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  1. Welcome to
    The House!
    By Cry


    The meeting​

    We beginning with Coline.

    Coline was playing one of her games alone with a sigh as she played she remeberd the first time she meet everyone. with another sigh she had the flash back

    *5 months ago*
    "DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was the only thing you hear in the house. "YOU CAN'T FUCKING DO THAT SHIT YOU FUCKERS" a now 20 year old coline was playing some video games with a few of her youtuber gamer buddies Cry, Pewdie, and Ken. Coline was know in the Online world C.R.Y stand in for Cry, Run, Yell. because in horror games she cry runs and yells. she beganning to be a youtuber at the age of 14 and never stopped since. and lot of people love her. she was, like her fans call her, If Cry and Piwdie a daughter that would be C.R.Y. some times Her and cry would make jokes about it because we both knew who was going to be the mother. which pissed Pewdie sometimes. but now they where just watching her play a game laughing their head off at the same time. "NO FUCKING WAY AM I LOVING TO A NOOBI LIKE YOU ASS HOLE DIE FUCKER DIE" Coline was really into her games and they normal say they where luckily they didn't live with her and her crazy talk sometimes other times they wish they did.

    Shortly after her butler walked into her video room and sighed. "Miss C.R.Y the guest are on their way we must hurry" C.R.Y looked at him and sighed "fine let me change out of my PJ's" she pouts and says "sorry guys life calls me to greeting the new members of my house" she sighed once more. "yeah" Cry Pewdie and Ken laughed "I don't think They will live very long with you C.R.Y" "Hahaha very nice Daddy" she rolled her eyes and turned off her game and steam "Bye guys see yeah around and whatever" and with that she was offline. she went to her room change into something she normal wears (the outfit she wearing in her pic). "god why now" she looked walked over to the main hall way. once her butler told her that they where here she walked over to the greand floor and stayed near the stair case from above to look down upon them. some noticed her some didn't her butler called out to them and said "Lady's and gentlemen Miss C.R- I mean Coline Paira Miroslava the mistress of the house" Once her name was said she raised her head high. "thank you James" She smiled and looked at everyone with a smile. he nodded and walked away once he was gone her smile was gone and she had rage in her eyes. "Hello everyone I am Coline, the owner of the home. and I welcome you with open arms. but I must say that it has been nice knowing you because knowing some of you I bet I will scare you away very fast." she smiled "Oh right if any of you hear yelling screaming or see A girl running that's me sorry. I may also want to sleep with you depending on what I am doing and what scared me"​

    (Grand hall)

    Front gate you pass get to the house
    [​IMG](their is a gate romote to open it and voice comand you say your name and it opens)

    COPY RIGHTS (I do not own any of the character said Only Coline)
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  2. Ian McBride was enjoying the taxi-ride from the airport. He was somewhat in awe of the houses as they passed by. Ian couldn't believe he was about to live in one of them. Ian had lived away from home before when he was in college. His mother, Anna, insisted that he try living away from DC & the I-95 corridor to gain some life experience and college was a great chance for that. Now Ian was a college graduate and Anna was now getting involved with a local weatherman, and Ian was always leery of his mother being involved with other men and Anna was aware of it. It was an issue he had since his father Steven died in a car wreck on the small island of Coasta Mirada, but Ian liked Rick and he wanted his mom to be happy. Besides both of them decided that it was time for him to be on his own.

    While Ian was in college and serving an internship at the school library he met up with two people who would become two of his best friends. They were Coline Paira Miroslava, or C as everyone else called her, and Cassius Amelie Labelle a-k-a Soda-Pop. He helped both of them out from time to time with research and other academic matters, but for some reason the three of them just clicked instantly. Ian liked that C was such a happy person, and they shared a love of Oreo cookies especially double-stuffed ones. Soda-Pop was a first rate jokester and made Ian laugh on most nights when the library was so dull and lifeless. Ian also knew Soda-Pop was a prankster so Ian shared his knowledge of electronics and other attributes to help Soda-Pop take his pranks to a whole different level.

    When his library internship was up Ian moved back to DC to be with his mom, and Ian was miserable. He missed C and Soda-Pop terribly, he was applying for job after job in the library field and being rejected, and when he compared his life to his two older sisters Ian's was going nowhere. The only time he seemed happy was when he'd Skype with C and Soda-Pop. Even taking classes online for his Masters in Library Science only perked him up but so much. Then came the magical day that C offered him a bed room at her house with Soda-Pop and an eclectic mix of others. Ian said he'd only move down if he had a job, because he wasn't going to completely sponge off of C Ian wanted to work for his spending money if nothing else. Anna pointed out that there was an opening at the State Library where C lived and encouraged Ian to apply. Ian applied and was now one of the catalogers for the State Library suddenly Ian went from the depths of despair to being on top of the world. He made arrangements to have some of his prized items shipped down in advance so that when he showed up he would only be carrying his suitcase and a few other items.

    The taxi pulled up to the gates and the driver said, "Wow! Nice place! You got friends who live here I assume?"

    Ian replied, "Yeah my best friends in the world."

    The driver said, "Wish I had friends like that."

    Ian chuckled and paid the fare. The driver helped Ian get his suitcase and a few other items out of the trunk. As the cab drove away Ian stood at the gate and shaking his head said, "Whoa! C lives at Wayne Manor."

    Ian approached the gate and said into the speaker, "Ian McBride. Political refugee from Washington, DC seeking asylum."

