House of Night (Title to be decided)

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  1. This is a private roleplay between myself and Lady Faya.
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    Name: Crevan Callaghan
    Age: Seventeen
    Fourth Former
    Sexual Preference: Homosexual
    Traits: Blunt, Open-Minded, Loyal


    Name: Octavian Coleman
    Age: Seventeen
    Third Former


    Name: Knight Hat Maddox
    Age: 18
    Sixth Former
    Sexual Preference:
    Traits: Flamboyant
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    Ravyn LaRue
    3rd Former
    Observant, Eclectic, Curious

    Raguna Morte
    4th Former
    Artistic, Friendly, Trustworthy
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    Guys Teachers
    Picture One- Intro to Equastrian Sciences -- Nash
    Picture Two- Tae Kwan Do --
    Picture Three- Math -- Arthur
    Picture Four- Languages – Apollo—Knight Mentor
    Picture Five – Tracker -- Ezra
    Picture Six- MANY TATOO GUY - Faolan --Spells and Rituals – Ravyns mentor
    Picture One- Drama 101/202/303/404 -- Morgana
    Picture Two- Music -- Ophelia
    Picture Three- Art/Poetry -- Carter
    Picture Four- Archery/Fencing – Willa
    Picture Five-Vampyre Socialolgy 101/202/303/404 -- Beryl – High Priestess
    Picture Six- Lit 101/202/303/404 -- Rada
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    Ravyn LaRue
    "See me now, a ray of light in the moondance"
    The day started off normal enough for Ravyn, she got dressed and headed off to the hell known as high school. It was better than at home though she supposed. At least in school there was a slight bit of peace from not being open about her beliefs and judged only on her clothing choices. With there being snow today she settled with a warmer outfit and a pair of grey leggings under her skirt.

    That was until she spotted the Tracker. Hazel eyes widened, it was the middle of the day, in the hallway, right when classes were just letting out. He could be there for somebody else, yet her name was called out in the formal speech and a burning feeling reached her forehead. "F-fuck." For one who didn't swear often, it was a rare slip as she tugged her headband a bit lower, wincing at how sensitive the skin was.

    She knew that there would be a sapphire outline of a crescent moon. A mark that her parents would call as proof that her practicing wicca was devil's work and this her punishment unless she repented. The fact was now she was faced with a frightening situation, one that she'd make the change to a vampyre, or that she'd die in the process when her body would reject it.

    She needed to get to her grandparent's house. A small blessing was that it was the middle of the day, Ravyn quickly made her way from the crowded hallway of teens that were stepping away and calling her a freak, to the doors and parking lot. There her car waited, along with sunlight that HURT her eyes. A simple pair of sunglasses eased it some while she pulled out of the parking lot.

    Home was her first stop, to get what belongings she cared about and her clothes that couldn't be replaced as easily. Her grandparents would hopefully get her parents to bring more when she was at a House of Night.

    The trip to her grandparents was the longest hour of her life, as a rough cough started to form. Was she taking too long? The roads outside the busy town were less plowed and slick. But the snow was pretty. By the time she reached her grandparents, her mother was calling her cellphone. A call that went ignored for now as she pulled into the familiar driveway.

    Leaving the phone, she went to the house, teeth biting into her lip and pale fingers already curled to knock when the door opened. It was there she found comfort in her Grandmother's hug and words that she'd get her to the nearest House of Night a town over and get her things from home. By nightfall they pulled up to the school, a lake on one side and old building that just... said home to the young fledgling as she walked in with her grandmother and grandfather.
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    The House of Night was beautiful, something no one could deny about the place. The first time Knight, yes, that was his new name he came in after he was marked and easily agreed with that statement. There was not much denying how beautiful the place could be, out of the way hidden almost with the forest and lake around it. One would really have to come out of their way to get there. In the end, it was always worth it, even if it had meant death to yourself because your body couldn’t handle the change.

    Maybe that was more of his way of thinking, coming from a darken life style. A mother who left when he was just a babe and his father…well was no father in the end. It was a blessing to marked, to be pulled out of darkness and into the light well figuratively speaking as darkness was exactly in the area they preferred as it was extremely uncomfortable where one would prefer going later in the day when the sun wasn’t as harsh. Even now since he made the change happen to him, the sun did bother him a bit more than it did before he was first marked the uncomfortable with the sun brought on.

    There were two places he usually could be found at the docks with his paper and pencil or in the designing room where he could be seen making the items. That was if he didn’t have classes first, those was the most important to him Languages he was fluent in two languages and in his future he wanted to know more and he had plans on learning more. They lived a very long time; most would not give you their real age as it was none of the other persons business. Only one in school he knew was the oldest was the High Priestess and that was saying something about it as there was others that was either close to her age or just a few handful years younger.

    It wasn’t often he was asked to help the High Priestess with anything; really he doesn’t even recall the last time he dealt with her on a one on one time. When his mentor well ex-mentor came to him and asked if he could help with a new fledging that would be coming in later he jumped up to help especially if it was a request from the High Priestess he wanted to help. So, that what he was doing he was sitting in the main hall with a French book in front of him reading. It was when the doors opened he jumped up to his feet from the chair that was against the wall out of the way.

    “Bonjour. Bienvenue .” Knight spoke as he moved towards the two elderly couple as he could tell the younger female was behind them. “You must be Arthur and Lenore Blanc. Our High Priestess is handling a situation at the moment and will come to great us soon. If you like, I can answer any question to the best of my ability or if you like I can start showing you around your trip was a distance.” He spoke as he realized he didn't give them his name. “You must excuse my manners. I am Knight Maddox.” When he spoke he bent down at his waist and bowed to them. “I do hope your pain you’re having is starting to lessen young fledgling.” Knight spoke hoping the girl behind the two older people would come into view.