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  1. OOC---------------IC THREAD

    In the great metropolis of New York, a place where mammals and reptiles grow up together; a group of friends has decided to become Roommates at Sky Runi’s family home. They have to not only deal with their jobs and school, but also the city’s many inhabitants. Their friendship will have to stand against prejudice, politics, habits and just being unable to get a cup of coffee in time. This group is made up of 5 very different individuals, all with their own habits and personalities. Staying friends might be… difficult.

    Current Players

    GM: @adabotcon

    Player: @Rauzi

    Player: @Summer Nights

    Player: Open

    Player: @Rin Mico



    This house was built on the outskirts of the city. It is an older mansion that is now being used by a group of friends. It contains all the modern day amenities, including running water, electricity, TV, modern kitchen etc.

    The house contains five wings that are assigned to each Friend. (You can design your own wing). Wings include a bathroom, a small sitting room, and a bedroom.

    The kitchen and main living room are in the middle of the house with the wings on the floor about and around it. The main living room can be seen from the second floor as it’s ceiling is high and reaches above that next floor. Each wing has a door that leads to the main living room. The kitchen is off to the side and is what leads to the back yard.

    The house is gated and has a large driveway, but no garage. The backyard is a bit run down, anyone venturing there should be careful.

    Character Sheet

    Please read the Rules before making a character.



    Type of Character: (Friend or Secondary Character)

    Age: (20-30 for Friends)


    Sexuality: (And whether they are out with others please if appropriate. This can be unknown)

    Appearance: (Either post a photo or a detailed description)

    Personality Summary:

    Brief History:


    Relationships: (This can be updated after talking with other players/during the RP)

    Other: (Anything that the other friends should know at this point in the RP. Please keep this section updated throughout the RP)

    PM me anything that you feel I should know for plot, or if you are worried about it.

    List of Characters

    Friend Characters

    Friend #1

    Sean Morgan Tolmach @Rauzi

    Friend #2


    Friend #3

    Skylar Runi @adabotcon

    Friend #4

    Chase Cole @Summer Nights

    Friend #5

    Jordan Luttrell @Rin Mico

    Side Characters

    Sinopa @Summer Nights

    Hakana Antar @Rin Mico

    Bernard Jeeves @Rauzi

    Maya Thoven @Rauzi

    Come and Go Characters

    This is to remember names of such characters or if they are an integral part of a Friend’s backstory.


    Maurice Bauer @Crescent


    OOC Rules

    1. Please obey the Iwaku Rules.
    2. If you are having a problem with another player try to talk it out with them calmly and patiently if it persists you are welcome to inform the GM @adabotcon. Hopefully I will already know about it.
    3. If you are getting angry during an argument in OOC step away from the computer for a bit before coming back and replying.
    4. Be patient with other players and polite OOC
    5. No bigoted, racist, homophobic etc. remarks in OOC (IC creates drama and can be good)
    6. Please reply at least once a week, if not more. If you don’t I will contact you through PM, if you don’t reply to that within two weeks your character will be killed off or move away. (If you let me know you will be gone than ignore this)

    IC Rules

    1. Please include everyone into the RP, this is a small group so it shouldn’t be too hard.
    2. No metaknowledge or god modding. This means that your character will not be all knowing or all powerful please. If I see it I’ll call you out on it and you’ll be required to change the post. If I do it you are of course welcome to call me out on it as well ;)
    3. Follow the story; try not to make too many non-sequiturs. For example if the group of players you are with are having a serious conversation about a bigoted neighbor/family member don’t suddenly start talking about your new bike. Or if a group is headed to the movies don’t suddenly force them all to go to a construction site.
    4. Don’t post anything OOC in the IC thread. I don’t want to see any (OOC: OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that) at the bottom, top, or middle of your post. You are welcome to post whatever in the OOC.

