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    ACT I

    The Early Bird…

    The Runi Mansion June 19th 5:00 am

    They city of New York never slept, but at 5am Sky figured it was as close as it was going to get. The nocturnal species would be just getting into bed as everyone else got up. The ocelot had collapsed some thirty minutes ago after getting back from a particularly strange job that he was definitely not going to think about right now. He lay on his stomach on the couch in the middle of the grand living room. The couch’s pillow was on top of his head instead of under it and his bare feet hung up and off the arm of it.

    The large pretentious chandelier above him was turned off and the house was mostly quiet this early. Mostly, in his sleep Sky’s small ear kept twitching in annoyance at some sound, and his nose twitched signaling that he was on the verge of waking up once again. He really didn’t want to wake up, but the fates had decided different. Blood shot sky blue eyes blinks open and a small half growl half groan escaped his mouth.

    Sky lifted his head for a brief moment, but then flopped down again. Whatever the noise was, it wasn’t worth it. Not yet anyway.

    The Runi mansion was just outside of the main city, on the verge of being in the country of the State. As a consequence they got both country noises and city noises throughout the day and night. It was difficult for a lot of anthropomorphic to get used to, but get used to it they did. It helped that the mansion was thought of as being haunted by the local children population. So they didn’t usually get any wannabe thieves or curious kits.

    There was a bus that stopped outside of the mansion’s gates. A lucky happenstance, it only went as far as the closest subway entrance and then came back, about a twenty minute drive in good traffic. The commute was much longer in New York traffic. Most of the people on the ride would be from the surrounding mansions. Most of the original families had been replaced by newer ones. Though the surrounding valley had a heavy Bovidae population there was a family of alligators a few houses down and a Nuevo rich coyote family had moved in next door. But none of them were what would be considered half-breeds.

    The Runi mansion was the only place within miles that had a mixed ‘family’ living there. Sky was quite happy with it. Just… not when he was this tired.
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  2. Runi Mansion, 5:00 am

    A muffled thud could be heard as Sean woke up upon falling off from his bed, he had arrived home just an hour ago from work, and he had ended up immediately going to bed. God damnit... he cursed in his mind now pissed because of losing his sleep for falling off the bed. He always was the person who couldn't sleep once woken, so there was nothing to do about it any further then, lying in bed pointlessly was just stupid idea. He shuffles to the opposite side of his rather boringly decorated room and picks up a pile of clothes from the floor in front of the dark gray dresser. The clothes seemed to have picked up some dirt and dust from the outside, especially his pants which he didn't pay a heed about. Having to always have your best look on at work really made him not care about how dirty his clothes were, some dirt here and there didn't matter at all.

    After finally managing to clothe himself, he slowly shuffled to the downstairs, heading straight for the kitchen. He picks up the package of coffee from the cabin and loads up the coffee maker to brew himself a potful of water of life. While waiting for the coffee to brew, he took a note of Sky sleeping on the couch once again. Being already grumpy, he chose to mess... or more like straight up annoy Sky, he spoke up. "Skylar.... you have an own room for a reason" he says as he leans against the stove in middle of the kitchen.
  3. Runi Mansion, 5:00 am-ish

    Laying in bed, the rather short feline's nose wrinkled in his sleep. He could smell the special, special smell of the special adult juice. The smell alone was enough for him to wake up from his cat nap; or rather, his 'kitty nap', as the fox beside him would call it. Dressed in only a baggy old t-shirt--with too many holes to count-- and a pair of light yellow briefs, Chase sat up, rubbing at his eyes as a kit would. Letting out a soft, high pitched yawn, the fox beside him opened his eyes, and glared at Chase for a good five seconds. "What are you doing?" Asked the fox, his eyes relaxing for a moment as he sat up as well. "Oh...." he added as he laid back down.

    The feline looked at his lover for a moment, and tilted his head before squeaking from a chill. "I just woke up." Chase slowly crawled close to his lover, and planted his right cheek onto his lover's bare chest. "Am I not allowed to yawn?"

    A soft chuckle came from Sinopa's mouth as his hand ran up his lover's back, and then let it stay on his right hip. "Well, it didn't sound like you were yawning. Sort of sounded like a moan..." He trailed off for a moment, and closed his eyes.

    Chase's cheeks grew warm as he blushed from his comment. "Oh... Uh... Err... No." His eyes darted to the door, as he pulled away from Sinopa, and punched his lover on his bicep--probably doing more damage to his own knuckle than to the other male. "I smelt coffee in the other room, for god's sake!"