    With that the gates slowly yawned open and Ian said, "Up, up and away." Ian walked up to the front door and before he could knock on it a Butler opened the door. Ian thought about asking if his name was Alfred, but decided against it. The Butler welcomed Ian in and Ian entered to the Foyer. He stood there among a mass of people and then C entered the room. She welcomed everyone and was flashing that smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.
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  3. The male was almost at coline's house in his best friends truck at the back, or in the trunk like a maniac you can say. He sat there and once he arrived, his friend stopped at the gates."Yo--Bro! Voice verification.. Er ID!" Yelled his friend. Cassius perked his head up and snickered hopping off from the back of the truck and going to the mic. He pressed the button and in his most feminine obnoxious voice yet, yelled,"UM. HU-LLLO!~ THE FALCON IS HERE FOR SLUT." Before releasing the button and snickering over his shoulder. His friend shook his head and Cassius laughed pressing the button again. He deliberatly came close to the mic and purposely yelled."Naw--just kidding." then abruptly yell to make their eardrums bleed."CASSIUS A. LABELLE. OPEN UP. NOW." And then laughing again before the gates slowly creaked open, inviting him in. Soon Cassius best friend drove off jokingly and Cassius shook his head chasing after the truck before managing to jump into the back with his stuff."WOOOOH!" He shouted as the truck stopped infront of the house.

    Cassius casually hopped off as his friend threw his stuff out -yet neatly- and saluted Cassius."See ya!" He said before leaving and Cassius nodded as the numerical butlers and maids grabbed his stuff and bought it in.

    Cassius had recalled the last time he hanged with his family. It was nothing new, merely dull as he was an only child. Until he met his long time girl-friend, Coline and long time boy-friend, Ian. Notice the '-'. There was barely anything to know about Cassius besides being the king of jokes and pranks, With the help of Ian secretly who improved his knowledge 'Geekibly' with electronics and whatnot. Coline on the other hand was just a fun friend that was like a sister to him and they were two people who thoroughly accepted him.

    Cassius is an openly gay guy.'Born out the closet' people would say. Despite his puerile nature however, He was also an independent hard worker and therefore surprisingly finished college early. A troublesome teen who can work hard and be good somehow. However he did have a lazy side too and yawned.

    No matter what the occasion, Cassius always seemed to make even the most dullest person smile and laugh even. Always cracking jokes--Even if he wasnt trying to be funny people would still laugh at him in a good way. His life was pretty much full of adventures and partying too, therefore he always participated socially without problem. Hence 'sodapop' as he gets drunk off plain living without drinking and drugs to help.

    Cassius heard that Ian was going to be there too. The male walked inside and grinned up at Coline. Once she finished speaking he clapped loudly, getting her attention."Im impressed!" Laughed Cassius observing the room. More space means more bizarre pranks, bigger ones actually. Cassius knew that Coline had reserved him the biggest room -a room as big as hers- that had its own bathroom so he was really looking forward about that and simply began walking off. Hes been here a thousand times, but it has been ages really! Therefore he Re-toured himself and looked over his shoulder back at the group.
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  4. The flight wasn't so bad, Sepiroth supposed. It was his first and he hopes that the experince will be better the second time around. The taxi ride was worse, so much worse. Why must people try to talk to him?! In the end all Sepiroth could do was nod or shake his head when needed. He hated small talk. While the drive commenced he rummaged through his rucksack- the thing that had all his worldly possessions in- and pulled out a small case. With care he opens it up and gazes inside, smiling softly. Resting inside the case is a pressed white rose, he's had it for a very long time. 'Zory.. I promise that I'll grow some roses that you'll be proud of while I'm here, and maybe draw things that don't depress you and Noctis. I'll change for the both of you, I'll become strong for you. I am currently unworthy of your friendships, but soon I will not be.'

    once the taxi pulls up, Sepiroth slowly shuts the case and puts it back in his rucksack. He picks up the rucksack and gazes at the house, taking a deep breath as he steps out the taxi. The taxi man pulls away and shouts. “good luck, miss!” Sepiroth groans and mutters under his breath as the Taxi skids away. “I am not a women, damn it!” he walks up slowly to the intercom and thinks to himself. 'maybe this was a dumb idea and I should just get back to Germany somehow..” his expression hardens. 'no, I'll never be the boyfriend Noctis deserves and the best friend Zory deserves if I cannot protect them and give them financial stability! It must be done, anything for them.” he presses the intercom and says flatly. “Sepiroth Anramath Silencia, expected visitor and guest.” once the doors open he strides inside..

    As he progresses he hears the sound of voices, he mutters. “I can see myself in.” as a butler guides him to the location. Sepiroth leans against the wall and listens to Cry's words, he doesn't like the idea of waking up and finding her in his bed.. saying that he doesn't like the idea of any women in his bed. He listens but says nothing, aloofly composed as he takes everything in and clutches his rucksack tightly. he casts a quick glance around at the group.
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  5. Aurora Ivy Fox was a small town girl, all her life she had been a small town girl. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan she had always been a shy kinda girl, but once she had hit puberty her skin became flawless, her eyes seemed to shine a little brighter, and her golden locks became long and shiny. She was a very pretty girl, blessed in looks and personality, or that's what everyone told her. "You could be a model!" They would usually say. Aurora just simply smiled and thanked them, for she couldn't possibly imagine being a model. Her airplane ride from Athens, GA to the airport here had been a delightful one. The people were nice and Aurora noted that the plane was extremely clean for an airplane. The taxi ride here had also been nice as the driver told her about his two daughters. Aurora couldn't help but smile and the man dropped her off at the giant gates. "Nice place ya got here." He said as he stopped the car. "Oh no, It's a friends." She replied giving him a dazzling smile.

    After the man helped her get her luggage out of the trunk, She opened her wallet to pay the man the fee. As he pulled away she gave a wave to him and sighed. She was here alone, not completely sure why she had decided to come here. Coline had been a good friend of hers awhile back. Aurora would constantly watch Coline on youtube as she was hilarious to watch. She flipped her bangs away from her face and pushed the button on the intercom labeled. "Talk". "Hello, I'm Aurora? Aurora Fox.. I'm here for Coline." She watched as the large gates opened to her and she took a hold of her luggage and started up the path to the house.

