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    Ranrie's POV:
    I walked through the long lonely halls of my house pacing back and forth among the silence. My head twisted back and forth turning impatiently about my excitement growing as the moments trudged on slowly. The ringing of the doorbell made me jump to life from a robotic pacing to a light run hopping about with excitement. I stopped in front of the large mahogany door before swinging open the massive gateway. Today was the day I was to receive my newest gift from mother and what a gift that was to be~

    Eiji's POV:
    My head hung low watching the sad earth I was grounded to. My feet were heavy as my head was with its constant echoing ideas each fighting to be heard. It was unfair birds were meant to fly and a bird that couldn't was not truly a bird to be honest. I scratched my head with confusion what was next? Where could I go? These rhetorical questions were meet rightly with no answer. Instead he slowly made his way towards a small new town in hope he could find SOMEWHERE to be taken in.

    Akane's POV:
    Oh what does she look like? I bet she's pretty! I thought swaying my feet excitedly with a goofy smile. I had my tail violently wagging and my ears all over the place. There was just too much new possibilities I could not handle it. I bounced up and down in my seat with my hands clasped together. "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD THIS IS SO GREAT!" I exclaimed causing my old owner to slap me. I whimpered but shut up all the same. So he would be gone. Out of my life I thought looking out the window with my grin creeping back onto my face. Best day ever much? Heck yeah! I felt us pull up to a stop and hooped straight out of the car. My feet moved faster than ever bounding up the stairs to the huge house before me. It was awesome and it was all mine. I quickly spammed the doorbell with gusto and pure joy.
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  2. Chesh hung his head in sadness as it began to occur to him no one gave him any money during the day while he played his guitar. He began to pack up and walked towards the ally way . He reached it and began to sulk in zadness and hatred as he believed the world hated him.
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  3. [OOC: so its a POV tipe of post you do. Unfortunately I'm not going to do the same format but I will put a heading so you won't get confused with the characters]

    'Another day on the streets of this place. I'm so hungry I can cry' Alicia's thoughts rolled through her mind as she walked through the streets. Looking for something to eat or maybe a penny someone had dropped. "There!" She thought out loud and ran to a half eaten apple that lay on the windowsill of a store. "Its not much but..." She started to quickly eat up the apple before anyone could see her. A sound came from her tummy, she hugged herself and thought 'I'm still hungry. When will my life change for the better...' As she started walking back to her little box home on the corner...

    "Hello, ah hey Mrs. Comomaru... No I've just came off from work. I'm on my way home now.. Yes... Alright. I'll make arrangements for you. Good bye" Amon put down his phone after talking to a client. He was tired. And hungry. Very hungry. Thank goodness there was some leftover pizza for him in the fridge.
  4. Chesh noticed a small girl at the corner of the alley way she had ears like --his!? He slowly walked over to her and sat in front of her box.

    "Uh --hi i-im Chesh...." he said nervously having never made a friend in his life. His ears kinda fell when he was nervous or sad. His tail moved swiftly back and forth.
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  5. Alicia:
    Alicia let out a shrill meep as the boy spoke. She too was shy at first encounters. "He-hello. I'm Alicia." Not knowing what the boy wanted the girl stayed bundled up inside her box. She'd rather not move until she knew the boy didn't want to harm her...

    At that moment an unsuspecting Amon came around the corner and tripped over the boys guitar case. Just before making contact with the ground he transformed, blocked his fall and reverted to human. He quickly got up to see if anyone was hurt. "hey. Sorry 'bout that. You alright? I should pay more attention to where I walk.." Then suddenly the boys guitar case got his attention and he kneeled next to the two Neko. "So you play the guitar huh. How good are you at playing the blues?"
  6. Chesh saw she was scared and decided to reassure her. As he tookoff his hat he revealed his ears " dontworry im like you. I just want a friend." He said sadly runnimg a hand through his hair . He smiled lightly.
  7. Alicia
    The hungry neko so saw the boys years and creeped forward a little. Amused by these cat-like characteristics that he possessed which she also had. She slowly reached out to touch his ears but was yet again startled by a clumsy Amon plundering over the boys guitar and then coming closer to talk with him
  8. Eiji:
    I wandered about for who knows how long my stomach pleading for me to stop but it was sadly useless. I really had no where to go I saw that there were various others left alone on the streets much like myself. How sad that we are all left here to be forgotten and rot. Might as well make a friend or two though since I really have nothing better to do... I turned my head to a small neko in a box accompanied by a pinkish purple cat boy. They were the first ones I had saw since I had chosen to make friends so I decided I might as well go talk to them. I made my way over to the two with on hand gripping my stomach, hopefully they might know how to get some food.
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  9. Amon
    "Hey kid, you in there?" Amon softly poked Chesh's shoulder just before noticing a very rare sight. A dove. It seemed he had a stomach ache because he had his hand on his stomach. But what was even more strange was his wings .. One tucked and the other only tucked halfway. The feathers were out of place. Could his wing be broken?...
  10. Eiji:
    I made eye contact with another white hair man and he looked at me odd. He stared at me like I was some thing rather than a person that must have been what he was thinking. Regardless I made my way towards them I was just hungry and lonely. I was sure if anyone was in my position they would do the same right? My feet moved slower as my head spun the world seemed to swirl about. My eyes shut as my legs buckled forcing me to the ground I at least had enough strength to allow myself to fall forward to not hurt my wing even more.
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  11. Amon
    Amon got up as the dove got closer. And he stepped around the Neko. "Hi. The names Amon. Are you alright? You seem a bit unsettled. Can I help you in some way?"
  12. Chesh finally zoned back into the real world and answered delayed" um im ok at blues i play rock more though." He said and scooted closer to the girl.
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  13. Amon
    Amon slightly turned his head" That's awesome! I'll be back to you in a moment." He then turned back to the Dove. "If your wing is hurt I can take a look at it for you" a warm smile covered Amons face
  14. He stared at the girl in wonder of how she ended up here
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  15. Alicia
    "Wh-who are all these people?" An unsettled and half afraid Alicia asked the other Neko. Unsure of how to react to all this company. She slowly moved forward towards the boy
  16. "I believe theyre like us actually." He said letting her closer as he placed his hat on his head.
  17. Alicia
    "Can I put on your hat?" The shy girl asked with blushed cheeks. For some reason the boy made her feel as if she wasn't so alone. Perhaps it was because he was a Neko in a same position that made her feel that he understood her and she him. Although still very careful she sat upright in front of the boy with crossed legs trying to muster the courage to smile. Whilst her ears were still flopped down on her head.
  18. He smiled which was rare for him"sure" he plopped the top hat on her head and shy chuckled as it was a little to large.
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  19. Alicia
    A giggle came from her as she lifted the hat from her eyes to see Chesh. "Do I look ok?" She asked holding the hat up so it doesn't cover her eyes.
  20. "You look great haha" he said laughing while adjusting his hoodie
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