    Sinopa laughed at Chase's sad excuse for a punch, and licked Chase's cheek before he laid back down, turning over at the same time. "You're forgetting that I know what you moan from, right?"

    With that, Chase glared at his lover before he slapped him across the face, and raced out of the bed and into the living room. Of course; tripping on the floor, and landing on his face; his fur standing on edge.

    Raising his hand up, he gestured to Sean and spoke into the rug: "Espresso please...."
  4. Runi Mansion, 5 am

    Sean watches Chase trip and faceplant on the floor and sighs very audibly, "And i thought cats were supposed to always land on their feet..." he comments rather sarcastically and doesn't really care about Chase's order for espresso. "It's coffee or nothing, i'm not going to make espresso for you, as i don't drink that stuff myself.." he says as he opens a cabin above the draining board and picks up his coffee cup which was way bigger than your usual coffee cup as it holds about 3 cups in it. He then pours himself a full cup of fresh coffee and places the pot back into the coffee maker before picking up the cup and slowly making his way over to the empty end of the couch Sky was sleeping on. He sits down and sips his coffee before glancing at the sleeping ocelote. I just can't understand what is so hard about sleeping in your own room? he wondered by himself.
  5. Sky turned his head so that he could look at Sean in the kitchen. The door was flung open so that he could see inside it from the living room. Not that the light in the other room helped him see more than just the silhouette of the fox. His eyes didn’t stay open for long they soon closed and a tired grumble rumbled throughout the empty rooms. “Stairs are too high,” he said in answer to Sean’s question. It was an excuse. It wasn’t that Sky didn’t like his room. He quite enjoyed it, but for some reason he hardly ever made it up there before falling asleep.

    His eyes had closed again, but they snapped open and he shot up when he heard the sudden crash from Chase. His ears went back and glared down at the other cat that was now on the ground. With a hiss he placed the couch’s pillow back over his head and planted face down into the cushions. His head lay beside Sean’s leg and his nose twitched a bit at the smell of coffee. “It’s too early for all this damn noise,” he complained, his voice a bit muffled. “Why the hell aren’t you two asleep?”

    He then held up a paw to stop any answers. "No wait, I don't want to know why Chase is up," he said slyly lifting his head up. “But you aren’t usually such an early bird,” Sky continued to Sean.
  6. It was silent as death this early in the morning, the only sound being the soft breathing from Mau as he lay collapsed on the bed, grey sheets tangled in a mess around him. It had been as late as 9:00pm yesterday when he first had returned to the mansion, not only having been occupied with his morning class, but also with his job and later on, a casual meeting with a colleague. It was no surprise that he barely had the energy to do anything else but to retreat to his room and sleep.

    Obnoxious beeping tore through the silence, and the male frowned, rolling on his side as he wrapped his pillow around his ears. "Mein gott..." he groaned quietly, his ears ringing with every noise it made. It beeped, beeped and beeped, and Mau finally opened an eye, huffing through his beak when he lunged forward and snatched the abomination of all inventions, struggling for a good minute or two before he managed to turn the alarm off. He tossed it on his bed, sighing when he laid back down to rub at his swollen eyes. What he wouldn't do for more sleep...

    Mustering up enough strength to get up, Mau scratched his head when he dragged himself to the windows letting in light when he opened the blinds. Heading over to his trusty armchair in the corner, Mau then took the clothes he had so carelessness dumped on it and dressed himself in some old jeans and a baggy t-shit. After draping a cardigan over his shoulders, Mau then left his room and headed for the living room--opting to walk barefeet. It wasn't like he was going anywhere this early.

    His claws clicked on the floor when he headed downstairs and entered the living room, not surprised to see everyone else already up. "Morning," Mau greeted the others, covering a yawn when he made his way to the kitchen. Passing Sean, he took the kettle, poured water in it, and then turned it on. Leaning back against the counter, he waited for it to boil while he listened to Sky bicker with Sean and Chase. "Well, well, aren't we all in a sunny mood today?" Mau teased, the corner of his beak pulling upwards when he took a pack of crackers and opened it. Biting down on his 'breakfast', the peacock looked down at Chase and pointed a half-eaten cracker at him. "You know, I'd hate to find out how much dust is covering that rug."
  7. Chase looked up at Mau, before spitting out a wad of fur. "You don't say?" He pulled himself up into a cross-legged seating on the floor, and looked at the rest of his housemates. He dusted off his shirt before he let out another soft yawn. "I mean.... I guess I understand, since you drink the whole pot in one cup..." he grumbled to himself, as he turned to Sean with his cup o' joe.