    Once inside she smiled kindly to the butler and stood with her luggage in the grand foyer. She was looking around at the new faces and didn't notice Coline until the butler, James, Announced her. She looked up at Coline and smiled as she gave a quick speech. She laughed softly at the thought of Coline in her bed and decided this was a good thing. Meeting new people and taking a break from her studies in Athens. She inspected the others and gleefully smiled up at Coline. Who knew what this house had in store for them.
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  6. "Arigatou otousan!Jaa!(Thank you dad.Bye!)" Alice said before she hung up.She just arrived from her flight from her visit to Japan and was told to call her dad right when she got there.Since she had a lot of luggage,she got her mother's sister to pick her up from the airport instead of leaving her with a taxi."Was your trip to Japan fun?" her aunt asked."Mhm! It was lovely~ I got to spend time with my other cousins,got to go places...oh,and of course got to buy more anime merchandise!~" she beamed at her aunt who just gave her a small sigh.

    "Oh Alice,you and your Anime.Speaking of Anime...why are you dressed like that..?" Alice was putting on her pink contacts when her aunt asked and did not turn to her until after she put her last one on."Oh this? Well,since Shii-chan met and knew me by this cosplay,I decided to wear this on the first day of our meeting!" she grinned.Alice met Coline through an online forum,and somehow they just ended up messaging each other and became penpals.She had always called her "Shii" instead of "C" since the Japanese vocabulary didn't have the letter "C",and she just thinks it sounds cute.She was really glad that she would finally be able to meet her penpal after three years.

    After a few minutes they finally reached the house."Seeya around,Alice!" her aunt said as she dropped Alice and her five luggage bags off."Shii-chan's just behind this gate..." she murmured as she dragged her luggage behind her.Four of her bags were filled with all her anime merchandise and cosplays—wigs,full costumes,contacts,shoes,and the like.The fifth bag(her backpack) however,had her personal and special belongings.

    She walked up to the intercom and cleared her throat before pressing on the button."Ahem,Shii-chan?It's me,Airi~~ Um,Alice Tachibana?~" She stepped back and started stroking her long pink twintails as she watched the gates open.She walked to wards the doors and was welcomed by a butler.She wasn't sure if he was surprised to see the number of her luggage or the unusual get-up she's wearing.Still,she didn't care and just walked in and joined the crown.

    When she saw Coline,her eyes widened and a grin quickly formed on her lips.She wanted to just run up to her and hug her tight,but for now she knew that she had to maintain herself.After all,she would be living with her now and would see her and the new faces around her everyday.No need to rush things.

    the cosplay that she's wearing right now (open)

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  7. Victoria Dawn Johnson, it was a really American sounding name and Victoria absolutely hated it, her parents had always wanted to go to America and so instead of giving Victoria a normal Japanese name she ended up with an American name that meant 'victorious at dawn'; that's what her parents had told her anyway, back then Victoria had just let it roll off her shoulders, had lived and grown up in the Osaka Prefecture in the city called Kaizuka, it wasn't a very common town when an American thought of "Japan" They thought of "Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa", the most famous and common places. It didn't bother the full-blooded Japanese woman that she wasn't from Tokyo, she had lived there for a time, had loved it there. Fashion was everywhere in Tokyo, that's why she loved the place so much, it was the place she dreamed of living.

    Of course, Victoria hadn't counted on meeting Coline Paira Miroslava, an American Youtuber that turned out to be rather entertaining to watch; when Victoria said 'met' it was more of they had bumped into each other on an anime forum at one point and had been talking through the internet ever since. It was mostly because Victoria was a good designer and Coline liked the clothes that she was capable of making, though she hadn't ever made anything specifically for Coline. Recently however, when Victoria had just been about to move to Tokyo to pursue her dream of being a designer everything had gone wrong. Her home had been a victim of an arsonist, it had burned many of her designs and had destroyed most of the outfits she had made. This had hit the budding designer/seamstress hard and she lost hope for awhile. Once she told Coline what had happened though the American had invited Victoria to live with her and a group of others, she had jumped on the chance.

    That was why the full-blooded Japanese woman was sitting on a plane headed to America, a long 14 hour flight which Victoria had mostly slept through, though she was still jet-lagged as hell when she finally arrived on American soil. Thank goodness I took those English classes and remained in contact with an American for so long. The young woman thought as she took her three bags full of luggage from off the track that it was headed down. One of the packs was a homemade backpack that resembled a Cerberus creature, actually more of the bag looked like it would come to life as a huge fire breathing demon dog from hell in just moments. Victoria was indeed skilled with those hands of hers, the other two rolling suitcases held her game system, some of her designs, and the very few outfits that had been saved from the fire, as well as some of her normal clothing and her most beloved books. As the woman stepped outside the airport she waved for a taxi that quickly picked her up and when she told him where she was headed he laughed. "I seems I'm taking a whole bunch of you kids there today!" He said before taking off down the, by now, familiar roads and streets to Coline's home.

    It wasn't very long until they arrived and when they did Victoria gave a polite bow to the gentleman, speaking in a heavily accented English,
    "Thank you very much." It was strange the way she spoke, she hadn't said 'you' but more of 'ooh', but the meaning was there, of course this made her decide that she would have to force herself to think and speak in Japanese far less if she were to communicate with the others here. With a gentle sigh she rolls her bags up to the large gate and presses a button before speaking into the intercom by the gate, "Hello, this is Victoria Dawn Johnson...I have been invited here by a Coline Paira Miroslava." The gate squeaks open shortly afterwards and in silence she rolls her bags up to the door with her purple Skull Candy headphones hanging around her neck. When the gate was opened by the butler, even though he was an older gentleman he had blushed because Victoria wore a button up shirt that wasn't buttoned up all the way and it showed off her figure well, besides, she was always fashionable so she knew she looked amazing in what she wore, she had designed the whole outfit herself after all and it was accented wonderfully by cyan colored bracelets, one was a cyan dyed leather, while the other was cloth like and wove around her wrist in lines with a beaded end hanging down against the the dark skinned Japanese woman's forearm; it was plain to tell that Victoria was indeed Japanese despite her English name.