    Relationship Rules

    1. Any kind of relationship should be explored in this RP. This means Best Friends/Frenemies/Rivals/Bitter Enemies/Romance partners etc. Develop the relationship and the personalities.
    2. Just because you flirt with someone, it doesn’t mean they have to flirt back. In fact that can cause tension and is great for the RP.
    3. Flirting does not equal instance romance. Maybe one character just likes to flirt, maybe they need to get to know each other.
    4. Your character will not be liked by everyone else’s characters. Not everyone will get along IC.
    5. Anything beyond kissing should be moved to PM and should only be between Adults members or teen members. (This is an Iwaku rule DO NOT BREAK IT! I will be obligated to report you and kick you out of the group)
    6. Having a honeymoon phase after the start of a romance is normal and understandable. But if two characters are spending too much time together I’ll start throwing things at you that’ll cause problems for the relationship. In real life people spend time with friends and family as well as romantic partners. Spending time apart can be a good thing for the plot and the relationship.
    7. Romance partners do NOT have to be part of the Friends, they can be side characters or come and go characters.
    8. Feel free to hash out any story ideas in the OOC thread, or PM me if you want it to be a secret.

    Character Rules

    • 1 Friend character per player.
    • 2 Side characters per player (these are characters that have CS, but are not a part of the main group. They should be related to your Friend character)
    • Unlimited come and go characters. These are characters that might be anything from servers to a one night stand. They should not have very much focus on them, but are needed to move the plot along.
    • Do not play ANYONE’s character without explicit permission this includes named come and go characters.
    • Feel free to make your character any personality. But if they are a jerk to too many people they might get into confrontations and be asked to leave the group of friends (this should be hashed out as plot) This’d make it so you could create a new Friend.
    • Characters are full Furry. This means they are covered in fur, and are not simply humans with ears and a tail. Basically Anthropomorphic Animals.

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  2. Name: Sean Morgan Tolmach

    Nickname: Doesn't have one at the moment

    Type of Character: Friend

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Appearance: Sean is a fox. His fur is black with couple light grey stripes decorating his back as well as the tip of his tail.
    Sean usually wears dark red slip-on shoes (Or something similar to that) and black college pants along with a t-shirt of who knows what color as the color keeps on changing on almost daily basis.

    Personality Summary: Sean isn't usually the person leading a conversation nor any kind of small talk. His love towards cooking and drinks lead him to his job and when the subject is right, he shows a great passion towards the topic. Sean can also be mistaken as being a lazy person as this is the first impressions he tends to usually give out by his calm and a bit tired personality, but of course the reasoning for this is his job as well of course. Unlike most of the people in his line of business, he is usually the person that looks after others in parties as his alcohol consumption is very sophisticated and stops after only 2 drinks usually.

    At work Sean is totally different person though, not maybe in the kitchen but behind the bar as a bartender. While at work he is very talkative and loves to entertain his customers, but he also brings a lot of knowledge to the bar and tends to be pretty good at matching drinks with customers. Last time his friends visited him at work, there was some complications and he ended up quite mercilessly throwing the group out of the restaurant.

    Brief History: Sean comes from a Scottish family and he grew up in Scotland. Sean moved to New York with his family at the age of 12 as his father got a job from there and since then he has been trying to get along with the new country and city. After high school Sean didn't go to college as most people did and instead he moved on to work. He got a job as a waiter from a small restaurant named Ten Coals, it was a BBQ restaurant.

    As the years went by Sean moved on to the kitchen and behind the bar and he learned the ways of cooking and making drinks. Nowadays he works at a restaurant called O'Bass as a cook and bartender. Usually working at nights of course brings some troubles to the house as well.

    But how did he end up with these people? Well, first contact Sean had with this group of friends was through Sky as he payed a visit at O'Bass one night and through the rather exceptional evening they became acquaintances and it went on from there, so making him one of the newest members of this group.

    Job: Cook/Bartender

    Relationships: Will be updated later

    Other: Sean is merciless at work and treats his friends just like any other customers. This also might bring rather awkward situations later on as he gets home from work.