    He couldn't see the door to his room from where he was sitting, so he didn't see that Sinopa was laughing his ass off from the safety of his bed. He could hear him... but he didn't bother looking.

    Without saying anything, Chase padded over to Mau and attempted to snatch up his cracker straight from his hand and steal his snack.
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  8. Runi Mansion 5 am

    "Yeah... well, i got to sleep for less than hour and fell off the bed... so it seems like i'm not sleeping today" he says grumpily and takes a gulp from his cup as he listened to Mau arriving as well. Does people always wake up this early? he wondered as he was usually in a deep sleep this early in the morning as he tend to sleep till noon or even later, working late at night had its downsides of course. "Sunny mood is far from describing me at this moment" Sean comments back on Mau's comment. Sean also took note of Chase grumbling about him drinking a whole pot, which once again brought him a good chance to be a bit of a smartass. "Chase, you work at a cafe, you should be well aware that one pot is enough for 10 cups, my cup holds only three, it's not quite the same as whole pot..." he comments and takes yet another gulp from his cup, this day clearly wasn't going to be good for Sean Well at least i have a kitchen shift today.. he sighed to himself out of relief.
  9. Hearing the kettle finish boiling, Mau momentarily looked away from his housemates and opened a cabinet to reach for his favorite, striped mug. He barely managed to put it down when he felt a pull, the cracker he once held replaced with an unsatisfying emptiness. Head turning and peering down at the feline, Mau raised his brows at Chase and didn't say anything at first. He hadn't been too happy of that, but rather than reprimand the cat for stealing his much needed breakfast, he forced a smile instead. "Hm...if you were starving, you only needed to ask," the peacock commented to him, reaching for the pack and taking out about half before he handed the rest to Chase. "Here, you can have the rest. I was planning on heading to the store anyway," he lied, having actually wanted to spend the day to finish that assignment due on Monday. But it couldn't be helped, could it?

    Returning to the kettle, Mau took a packet of tea bags and promptly dumped a bag in the mug before smothering it in hot water. Impatiently stirring it with a spoon, he then raised the mug, blew on it, and gulped a mouthful of the minty liquid. Oh, I needed this... he hummed in delight, feeling his morning daze lift up when he headed into the living room and continued to an unoccupied armchair. Sitting down, the avian laid his crackers down on the armrest and reached for the remote, turning on the TV to a random program--some crime drama from the looks of it. Sipping from his mug, Mau shifted his attention to Sean and grimaced. "I can't believe that you're arguing about the size of your cup..." he said in disbelief, and he figured that it had been a good move not to laugh at that, considering the kind of mood the fox was in.
  10. Chase gave a pout to Sean, then gave him a raspberry before he hopped onto Mau's arm chair, having already thought about taking the seat before hand... but got distracted by the crackers. "I can... have them? ALL OF THEM?!" His eyes grew to the size of his empty stomach, and his mouth opened as he began to drool into Mau's lap; his eyes locked on the tasty cracker that the peacock had placed on the armchair.

    It was at this time that Sinopa walked up to the door, and closed it quietly, so that he could get the much needed sleep that he needed before work.
  11. The ocelot patted Sean's knee in a mock consolatory gesture. "Such is the risk of gravity," he said dryly. He tried to close his eyes again, but gave a grunt of disapproval when the talking above him continued. He didn't even think of going back into his room though. He just knew that if he did it would be too quiet. Too loud, too quiet. Not enough balance, he thought with a bit of humor.

    Sky pushed the pillow against his ears as he listened to the other three bicker. But Mau's comment about the rug made him speak up. "Hey, I clean," he complained finally putting the pillow beneath his head instead of on top of it. His ears perked a bit and then he admitted, "...when I feel like it." He turned his head to watch the TV that had been turned on and snickered a bit at Mau's disbelief. "At least they aren't fighting about the size of other things." He pointed at the fridge after he stopped laughing at his own joke.