    None of the others in the room knew her name though and they wouldn't get it either, because she was silent, quietly reading in a corner until Coline had come out and made her little announcement. Victoria smiled and laughed quietly under her breath at the comment about perhaps finding the American woman in their beds, Victoria surely wouldn't mind, she never hid the fact that she had a taste for both men and women for those that dared to ask about it. Once that was all done Victoria decided she would just go to whatever room was available, not knowing exactly which ones were taken. Eventually though she finds a small room far at the back of the house that had no luggage in it, she would at least have this space to herself even though it was small.
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  8. Candace was never one to turn down an invitation. She had always been the bubbly, fun, loving girl who tried to make everyone smile. She'd only been out of the small town of Addy, Washinton two or three time and was very excited to leave. A new town meant new gigs to look for and more people to meet! Candy smiled to herself, deep in the thought of finding her dream gig and finally becoming the actress she'd always dreamed of being. And the fact that she'd be living in a mansion was mind boggling to her! She would never turn down an invite to a mansion. Not that she got invited to them all the time, but hey, who wouldn't want to stay in a mansion? It took a little while for Aurora to finally persuade her, but eventually she came around. She had just gotten off her flight and was enjoying her taxi ride to Coline's place. Candace had talked her drive up one wall and down the other. That was another thing about Candy; that girl could talk for what seemed like forever!

    "Where did you say you were going to stay?" The driver looked back at her briefly, not too familiar with the area. "It' a HUGE mansion with these huge iron gates and she has a butler and everything! It'll be like I'm already a little famous! Gosh I cannot wait!" Candy giggled, very excited, yet nervous at the same time. She had never talked to Coline, only heard about her from Aurora. What if Coline didn't like her and kicked her out? Gosh that would be terrible!! She wasn't even there yet and had already been worrying herself. Calm down Candace, calm down. Everything will be fine.

    The driver pulled up to the gate. "Is this the place?" he asked her. "Yes this is definitely it!" she squealed getting out of the taxi and grabbing her bags. She grabbed some money out of her purse and paid her driver. Candace walked up to the intercom, and trying out her best British accent said, "Hello, it's Candace Bing. Aspiring actress looking for Coline." she smiled. The gates opened slowly and she made her way to the door of the mansion, greeted by a butler. She walked into the grand hall, scanning the room, meeting the eyes of people she had yet to meet. Well except for Aurora. Candy carefully listens to Coline's short speech, thinking of what she'd do if she were to awaken to a sleeping Coline in her bed. She didn't mind it really. Always open-minded about the little things and seeing everyone's smiling faces around the room, Candace smiled as she thought to herself I'm definitely going to love it here.
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  9. It’s all started when Alan was playing COD4 online game with his friend, Ned and Ted, and he opened up about his life on how it was boring and never experience the fun of life. It was unexpectedly that CRY was played at the same room as him, CRY offer a once in life chance to live with her and of course she send it through pm and Alan was stunned for awhile and accepted her directly.

    At first Alan’s parent disagree on his decision and as a result, they went to a whole lot fight, this was the first time that the family have went into conflicted. Days after days and soon be a whole week, Alan ignored his parent and never even looked at them and so the day where he left his ordinary life has came…

    “Let me see… Shirt check, Jeans check, school uniform check, my cooking memo check, pajamas check, hmm… now what did I miss,” Alan scanning through all of his stuff, tidily putting his stuff into his luggage. His father knocked and opened the door “Alan..? I know that these past day I’ve been hard on you but please this is not the way you resolved things.” His father went to him and patted him on his shoulder. “Dad… it’s not about that… it’s just that I hate to be doing the same thing over and over, I’m sorry but this is the path I’ve chosen…” I stood and hugged him, “I love you Dad and I’m sorry for selfishness,” finally after a few weeks, I saw my father smiled, it was the different smile he put on me everyday, “My son has finally grown, okay but just remember when you get back that you’ll promise me that you’ll be different, that you’ll not be a normal person like me.” I smiled back and said, “I won’t promise you but I’ll try dad.”

    I went to the bus, which, led to the airport, Alan has mixed feeling between sad and happy. He was happy that he was out of the wheel of ordinary but at the same time he must left his loves one and not to mention leaving his 2 best friends without saying good bye. Hours later he reached to the airport and flew over to DC.

    As soon as Alan reached DC he took out his memo to see where C.R.Y. lived (he wrote the address before) and went to the house by taxi ride. While he was enjoying the view, the taxi stopped at a big grand luxurious house, more like a mansion. “Okay, here’s your destination sir.” Alan laughed for a moment and thought it was a joke but he looked at the home on the other side and asked the taxi drive, “You mean this house?” by pointing his index finger towards the small house, which located across the large house. “No sir, I was sure that this is the address you asked me for.” The taxi driver pointed at the opposite direction that led to the Mansion. Alan’s jaw soon dropped until his leg and stuttered “O..kay... calm down Alan, don’t be hyped you should expected this from a youtuber..” Alan took a deep breath and stepped out of the taxi and went to the front gate for the very first time.

    At the front gate, Alan founded an intercom and pressed, “Hey it’s me Alan” “Password please?” is the only reply that Alan got. “Password… oh yeah, now what’s the password that C.R.Y said… let me take my memo out” saying to himself while reaching to his pocket “Okay here it is, let see… password… it’s Alan goodwill.” Alan was confused, he scratched his head trying to figure it out “So I just need to say Alan Goodwill?” the gate began to opened as soon as it heard of Alan’s name. “Well that was neat…” Alan tried to be calmed even though in his mind he was so into the automatic gate.

    Alan went through the gate and followed the path that led to C.R.Y mansion. As he arrived at the front door he met K.R.Y’s butler, Alan doesn’t know how to react but to only smiled at him and he smiled back “Miss Coline Paira Miroslava has been awaiting for your arrival at grand foyer, allow me to lead the way.” He led Alan to the grand foyer and at there’s a huge crowd of people with each unique distinguished feature attend but none of them was K.R.Y.