    Edit: Updated history.
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  3. Name: Maurice Bauer

    Nickname: Mau

    Type of Character: Friend

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Homosexual, and not afraid to admit this

    Appearance: Being a peacock, Mau's feathers are radiantly blue with a dark patch just underneath his chin along with a tuft atop his head, curving backwards softly. His pale blue eyes are surrounded by black smudges, and his cheeks are both covered by single stripes of white. The lime green tail feathers are long and much cared for, strewn with a busy eye pattern that can be mesmerizing to look at if the plumes are fully spread out. For convenience, he usually keeps them neatly folded behind him.
    His usual attire is a long and dark cardigan, complete with a blue t-shirt, skinny grey jeans, and light grey and white sneakers.

    Personality Summary: Amiable and charming, it's a common sight to see Mau engage with people in a light-hearted chatter or simply lending them a hand. He gets a thrill out of helping others with their problems and will often give advice where he sees fit, being understanding and flexible to a fault for as long as he isn't being taken advantage of. He simply enjoys feeling needed and appreciated, and of course, the more comfortable and knowledgeable he gets with someone, the more wicked and mischievous he becomes. It is never beneath him to casually flirt with people and this only becomes painfully true whenever he's had far too many drinks, as often happens. It's during those times when his 'casual flirting' turns into outright seduction, and regardless of who his target might be, he'll only keep pushing for a favorable outcome.

    Whenever he isn't too occupied with his job or studying for his subjects, Mau will usually pass time by completing chores, cooking and trying out new recipes, or simply taking a seat on a couch and enjoying a nice steaming cup of tea. Despite his casual ways, he has a tendency to occasionally withdraw himself from others, all for the sake of observing them. He rarely reacts well to being bossed over and he can all too easily be prompted to do outright insane things just to prove that he can, and will. If a common ground isn't met, this can lead him to be uncooperative with people and at that point, he will be daring enough to let them know exactly what he thinks of them.

    Brief History: Born as the son of an accountant father and a mother working as a high-school art teacher, Mau spent his early years growing up and attending college in Austria. Expectations were strict, and social image and reputation towards his elders were important to him back then. He'd often spend the days as a responsible, hard-working student who worked high and nigh for the perfect grade, but fast-forward a few hours to nighttime and he'd do a 180 turn and be one of the first to wreck havoc in the deserted hallways in his party-fueled states. Eventually, when he finally found a person to share his evenings with, he'd go out with them on strolls to gaze over the street-lamp lit river flowing through the city. But alas...his happiness was temporary. As soon as he hit the tender age of 19, Mau packed his things and left for New York without a single glance over his shoulder. He had never been especially diligent in his English lessons, so it was no surprise that it took him a fair while to finally get the hang of the language. But sure enough, as soon as he spoke it near-fluently, he quickly took the opportunity to land himself a job at a local café, Ebony Enigma. Nowadays, Mau spends his time studying for a medical degree alongside his duty of serving customers and handing out secret discounts to whoever catches his eye the most.

    Job: Part-time waiter

    Relationships: To be updated

    Other: Mau avoids talking about his past and actively insists on being called by his nickname. Expressive and creative, he enjoys the past-time hobby of painting art and decorating rooms for added visual appeal. He also aspires to become a doctor one day and shows great enthusiasm towards the topic whenever he gets a chance to put his knowledge to test.
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  4. Name: Skylar Runi

    Nickname: Sky

    Type of Character: Friend

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Unknown

    Appearance: Sky is an ocelot. He’s smaller than most wild cats living in the city, his height only coming to about 5’6”. He has the regular markings of an ocelot though his eyes are a bright blue instead of black or amber. He has a black strip that goes from the tip of one ear to the tip of the other and across the top of his head. He usually wears something close to slacks and comfortable button down shirts.

    Personality Summary: Sky is lazy. He’s intelligent, but he just doesn’t have the motivation to work for it. As a consequence he’s more street smart than book smart, though he can surprise people with the things he remembers. He’s laid back, with a dry and sarcastic humor. He tends to be very cynical of the world and everyone in it. He hides behind a mask of indifference, but is incredibly loyal to those few befriend him.

    He’s pretty patient, but when he does get angry or upset it is explosive. He can be incredibly hurtful to anyone around him when mad. He holds a grudge and it takes a lot for him to forgive someone. Annoyance is a different matter, since most of the time he’s also slightly amused when annoyed.

