strong hand on the man's shoulder. "I do appreciate the suggestions, my brother."
    He then turned to face Max. She was moving slowly from the fireplace. The fire seemed to dance in her presence. Bewildered, Dragos just listened to her and watched as she displayed her powers. A witch, he thought. It's known through Lycan history that witches and Lycans just didn't make a good mixture. His nostrils flared as her theatrics fizzled out.
    "You suggest we scare them? The Baron's men might be hard to scare but I see this might work." Dragos nodded and looked outside for the first time. The darkened sky indicated it was past dinner now."Good heavans I hadn't realized how late it was. Miss Max, I would like to discuss that proposition further on the morrow. Please, my friends, take any if the five remaining rooms in the west wing. That is where the Likin master andhis immediate family slept. I have taken my father's master suite. It will be the first door on the left on the bottom floor should any of you need to speak to me. I apologize for the close quarters. The rest of the wings need repairing. Brianna," Dragos turned to face the woman. He could tell she was itching for a hunt. "Would you care to join me for a hunt? The rest of the pack will be restingat this time so, no Gregor to bother you. Topper, my good man, you are more than welcome to join if you like. Miss Max, you are more than welcome to stay here. I'll see to it the Alexandru and the rest of the help see to your comfort. You are more than welcome to change your room to your comfort. The same goes for the rest." Dragos then held out his arm to Brianna,waiting for her to take it.
  15. Topper looked up at Drago as he placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled slightly. He knew that killing or a bribe was not the best idea but he was amused that Brianna seemed unexpectedly fond of the idea of killing. He then turned look at Max as she had started moving away from the fireplace. Topper listened to her ideas and seemed fairly shocked when she displayed her powers as he had never seen a witch before and had suddenly become quite scared of the human but tried to mask his feaer not wanting anyone to sense it.

    "Scaring them would be… interesting” Topper said still quite shocked with the magic she had shown the group. He then turned attention back to Drago as he began to talk about sleeping arrangements and hunting "It would be my pleasure to join you " Topper said as he stood up from the stool and placed his boots back on his feet. The mud had all fallen off on the rag which he was quite glad about.

    And I suggest you take up Drago’s offer before you end up eating max” he said to Brianna as he ran his hand through his hair checking if it had finally dried out and tilting his head slightly in the direction of Max.
  16. Max nodded her at Dragos, accepting his request to see her the next day to go further over her idea. His willingness to even listen to her thoughts, as dark and terrifying as they might be, reminded her vaguely of his father, the young woman reminiscing on the short time she spent with Master Likin and how patient he had been with her when she would spew ideas of a sinister nature almost daily and for no apparent reason at all. It wasn't like her livelihood was fear, but one of her specialties definitely was for one strange reason or another.

    Content with the reply she received, she felt herself perk up when Dragos informed them of their rooms and then suggested she retire to a room for the night while he and the others went hunting. She wasn't sure if the men felt concern for her well being or not, seeing as how they considered her, still, to be a weak human lost in a pack of Lycans, but all the same, she found herself laughing and waving her hand.

    "I thank you for the offer, Dragos, and your...concern...I guess you would call it...Topper was it?" She looked over at the shorter man, a but rough and edgy looking now that she was paying attention, "But I think I would be able to hold my own, even against someone like Brianna."

    She cast her sight in way of the other woman, giving her a smile that was both reassuring and almost challenging. A sudden tremble on her shoulder caught her attention and she looked to Eli to see the dragon staring out the window to the dark night, his gaze fiery and full of longing, his wings starting to twitch and his tail tightening just so around her throat. She grinned and turned to the others, running her fingers through her curls.

    "I will not be joining you on the hunt, as I'm sure you wouldn't want me to, but I will be outside all the same. Eli wants to...spread his wings and this night is perfect for such an occasion: the dark sky, the black clouds, the shroud of black to hide him. I'm sure you all think that this is really Eli's true size, but if you just so happen to stumble upon'll be in for a real treat."

    With another giggle, she got to her feet and made her way to the door, meeting Alexandru there and taking her cloak from him as he had had it ready for her.
  17. Denying the idea of killing any of Reese's men Dragos continued on. Brianna had to admit she was rather excited at the thought of hunting humans. It had been so long, they were always so fun and challenging to chase. It excited her more than your usual pack hunt, a stag or some sort of wild boar. It was fulfilling but not as enjoyable. She somewhat paid attention to the conversation, her head was a bit of a mess, occasionally she would look and wonder about the human witch, sometimes her eyes would drift to the window as she looked upon the lands. Hearing Dragos speak towards her Brianna looked up at the man. she grinned and took his hand.
    "A hunt sounds rather superb." Glancing at Mr. Topper, Brianna raised an eyebrow with a subtle smirk. "Come now Mr. Topper, it's not as if I am some uncontrollable beast." She chuckled. Glancing at Max, Brianna prepared to speak. "Do not worry Miss Max. I have no intentions of harming you. It's simply just your scent that caught me off guard." The dark haired woman bowed her head slightly in an apology. "Perhaps we might stumble upon you outside. Have a good night." Brianna glanced at Dragos before stepping out of the living area.