    "Let Me introduce you to Miss Coline Paira Miroslava!" A beautiful mistress went down the stair and smiled to everyone and at there Alan has finally stepped his life into a whole new world.
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  10. The flight from Canada was as usual; Slow. Alice Alexis Gates watched the people, cars and houses slowly grow bigger as they neared the airport. Flights were so boring, she couldn't even play her guitar. When the plain landed, she was one of the first ones out. As soon as the fresh air hit her face, she pulled out her green headphones and let the music drown out all the sounds around her. "Let's get this over with" she mumbled to herself, as she made her way inside to retrieve her luggage. After finding her bags and guitar, she walked to where the taxi would come and pick her up. Once in the taxi Alexis pulled out her phone and messaged her aunt *I have arrived* her text read.

    20 minutes later the taxi driver stopped in front of a huge house, after paying the taxi driver she got out and stood in front of the large gates, Alexis was no stranger to big houses her grandparent owned a hotel, but this was huge."Man! I hope no stuck up snobs live here, I hate snobs" she said pulling her face into a scowl at the thought of having to share a room with a snob.

    Alexis went over to the intercom on the gate and presses the button"Hi, its Alice Alexis gates, I've been invited here by Coline" she spoke and jumped a bit when the gates opened. She looked at the stair and sucked in a breath"Come on its not like your looking at the gates of hell"she said, willing her heartbeat to slow down. At the front door she lifted her small hand to knock on the door, but before she could even touched it, it opened to reveal an old man *Must be the butler* Alexis thought to herself. She smiled at him, but hiding the fact that she found old men creepy. Entering the house, Alexis saw other people, she didn't mind them, she hated being alone, so she found place to sit down, pulled out her guitar and waited for something to happen.
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  11. Erik Lehnsherr made sure to play his music as loud as he could through his headphones to block out his parents talking. They insisted that he take their limo and that they join him on the ride to the house. Erik swore that his parents were actually trying to make his life less enjoyable. So rather than enjoying the sights on the way to the house, Erik absentmindedly stared out the window listening to songs that reminded him of when they would take trips to Germany. He was born there and spent most of his life there but his parents typically had to go back and forth between Germany and America because of business. Even though Erik was fluent is both languages, he had a very subtle accent that was sometimes difficult to pinpoint.
    Erik looked forward to staying at the house, even though he played it off like he couldn't care less, so that he could finally break away from his parents and become independent. His parents made that difficult by always having something planned for him but now was his chance to really experience things for himself. He could faintly hear his mom trying to talk to him but ignored her and acted like he couldn't hear her. She pulled out one his headphones to get his attention.
    "Erik," she and his father had more of a German accent than he did, "don't look so sad, I thought you would be happy coming here." Erik contemplated not replying but knew that would make things worse.
    "I'm not sad, it's just a long ride..." He trailed off not knowing what else to say considering he wasn't in the mode for conversation, but then again, he typically never was. To Erik's surprise his parents then left him alone and went back to talking to each other allowing Erik to go back to staring out the window. He wasn't sure how long the ride was but they had finally arrived. The driver handed him his bags and his parents said their goodbyes but of course his mother had to kiss him over and over till his was almost pushing her away.
    They drove off and Erik walked up to the gate and noticed the speaker. He pressed the button and cleared his throat. "Erik Lehnsherr, I have been invited by Coline." The gates open and Erik followed the path that led to the mansion. He liked what he saw on the outside and hoped the inside would look even better. As he entered the mansion there was a butler waiting at the door.
    “Miss Coline Paira Miroslava has been awaiting for your arrival at grand foyer, please, follow me." Erik does as he says and they reach the grand foyer. Erik is taken by the beauty of it even though he's seen many foyers bigger than this one. He stays away from the crowd of people considering he has claustrophobia but also so that it lessens his chance of meeting new people, something he was never good at.
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  12. [I'll change Kay's speech colour to baby blue later on]

    Kay couldn't help but feel nervous for her entire journey from London to Cry's house in America. On the tube Kay had worried about sorting out work; on the aeroplane she was troubled about making friends; in the taxi Kay panicked about what to do if somebody discovered that she was actually a he. All in all it was an entirely stressful ordeal, leading Kay to wonder how she'd gotten in to this in the first place.

    Well if you want to be technical, it started when Kay first began talking to Cry. A couple of years back Cry had wanted to reach out to a larger audience by getting somebody to officially sub his videos into other languages. As an avid linguist, and keen fan of Cry's videos, Kay had gladly translated them all for free. Since that point they'd kept in contact other the internet, chatting about random things from time to time. Then one day, out of the blue, Cry had invited Kay to live with her and a bunch of other strangers. At first it had seemed an absurd idea. However, as Kay thought about it, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Kay had been looking for a change of scenery, and moving somewhere else to really get what was now her career as a professional translator going. It would also force Kay to socialize with others for once, something she desperately needed to do.

    Which was how Kay had ended up here, in front of the looming gates, with a baby blue satchel propped on her shoulder. After stumbling around in confusion for a bit, Kay finally figured out where the speaker was, and what she was meant to say to it. Sort of. "Ohaya...non, c'est...sorry, it's Kay, n-no, I mean, Arella M-m-mmmmm..." Arella mumbled, before a butterfly flew past her pretty face, "AGGH! FLUTTERBY ATTACK! P-please save me! Arella Moore! Let me in before the butterfly-" At this point the gates had opened, leading Kay to hurriedly run in to escape the 'attacking' butterfly. Unfortunately, in her haste, Kay tripped and fell face first. What an excellent start for innocent little Kay (not). Yet five minutes later Kay was off the floor and straightened out. With not a speck of dirt left on Kay's floaty dress, she continued on her way to the actual front door of the house.