    He said clearly to Chase, "I ended up with some left over pork, its probably still good. If your that hungry." His blood shot eyes blinked blearily at the screen as his mind tried to process what was happening on it. A small frown appeared on his lips and he suddenly commented,

    "Why do these shows always zoom in on a picture to find something? It wouldn't work like that, it'd just become all," he waved an arm vaguely at the screen. "Grainy and pixely. Life's not that damn easy."
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  12. "Well that's why it's just a tv series..." Sean comments to Sky's rambling about the show and takes the final gulp from his cup, finishing it. He places the cup down on the floor next to the couch and sighs "How in the hell am i going to manage through this day?" he wondered out loud, his shift was going to start at 5pm and it was friggin 5:30am. This was just purely ridiculous he thought. And only thing i need now is some horrible customers at work and i'm done.. i'm definitely going to stay for couple drinks after the work he complained in his mind not feeling like totally destroying the mood by his pointless complaining as everyone were already aware of him having no sleep at all. It should've been a day off today but no... it's tomorrow and saturday. Well at least it's 2 days off in a row.. he thought.
  13. Sadly, Chase as too indulged in the crackers to realize what he was saying. He had even finished the crackers that he was given in a few seconds, and was still eye balling the rest of the crackers, still drooling a bit.... Then he heard the word 'Pork'. "WHERE?!" he squeaked as he turned his head to Skylar's couch, and jumped to their couch. He climbed right over Sean's face, using his right cheek to move faster.... by basically kicking him.

    He would stop on Skylar's chest, and sat on top of him. "TELL ME NOWWWWWWW!" he demanded as he began shaking his shoulders, not wanting to be teased about meat one bit.
  14. “You could try taking a couple naps before your shift,” Sky suggested, answering the rhetorical question. “Or take something that’ll keep you awake, you know besides your usual caffeine intake. Or call in sick.” The ocelot was a bit luckier than the fox considering he never had to take on any jobs if he was too tired, or more likely to lazy. He’d never be able to make constant shift somewhere. Sean’s responsibility was one area that he couldn’t understand the other, at all.

    Sky’s breath left him in a whoosh as he suddenly had the other cat on his chest. “Stop shaking me,” he gasped out when he’d finally caught his breath. “Ugh, I’m not that much bigger than you! Get off before you crush me.” His own hands grabbed Chase’s wrists in an attempt to stop the shaking. “Where else would it be, but the fridge? Just, don’t eat too much of it.” Sky was waking up a bit more, and he remembered where he’d gotten the pork. It was definitely animal and not anthropomorphic stock, but he still didn’t trust the people that gave it to him.

    Well, if Chase keeled over because of it he’d know not to take jobs from these people anymore. He better find his cellphone just in case.
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  15. Sean wasn't really happy about Chase climbing over him rather violently. This was a side of Chase, he rarely saw, considering the fact that Sean usually slept till 1 pm or so. "Chase, could you calm down, you're not starving and you wasn't even close to starving" he says, a bit annoyed but gets up and heads towards the mansion door. He checks his pockets to make sure he had everything important with him before opening the door and leaving. He need some time alone to calm down, it was like a house of maniacs once again.

    Walking towards the city, Sean was thinking through all kinds of stuff, ending up being so deep in thought that he didn't even say hi to neighbors upon passing them by. Sean walked for another good twenty minutes before finding himself in front of an entrance to one of his favorite bars that had just opened it's doors a while ago. "Ah, Sean! Good morning to you" the bartender says and starts already pouring a cup of coffee and a glass of whiskey. Sean was regular at this specific bar and at least Sky was well aware of that as Sean had taken him couple time there before. "Thank you Bernard" Sean says as he picks up his wallet from his back pocket, places it on the bar before sitting down. He rummages through the wallet for a good minute to gather up the 7 dollars the set of drinks cost. "Aren't you up earlier than usual?" Bernard comments to which Sean just glances at him. "Fell off the bed, couldn't get sleep afterwards, and the guys at the house were acting like maniacs for change, so had to leave before losing my temper with them" he replies and takes a sip of the whiskey, it was Scottish of course, he loved the smokiness in Scottish whiskeys and they were pretty much one of the only things still reminding him of Scotland. "Whiskey sure makes me feel nostalgic every time.." he thought out loud.
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  16. Chase snorted before he began to get off of Skylar. "Fine, you got me there---EEK!"

    As he spoke, his knee slid on the couch, making his face fall straight towards Sky's, and sadly making their lips connect before Chase's forehead would follow after his lips, and slam into the ocelot's.

    After all this happened, Chase rolled off of the couch, and held onto his forehead as he tried to make the swelling go down....