    Brief History: The Runi family used to be quite rich back in the day, but they have recently fallen on hard times. Sky, the last living descendent has only the Mansion outside of New York to his name. Luckily he doesn’t have pay for it except for property tax, electricity and water. He makes enough to pay for that much and not much else. He doesn’t talk about his past much, though there are hints that his parents died when he was young. He only graduated High School, but never ended up at college, except for parties. He’s moved from job to job, and has a lot of experience in different fields. Now he’s known as an Odd Job Man. Or a Jack of all Trades, he usually gets hired by companies to do one or two jobs.

    A bit lonely, he’s invited a group of friends to stay at the Runi Mansion with him. That, and he needs someone to buy the food.

    Job: Odd Job Man

    Relationships: Updated later

    Other: He hates being called Skylar, or by his last name. He tends to fall asleep on the couch in the main living room, instead of in his own room. Usually with the TV on.
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  5. Name:
    Chase Cole

    To be added~

    Type of Character:



    Homosexual, not "out". He isn't ashamed of who he is, just that he doesn't go around telling anyone.

    Being the runt of his litter, both figurative and literally, Chase is quite small. Only reaching 5', this kitty is very short for his age, and even those five years younger! He stopped growing when he hit his teen years, and only had a grow spurt of a whole six inches.

    A mixed breed between a Maine Coon and American Bobtail, Chase looks practically nothing like his parents. His ears and coat coloring are the same as his father, the orange Maine Coon, however, nothing else seems to be the same.

    Personality Summary:
    Chase may be short and thin, but he isn't bubbly and gentle. Chase is actually very rash and compulsive with his actions, almost as if he has a one track mind, and can't see anything but his one task. He has a habit of "borrowing" things without asking, but he almost always brings it back--that is if someone notices. To those who find themself close to Chase, they will notice that he has a side to him which is not only thoughtful and caring, but also easily embarrassed. Around his good friends, he most likely would be sweating from his hot, red cheeks.

    Brief History:
    He was raised by his parents like most families. He always was an oddball, and was always called the runt. He was picked on by his brothers, but they made sure that no one else did anything to him. If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't be "tough." Brotherly love, is what they called it, even though they joke about his height most of the time. His oldest sister would dress him up from time to time, in the hopes that she would get a fashion career, resulting in Chase finding a love for clothing, and wanting to take it up as a "hobby" of his.

    As he grew up, and even now; his family is segregated from the others for being a mixed breed family, as they seemed to call it, and couldn't see past their coats. Not only that, but many believe that he is adopted since he doesn't look enough like his parents, yet his siblings do.

    Cashier/Waiter at local cafe/bakery.


    Side Characters:
    Sinopa - Boyfriend
    Sinopa has helped him through some very rough times. Always knowing what to do, and being a good listener as well as a protective figure to him. He can tell that some day it will end between Sinopa and him, since he feels that his desire for a family will become too great for his own good.

    - Is a closet klepo. He enjoys "borrowing" things from people, both to mess with them and for the thrill of possibly getting caught.
    - Is in a shaky relationship with a male fox.
    - Is considered a "bottom" for pairing purposes.

    ----- ----- -----


    "Sinny" - Preferred
    "Papa!" - Cute inside joke, romantic partners only!

    Type of Character:
    Come-And-Go/Side Character
    (Will make sense in character!)



    It is unknown for sure what his sexuality is, however, it is clear that he is attracted both sexually and romantically to his own gender.


    Nuff said....

    Personality Summary:
    Well mannered and polite, are only just the being of Sinopa. He is a kind soul, helping all that he meets, and sees the good inside of all who he meets. An optimist in soul, he rarely is negative. A kind man with an honest heart.

    However, he has a track record for somehow finding a way to bring up kittens and cubs into conversation--no matter how dark and gruesome or light and fluffy the topic is!

    Brief History:
    Not much is known about Sinopa. He was an only child, and his parents were separated for around half of his life.
    He met Chase somewhere between 3 to 6 months before the start of his first appearance.

    Works in Marketing at a pretty high level marketing firm.
    (Has some connections in the family.)

    Chase Cole - Boyfriend
    Sinopa deeply loves his partner, and hopes to one day have a family with him. He enjoys spending as much of his free time around him, petting and holding his lover.