    Once she'd arrived there, Kay was surprised to be greeted by an actual butler. Impressed, Kay was ushered inside, where the others had gathered. Kay took a look around and was surprised to see Damien, her ex-boyfriend. They'd ended on fairly good terms, so it was nice to see a friendly face, but it made Kay even more worried about keeping her secret. There was also a brunette girl (Candace) who seemed to being radiating energy, who looked vaguely familiar to Kay, although it could have just been Kay's imagination. Either way, there was something the girl with her bubbly attitude and bright smile that drew Kay to her, giving Kay the feeling that they were ending up as good friends. The last person who really caught Kay's attention was Alice, and not just because of her bright pink...-ness. Somehow Kay had a strange feeling that the two of them had something in common, although at the time Kay wasn't sure what.

    Suddenly Cry's butler- James- came down from the stairs, to introduce his mistress. Seeing Cry for the first time in real life was rather shocking for Kay, after speaking to Cry over the internet for the last two years. Hearing Cry's voice as she gave her speech was also quite odd...although not as much so as the actual content of her speech. The line about sleeping with Cry made Kay feel particularly flustered, as the topic of such things always did. In the moments after the speech, Kay just stood there blushing violently, before moving forth to start life in The House.
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  13. Waking up in his small room, Taz opened his eyes and let the light urge his body into motion, he closing the curtains over her window and grabbing a small notebook and pen that he had and writing feverishly while the muses were still in his favor. He made sure to be silent in his actions and do everything to a particular code, because if he didn't, he was liable to waking 'Crux', the man with shaggy blonde hair and a perfect sort of half fuzz of a beard, the man who just so happened to be his best friend, the singer of the band he grew famous for, and his ride to a new life, of course that list wasn't in any particular order. The pair had stayed in a hotel for the night, just a good hundred miles out of DC, and were to drive the rest of the way up for Taz to meet his new housemates.

    'Crux', or Keith Evendalls, as he is called by those who actually know his name, had taken in one Damien 'Taz' Tazmia in when he was younger and provided a home with the one condition of starting a hand with him, one he gladly agreed to. But now, as they were getting more popular by the day, they needed better resources, and there was certainly benefit to living for free in a mansion. Who knows what you could find in a mansion?! Besides that, Crux knew about Taz having a few ins to get there, such as two close friends of his that were often VIP on their concert showings. It took a lot of convincing to get Taz to agree, but eventually he went with it, though not for the money or the advantage, but because maybe he'd meet some new people as himself and not some crazy rockstar. He couldn't tell Crux that, but oh well, he'd be away from him in just two hour's time.

    The drive up was boring for one and inspiring for the other, resulting in quite a bit of annoyance, and eventually just a nice pair of headphones and some blared music. Having no problems getting in the gates, Taz walked with his electric guitar case slung over his shoulder on his back and a duffle bag of clothes in his left hand, refusing to let anyone touch the guitar, but plenty willing to let the butlers take his bag. When he entered the mansion's foyer, he noticed the group of people he'd be staying with, all different in their own ways, and surely a few would be clashing, but oh well. Then his eyes gravitated to 'Kay' his former 'girl'friend. He wasnt all that upset about it though. The breakup went rather well and they could still be good friends, the only thing would be Taz needing to keep his lips shut. Guess that means not getting entirely drunk to where he can't use his brain to mouth filters. None the less, he was looking forward to all that was soon to be, off to explore the many rooms as soon as they were dismissed.
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  14. Jildou dozed away at the humming of the taxi while the scenery passed by the windows. She wanted to stay awake and enjoy the ride but she couldn't help but get drowsy in a car, it was a habit she still had from when she was little. The jetlag didn't help either. The scenery was different everytime she opened her eyes and it was always interesting enough for her to keep them open for a moment before she slept again. One of those moments was interrupted by her phone wich had a ridiculously loud ringtone, for a moment she got the impression that even the driver was surprised by it. She glanced at the screen before she picked up. "Waarom? Why? It's still early here if you called any earlier it would be midnight." .... "Yes, of course I exaggerated." .... "No, no, I remember the deal.... Yes, I will." .... "Hou ook van jou, dag mêm. Love you to, bye mom." With a smile Jildou hanged up and leaned to the driver. "Hoe... How long is the drive?" I was sometimes difficult for Jildou to switch from dutch to english and that was without mentioning her accent, but she managed. "It's about five minutes left now." She nodded in response and leaned back in her seat, now she was wide awake again.

    At arrival Jildou stepped out of the car as soon as it stood still and stretched, the crampiness of cars was really overbearing. After her stretch she walked to the trunk and grabbed one of her bags, the bigger one she got out with the help of the driver. After feeling the weight of the bag again she was glad that she had choosen for the old one with wheels instead of the newer one without. "You sure you can afford staying in a mansion like this?" The driver asked, on wich Jildou gave a smile. "Yep, lucky me has friends you see. And today you are also lucky to get paid for such a long drive." She paid him the money and gave a tip as well, that was normal in the USA was it not? She only went to America before for dance competitions, this was an entirely new situation. The driver was glad with the money and went on his way, leaving Jildou at gate McCreep of mansion Grandious. She did wave goodbye at the taxi driver before she went to the gates itself, he had been a short term companion afterall.

    She pressed the button next to the gate and waited a moment. Nothing, again she pressed it. She repeated this a few times more before she realized it. "Idiot, It's an intercom not a doorbell. How can you forget that. What did Lexi..." The rest of her self talk was just a mumble while she searched her jean pockets for the memo. She halted her search when she couldn't find it. "Didn't need it anyway, I remember it already and stop talking to yourself." Again Jildou pressed the button and this time she held the button as she said the secret password. "Jildou van der Meer, who came from the otherside of the world to look for Co.... Ca-Caroline? Or was it with a Co... Nevermind, I remember. It was Coline right?" For a moment she expected to get an anwser on it, the gates opened at least wich could count as an anwser. Goodbye gate McCreep, I will miss you. Mentally she blew a handkiss at it when she walked trough the gate and to the probably butler who waited on her.