    "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!" Chase shouted at Sky, clearly not feeling at fault in all of this. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the other male, his paw still clenching to his throbbing forehead.
  17. Around 5:00 AM, Runi Mansion

    The smell of coffee and sound of muffled chatter drifted to Matylda's room. The maned wolf was laying on her stomach, covered in a blanket with a pillow over her head. She groaned rather loudly and flipped over. Mattie stared at the ceiling. For a moment, she contemplated trying to sleep. It would be useless. Instead, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and dizzily stood up. Scratching her head and arms, Matylda trudged into the main living room in a faded red t-shirt that went to her knees. "Dlaczego, do cholery są wszyscy na chodzie?" she asked in a groggy voice, her tired mind not realizing she had adressed the guys in Polish. Her gaze danced around the room. She noticed Chase on the floor holding his forehead and snickered.

    Mattie walked into the kitchen. She grabbed a mug from the cabinet and made herself a cup of coffee. Her ears stayed pinned back, then the left perked forward slightly as the coffee was done. She swigged the beverage in five gulps, then put the mug in the sink. The maned wolf went back into the living room and sat down on the arm of the couch by Sky's feet. "What happened here?" Matylda asked with a smirk, poking Chase's leg with her foot.
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  18. Sky Runni, Runni Mansion Around 5:30am

    At the sudden fall and accidental kiss, Sky suddenly curled his legs up and ducked his head. His tongue stuck out and he hissed angrily. His fur had puffed out and he was staring at Chase with shock. But at the shout and blame made towards him about it, the ocelot jerked out of the shock. "It's not my fault," he said. His voice didn't rise in a shout instead it had turned overly sarcastic. "Jumping around like a kit on coffee does not help anything." It was Sky's automatic defense, for everything. He hated showing any true emotions.

    Instead his eyes glanced at Matylda. "I'm irresistible," he said dramatically. "I know none of you can keep your hands off me, but you should at least try."

    Unknown, bar twenty minutes away from Runni Mansion

    The bar's door opened a few minutes after Sean had entered. A tall male stepped into it. He was ruffled and there was a tired look in his eyes. He was a half breed, a Leopon (half panther, half lion). His furr was fluffed up on the end of his tail, and his face bore the unmistakable shape of a lion, but the mane was missing and he was a darker shade than most; bordering on a purplish gray. He wore a brown trench-coat and a hat that he took off as soon as he entered the bar.

    He walked up to the bar and sat. "Don't suppose you'd be able to give me a virgin Bloody Mary?" he asked. His voice was growly as if he smoked a lot, but it was firm and commanding in a way that it made it obvious he had no problems demanding what he wanted if the time called for it.

  19. Matylda threw her head back and howled in laughter at the ocelot. "Irresistable? Ha!" she looked down at Chase once more. The canine smirked once again before going back to her room. She dressed for work, even though she'd probably be about twenty minutes early. It was too early to practice on her keyboard, too early to belt out song lyrics, so she might as well get work over with and possibly get out sooner. Matylda didn't think anyone would want to go out after work, but she would go alone if that was the case.

    Arriving at work early for a change, Mattie wasn't surprised that there were only two customers. What did surprise her, though, was that they had a young cub with them. She shrugged, clocking in and saying hello to a co-worker. The maned wolf put on her "I'm-doing-my-job-and-I-just-have-to-look-happy" smile and walked over to the table. The father, a rather large, angry-looking lion, muttered, "Finally..." Matylda forced her smile to become even larger. "Hello, my name is Matylda, and I'll be your-" the waitress was interrupted by the cub reaching up and tugging at her unusually large ears. She let out a high-pitched whine, eyes widened and watering from the pain. The cub had a strong grip, and his claws didn't make anything better. The mother pulled the cub off after what felt like an eternity, mumbling an unsincere apology. Matylda squeaked out an "excuse me" and retreated to the bathroom. She stared in horror at her reddened ear, which was actually bleeding a bit. Mattie frowned, growling in frustration at her reflection. The canine doubted she would be going out after work now.
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  20. Sean listened to the Leopon's order and let out a silent 'hmph' upon hearing it. "I'm sorry sir, but bloody marry or virgin bloody marry aren't available here" he says and takes a sip from his glass of whiskey. He hadn't ever seen this man before, but he also looked like someone who doesn't fit the theme of the bar at all for some reason. Have i ever seen this man before? was the question that ran through his mind as Sean wasn't 100% sure, even though in reality he hadn't. The alcohol was already taking effect on Sean as well as he was starting to feel really sleepy, the combination of whiskey and extreme lack of sleep had some bad results afterall. It didn't take long till Sean just ended up falling asleep, somehow staying upwards. Bernard sighs at this and picks up his phone. He chooses the Runi mansion number and starts the call, waiting for someone to pick up the phone.
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