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    This infamous place has been the "hot spot" for celebrities and nobodies alike. Here, people come to forget their worries and have fun for a change. Here, no one cares who you are or what you do. Here, you can be anything...and do anything. There are no rules in this place.

    Except one.

    No one leaves until the sun rises.
    Our characters are patrons here. There is a bar, a dance floor, several private rooms, pool tables, card tables, a swimming pool, and a dining room with the best menu you can find. The place is large enough for about eighty people at one time, so it's first-come, first-serve.

    Tonight is a very special night. The House of the Rising Sun is hosting its fifth annual "Game Night" where all patrons get to reminisce about the good old childhood through harmless children's games. Though, this year will be a bit...different.

    1. Let's have diverse characters, please. Keep 'em interesting.
    2. This will become a psychological roleplay in due time, so keep that in mind before you decide to join.
    3. Have fun!
    4. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    5. Be realistic.
    6. Don't make me kill off your character. That's no fun.
    7. Keep OOC drama far away from here.
    8. Character photos must be realistic. NO ANIME.
    9. You must have at least 15 sentences per character, per post.

    Age: 18+
    Appearance: Be detailed.
    Personality: 2+ paragraphs, please.
    History: 3+ paragraphs, please.
    Why are they here?:
    Miscellaneous Information: Did I miss anything?
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