    Jildou gave the bag without wheels to the butler, don't worry that one was still lighter than the one with wheels, she isn't merciless. Together with the butler she walked to the mansion, they walked in silence while Jildou was lost in thought. The butler had made her think how lucky she really was to know Lexi who knew rich-ass people. It had been coincidence that they had met up, more so of a coincidence that she was staying in the hotel of Lexi's family. Jildou Knew that with drinking you meet knew people, she never knew that if you add singing that you would meet friends instead. That formula apparently resulted in a great life with friends and riches. Maybe I should do that more often... The sight of the mansion door in front of her face interrupted her thoughts. Together with the butler she went through the doors and entered a grand hall with many people. Seems like I was the last to arrive. I think.... She took back her bag and looked for Lexi. It was just a moment before she saw her with guitar in hand. Jildou walked to her and wanted to greet her when she was interrupted by the owner Coline. Her speech was short but it sounded interesting, no boring life was awaiting in this mansion.
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  15. And so they meet and will be having adventurers!

    Chapter 1
    Soooooo...... Whats Is This Think Called drama?

    Soon after Coline intordes everyone to everyone. people became friends with one another. others not so much.... but Corline was happy and when she was happy she hoped everyone was happy because that would make her sad that the others where not happy.

    *Back to reality*
    12:00 in afternoon
    (some at school some at work, some at some whatever you doing)

    Corline sighed as she finished her back flash and continued to play only to have a jumpscare. She screamed loudly, her room was not soundproof for her screams, and started to cry. "Mommy!" she cried out and ran out of the room. scared. she was just playing slender man and she was scared out of her mind. "Mommy..." she ran around the house trying to find someone. but it was not working she felt like slender man was watching her. "MOMMY!!!!" She ran into Cassius room or well she went and hunted him. "MOMMY!!!!" she cried out and ran over to him and hugged him with tears in her eyes. "I want playing a scary game!!!! I don't want to play the game ever again" she cried out in his arms. "never let me near it mommy" she cried out and hugged him more.

    (Ill Edit later its like 1200 cock in morning I'm tired!!!!!! and Only free time I got is at night ^^; to write long stuff and well this is not long nope not very long at all but I say don't touch button i fix later night night all!)

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  16. Cassius heard rapid footsteps running around and yelling."Ah, shit.. Did that little fucker play horror games again..." He let out a sigh as he was on his luxurious king sized bed on his stomach, hugging a jumbo sized Korilakkuma bear which he used as a body pillow."MOMMY!" Cassius heard. Mentally, the male had hoped she wouldn't go into his room, but the thought of his door struck him when he perked his head up to see if his room was locked.

    There was a bad chance it wasn't, and he slumped back to hide under the sheets, facing his back to his door. Then, the nightmare happened, and Coline barged in."MOMMY!" She shouted running towards his bed and jumping on him."I went playing a scary game!!!! I don't want to play the game ever again" she said hugging onto Cassius as he rolled to his back and slowly sat up. His elbows supporting his upper weight. The male rubbed his eyes groaning, already in a bad mood as he was truly not a morning person and Cassius looked down at Coline."Never let me near it mommy." She commented hugging him more tightly a bit. Cassius immediately laid back down ignoring her for a few seconds before talking.

    "You little shit..." He lazily muttered laying on his back and scratching her head with his hand, sometimes playing with her hair."What the fuck am I supposed to do? You're gonna keep playing it..... Anyways." He answered slightly lowly then patted her back. Since Coline would wanna be treated like a child, he let out a lazy sigh and lazily spoke again."There, there...." He sighed groaning."Mommys here. No worries." Added the male."Wanna tell mommy why you're scared?" He asked not even caring. Cassius wished he could say he won't be listening, however it was natural for him to listen when spoken too therefore he let out another deep and depressing sigh.

    "Or go bug your step dad..." Cassius muttered referring to Ian. The two were referred to as parents of Coline and the male grabbed his phone to check the time before smacking Coline upside the head."It's so early to wake me up." He said as he slid off his bed and deliberately fell to the ground crawling to a wall and standing himself up. Cassius had the room he wanted, and he loved it. Huge closet, and a full bathroom in it. It was fucking amazing, but then again--Why wouldn't it be? It was the second biggest room in the house or Atleast one of the, -As Coline had her own room that's like his just set up differently-.

    Since it was now 12:07 in the afternoon, Cassius didn't have to worry about being late for work. Heck, he could not go and still get paid even. The male went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and came out about ten minutes later, now it was 12:17. He didn't care if Coline was still there and therefore came out the closet (literally) and placed his clothes on the bed, putting them on.
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  17. Ian decided to take advantage off a cooler than normal morning and get in a jog around the grounds. Just his Springsteen Mix file and the wind through his hair brought a smile to his face as he felt his shoes hit the road in perfect time with Max Weinberg's drumming. Ian was really loving life at the house. Most of the people he met were really great and for the most part he got a long with them. There were a couple he wouldn't exactly call his ideal housemates, but they brought an interesting mix to the house. Then again there were those that Ian thought a lot of and a couple he would love to get to know better, but in that situation Ian knew they were way out of his league.

    Ian was off for two weeks from the library. This was due to the fact that there was a water line that busted open downtown and flooded the library.,There was serious damage to the collection and the Archives. The State Government agreed to outsource the work to a restoration firm because it was cheaper than paying the library employees overtime and for materials. Ian's paycheck wasn't gonna take a hit, because the State Government didn't want to look bad on the PR front with Mid-Term elections. Not to mention the fact that the outsourcing wasn't supposed to be public knowledge, so with gritted teeth at a live press conference the Governor smiled as he said, "Of course I'm so happy to confirm that the staff will be paid during their time off, and it won't affect their vacation time."

    Ian entered through the kitchen entrance, and would eventually take the stairs from the kitchen up to his room. James "requested" that he did this because he was not exactly thrilled when Ian would enter dripping with sweat all over the Foyer floor. James was fixing someone's lunch as Ian grabbed a bottle of Gatorade.

    Ian said, "Hey James. How's life?"

    Without breaking his concentration James replied, "All things considered Master Ian not a bad day today."