    Heels echoed in the main hall as she walked across the foyer. She made her way to the back through the kitchen and out the back doors. The rain was still coming down, momentary flashes of light followed by loud booming thunder. It seemed that the storm could possibly get worse over time. Brianna didn't really care, a hunt was a hunt and she needed to run. Mud quickly began to dirty her dress and boots as she made her way into the forest. Finding an ideal clearing she began to remove her clothes. Fabric catching on the scars that adorned her body. Getting on all fours her body had already begun the process as soon as the word hunt had been mentioned.
  18. Max had giggled and nodded at Brianna before slipping through the open door and flying down into the night, her presence shrouded not so much by her cloak or the night, but by the shadows that wiggled and followed her, covering her tracks and making her appear as a shadow herself. With Eli growing more and more restless by the minute, the wise dragon feeling the need to release himself, Max moved faster, following the shapes and fihures that guided her to an open area in the Moore, an area that Eli could freely do as he pleased without causing too much of a problem in terms of drawing attention.

    "Your power is growing, it another Fire Moon? Has the storm blocked the sight?" she asked of her dear friend, practically gliding into the clearing before detaching him from her shoulder and setting him down in the grass.

    "Yes, the clouds of this storm has blocked the moon...but it cannot stop the fire in my veins," Eli responded, the redness of flames licking at the corners of his mouth, the wind starting to pick up and the rain pelting them relentlessly.

    Max smiled as she stepped back, excited to see her dear friend in one of his truer forms. Eli opened his mouth and released a hot breath, a stream of fire wrapping around him in layers until it completed encased him in a sphere of flames. He was a glowing ball of heat that seated the grass below him. Lightning struck the ground, coming rather close to hitting Max, but the young woman paid no heed, unafraid of the element. The fire casing Eli as in continued to grow in size, bigger and bigger until it was half of the clearing, growing beyond that.

    He grew larger and larger in size until he was in his true form, 50 stories high, a wingspan of three major buildings and his scaley, leather skin a deep black with four glowing red eyes. It had truly been some time since Eli had allowed himself to 'stretch his wings' as they say. He roared to the darkened skies, his black figure hidden in plain sight as the lightning struck the ground in several places near him, once again coming dangerously close to Max.

    Said woman only stared up at him with a grin on her face and her hands on her hips. She couldn't help but wonder, though...would this disturb the others on their hunt?
  19. Topper chuckled slightly at both the women's comments they had made.
    He looked over at Drago and tilted his head slightly in respect before leaving the sitting room. Topper walked out the door and picked up his grey overcoat that was rested on a hook.
    He headed towards the back door and saw that it had already been used, must have been Brianna he thought to himself while pushing down the door handle eventually opening it.
    Topper stepped into the open air he was a little annoyed that it was still raining but he knew when he was hunting the rain would be the least of his worries. Topper walked through the forest until he reached a small clearing. He stopped and began to undo his shirt quickly as he was eager to hunt.
  20. [​IMG]
    (yes a wolfs name is fox >.>)
    (looks 10)
    Long Sliver hair to her butt.
    Blue eyes with a hint of gold.
    she wears dress all the time with design of her family how sent her here after something happened. she also tends to wear komono like dresses
    Fox is a short kid for her age. she always has her hair down and keeps to herself. she also has a Black moon and White star necklace that her father and mother gave her for her 14th birthday

    Why is everyone yelling. A little girl from under her bed thought in tears. she been hiding for almost a half an hour. that is till she heard gunshots. Sh was about to scream but covered her mouth in fear making herself known. she also heard people walking around her house after then gunshot which made her scared even more. what scared her the most was when someone walked into her room and was near her bed. the person looked around throwing things to the ground trying to find something then the person left. that was when She notice she was holding her breath. she let out a long soft sigh and then waited a full 5 mints and then got out and grabbed her stuff and the latter her father told her to get if something bad ever happen. and she was think now was what her father was talking about.

    A small girl that looked 10 was walking slowly to a minor in both of her hand. in her left hand was an Umbrella and in her right was her luggage. she was also holding a latter for the manor owner. she really didn't want to go here but she was kicked out of her home, not by her mother but by the people that leaved their luckily she got away but she was unsure about her family. she sighed and slowly stopped in front of the house climbing the steps slowly. she stopped in front of the door and was unsure if to knock or not she really never been to places far from her home. she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. then waited for someone to get it. ​