    - Has a strong desire for a family, despite being with the same sex.
    - Makes a lot of money, but it vanishes.
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  6. @Summer Nights both are accepted. We really need some female characters >< I think I will make a female secondary character if we don't get a fifth person with a female character by Wednesday.
  7. @adabotcon I'm probably going to make a female side character at some point, i would've created my character as female but i didn't expect this to be that one sided :P It could've created some interesting situations though.

    @Summer Nights I'm sorry but i have to ask if you possibly wouldn't write with that font in the rp then, i had a real hard time reading the text. Asking just in case, thanks.
  8. @adabotcon

    Haha, I would have made my character a female as well if I had known that we would get so many males. x) I'll likely create a female side character, so this will hopefully balance it out.
  9. @Rauzi I won't be writing in that font! I was going to do everything in subscript, and I think that it came out weird. I'll change it, though ^^;

    @adabotcon I'll make a female character sometime later down the line. I just wanted a break from playing so many females. Like... 88% of the rooster is girls..
  10. @Summer Nights Oh I don’t blame you! There’s no need to make a female character if you don’t feel like it.

    It’s just weird because I was prepared for this to go the other way with too many female characters, that’s what usually happens to me lol. I’m sure we’ll be balanced out a bit later on.

    Just a reminder to everyone I should have the IC thread up by tomorrow morning (Mountain Time).
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  11. Great, that'll probably mean that once i get home from work, i get to work on post immediately tomorrow :P
  12. Good, today wasn't a good day for me (I've been playing the sims 3 like all day, and I woke up at like 5am, and it's 8:30pm right now o.o)
    This is like the only time that KIDS haven't been looking at my screen.
    I just wonder what's so interesting about having a gay couple in the sims 3, that three kids who have to be like "MAKE THEM ADOPT CHILDREN!"

    Anyways, I'll post tomorrow when it's up~
  13. Hello!~
    I was wondering if I could join? ^.^ I saw that there was a spot left, just making sure.
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  14. Name: Matylda Bosko

    Nickname: Mattie

    Type of Character: Friend

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual-- Matylda didn't really have a coming out discussion with anyone, but instead just had a girlfriend one day and that was it. (They only lasted 2 months)

    (Her eyes are green-hazel, and the little horns are fake ones she likes to wear.)
    Matylda is a maned wolf, and she has a few darker marks on her fur.

    Personality Summary: Matylda usually tries to act tough, but in reality she's a bit more timid. She is very defensive of herself and whoever is close to her, though, and anyone who talks down to her should expect a punch in the gut. Mattie is quite the optimist, but she is fragile and it won't take much to upset her. She trusts others easily. Matylda is a creative and giddy soul most of the time, but she does occasionally pick up a bad mood and will likely stay in bed all day with the shades drawn. Despite being a bit shy, Matylda enjoys going out with friends and doing fun things.

    Brief History: Matylda lived in Poland until she was thirteen, and she lived with her single mother as an only child. She was teased for her Polish accent and how sometimes she would slip out of speaking English and randomly go back to her native tongue. She was definitely a wallflower growing up. She would always speak English in school (or at least try), but when she got home she would speak Polish. Mattie eventually taught her mother more English, but her mother still preferred speaking Polish. She began singing and playing keyboard in parks and on sidewalks as a street performer, which she made a little money from.
    What started her love of music and singing was a school choir she joined the second year she lived in the states. Performing in concerts and getting solos boosted her confidence. She took piano lessons while she lived in Poland and continued them for three years when she moved.

    Job: Waitress (although she'd like to start earning more money from her music)

    Relationships: Besides high school relationships, Matylda's only had two others. (One male, one female) Matylda is currently single.

    Other: Matylda has a Polish accent, which sometimes makes things confusing. (Ex. "ship" and "sheep" sound the same, so "Look at that big ship" could sound like "Look at that big sheep") She still occasionally slips into speaking Polish, especially when she is upset.
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  15. @-'ToxicGhostie'- if you could put what kind of animal/s she is that'd be great, other than that she is accepted.
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