    Ian took a swig and then heard C running and screaming. Ian and James looked at one another and Ian said, "Okay let me guess. C was playing a horror game and has gone running to soda-pop who is less than thrilled with this turn of events."

    James chuckled and said, "I do believe you have the makings of a detective Master Ian."

    Ian chuckled and shook his head as he said, "No it's called I've been to this movie before and all it's sequels."

    James nodded and asked, "Shall I prepare the usual?"

    Ian replied, "Nah I think I can take care of this one. Besides you got other things to take care of. Thanks though I got this. Been doing it for a while now"

    James nodded and continued preparing lunch. Ian quickly finished his Gatorade, washed his hands, got out a plate, put about half a dozen Oreo double-stuffed cookies on them, poured a glass of milk, and made his way upstairs to soda-pop's room.

    Ian knocked on the door and said, "Cookie therapy." Ian opened the door as he saw C laying on the bed and Soda-Pop getting ready for work. The three of them were so comfortable in-front of one another modesty was out the window a long time ago. Ian closed the door and set the "therapy" on a table near the bed.

    He looked at Soda-Pop and said, "Nice to know somethings don't change."
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  18. The lights went out and the spotlight came on., the loud cheers from the audiance died out for the spectacle they were to behold. As the first few notes of a rumba song appeared so did the most handsome man in the world you could imagine. That man with his bare-chested latin outfit danced closer to the spotlight on the sounds of the song. He reached out from the darkness to gently grab a feminine hand, he pulled the hand closer to him and at that moment you could see the beautifull woman that was attached to the hand. The woman rested her head for a moment on his chest and looked him in the eyes before the amazing couple started dancing the most alluring dance in existence. While they were dancing the man whispered sweet words in the lady's ears, on wich she just danced like it was part of the music. Time passed slowly as they were dancing. The lady came closer with every move wanting to hear more of his words. She was so close again that she could see his beautifull eyes and his sexy lips that opened to form the next sweet words. "MOMMY!" The man said with a shrieking girls voice. "Wait, What the.." Confused the lady pushed the man away and saw everything of the wonderfull scene crumble. The audiance was booing, the handsome man had turned into a baby crying for his mommy, the spotlights went out and Jildou was herself again. "What the hell is going on?" Jildou looked at the baby and hoped it turned back. Instead it opened it's mouth again, "MO...."

    "MMY!!!" Jildou's eyes shot open and she closed them immediatly again because of the light shining trough the window. Blinded by the harsh light she sat up and looked around her with squinted eyes. "Cinderrella?" She mumbled to herself. Again a cry for mommy sounded trough the house. "No... Just Crybaby. You would expect better isolation from a house like this." She rubbed her eyes and let herself fall back on the bed and grabbed her phone to look at the time. "12.... Too early...." She groaned but still she stood up after a couple minutes of laying still in the bed. Jildou didn't hear Crybaby anymore so she assumed that she had calmed down. I could sleep again but... hungry. With that notion she went out of her room to grab some breakfast... Lunch... Brunch? She didn't even bother to change out of her sleepwear, wich was just undies, a big just-about-appropiate shirt and ridiculous bedhair that only goes away after making it wet. She called it her midday-rude-awakening look and no, it was not really a complementary look. While looking like that she passed Ian while going to the kitchen and smiled at him as a matter of greeting.

    In the kitchen was James busy with preparing lunch, Jildou half ignored him and went straight to the fridge, though she did still greet him. "Goodday Mr. Bond." It was her standerd greeting for him and she found it funny, mabye unoriginal but still funny and he didn't seem bothered by it. "How many lunches today?" She asked while grabbing the milk carton with her name written on and drank from it. "Enough for all the people who want lunch." Jildou took one more gulp before she nodded in anwser and put the milk back in the fridge. "Can you make mine with hagelsla, wait I forgot we don't have that here. Nevermind Just go on I won't bother." James acknowledged her before he went back to making lunches. Jildou watched for a moment because she had nothing else to do. He seemed skillfull at making lunches, he seemed skillfull at everything actually. "Say... How late did I get home yesterday, or this morning actually?" "Around 5 A.M miss." He also knew everything apparently. "Thanks it seems that I came back a bit early. Well, I will stop bothering you now. But first..." Jildou grabbed a sandwich before she left the kitchen and went to the living room to needlessly zap between channels without watching anything. It made her comfortable, no matter where you were, there was always nothing on TV.
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  19. Lexi was up and about at 4 am already, she couldn't sleep at all, she felt so heavy, she had been living in canada for so long and it was her first time back here since forever, and she still hadn't gone to visit her father's grave. Lexi decided to get up, get dresses, grab her skateboard and headphones, and head out the door. Once outside she went to the gate and pressed the button "Alice Alexis Gates" she spoke in a little bit of an irritated voice. When the gates opened Lexi put on her headphones, and jumped on her skateboard. It took about an hour to get to the grave yard, Lexi still remembered exactly where her father's grave was. When she found it, she felt unsure, she had no idea what to say, so she sat down nest to the stone and just closed her eyes, relishing the familiarity she felt. It was 7:30 when she decided to go back to the house.

    12:00 on the dot she was back at the large gate. After saying her password again she flipped her skateboard into the air hand caught it. She ran up the stairs and into the house, the smell of lunch hitting her nose, she ran into the kitchen "Smells delicious" she said looking at the butler, she still found him creepy, but MAN!! Could he make a mean lunch. Lexi looked at her watch and decided that she was bored, "Might as well go find something to do" she said to herself, "Thanks for the lunch, old man James" she yelled as she ran up the stairs to go finish her new song on her guitar, and maybe go looking for someone to talk to.
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  20. Erik wasnt sure what he wanted to do today, he could play piano, maybe draw, relax all day. One thing he should do is explore the house so he could get to know his was around.
    Getting out of bed with a sigh, he decided that wandering the halls was the first he should do today. He'll have to make sure not to get lost so he won't have to ask for help. That would be difficult considering his sense of direction was almost non-existent.
    Erik left and closed his door gently behind him and began walking in a random direction.
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