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  1. Tittle:
    Genre: Soup Opera, Modern, Romance, Drama
    Plot: Their really is no plot the only plot is that their is a bunch of kids In a house trying to make a living. They all want to make something out of their life. and so far are on the right track. stuff happends but its all up to you (or me which ever comes first!)

    The House:

    Game room
    Sports room
    Bar room
    Theater room (With new movies that come out):
    Dance room:
    Music room:
    record studio room
    and 20 other rooms to discover.
    Indoor and outdoor pool.

    Open Characters:

    Reservation Characters:

    Closed Characters:
    Youtuber/Gamer: (CLOSED)
    The Dark(Goth whatever you want to call her/him): (Closed)
    The Popular: (Closed)
    Rock star: (Closed)
    The Normal one: (Closed)
    The Silent one: (Closed)
    The all-rounder: (Closed)
    The Anime/Cosplayer fan: (Closed)
    Prankster/jokers: (Closed)
    The Cross dresser: (Closed)

    Drama Queen: (Closed)
    The Nerd: (Closed)
    The Dancer: (Closed)

    (I SUCK LOOK AT ALL THAT ROOM THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!! Also don't mind adding more but I have no idea what to add ^^;)

    House! Rules:
    The house must stay clean at all time ^^
    No Fighting. only outside
    No Trowing, tosing, ECt your Foot balls in the house
    NO partys with out the owner Knowing (Gamer is the owner of the house ^^)
    Have a good time and make sure noting funny happens

    Now Real Rules:
    1. Let others post, don't leave any man behind ^^ meaning let others post before you post wait up to 2-3 post before posting
    2. Now you live put America *sighs*
    3. Have fun make your characters Funny, sad, anything
    4. Romance is allowed just fade black or PM
    6. In ect.. put I love Cry aka Me and the gamer Cry ^^
    7. No rules on how much you put in the rp 7 lines or more is ok 1 liners suck I understand once in while you may have like I don't know writers bock but that's is why I posted the 1st rule not to leaves others behind!
    8. Have FUN!!!!!

    Character sheets:

    (Picture of whatever your character looks like)
    Name: What are you called last name middle name first name!
    Nickname: what do people call you?

    Age: (19-25)
    Character: (Choose from above)
    Personality: (what are you like without your party hats and pompoms)

    Nationality: (what are you German?)
    DOB: (when where you born?)
    From(born place): (Anywhere you want to be from)
    you live now?: (????)
    School? Work?: (You don't have to go to a School.)
    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: (Must)
    Likes: (your choose in tell)
    Dislikes: (your choose)
    History: (Not a must and it does not have to be long if you choose to do it ^^ just tell me a little bit of your character and what she did with her life ^^ nothing more nothing less)
    Your Dreams: (what do you want to be?)
    Misc: ((theme and voice))

    PS ill start when we have a good 4 players playing ^^ but only if we have = amount of boys and girls ^^; so if their is like 4 people and 3 of them are girl and one is a boy we will not start... but if 4 are girls then we will start ^^ RIGHT AWAY!
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  2. Character Accept:

    Famale's Open:
    @Cry Playing as Gamer/Youtuber Coline
    @Adira Playing as Popular Aurora Ivy Fox
    @Haruka Playing as Anime/Cosplayer Alice/Arisu Tachibana
    @HollowEastWord Playing as All-Arounder Alicia Alexis Gates
    @Arius Angels The silent Victoria Johnson Dawn,
    @Twisted_Mind13 Playing as the Drama Queen Candace Mohola Bing

    @Greedalion Playing as Normal one Alan Goodwill
    @remmey Playing as Reble/Gothic Erik Mattes Lehnsherr

    @Shadicmaster playing as the Rockstar Damien Tazmia
    @Noceur Playing as Prankster Cassius Amelie Labelle
    @MST3K 4ever Playing as a Nerd Ian McBirde
    @Sepdemonium Playing The Dancer Sepiroth Anramath Silencia

    Have no Fliping idea to put you characters
    @Cassette With Crossdresser with many names I don't feel like putting down

    spots are going out fast ^^
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Coline Paira Miroslava
    Nickname: People Online call her C.R.Y Friends call her C
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Character: Gamer/Youtuber
    Personality: Not playing video games I am A very happy person that loves cookies and meeting people. When playing video Game I am A very Vilonet Person when I Win or die. and I say alot of bad words not meaning any of them ^^
    : German, Russian, Canadian (Yep I am all that in real life ^^)
    DOB: August 10th
    From(born place): Canadayou live now?: (????)
    School?/Works: University of Technology and Gaming
    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: She good at playing video games and having
    Likes: Video game, Cookies,
    Dislikes: People killing her in video games, jerks and other stuff,
    History: Family is Rich so she doesn't care about others money.... SHe also very popular on Youtube. and many know her as C.R.Y. no one knows what she look like just her voice ^^
    Theme Song:



    About her Game Symbol:
    Reason because Dishonored made people subscribed and she loves Dishonored.
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  4. [​IMG]
    ((How Alice really looks))

    Name: Alice/Arisu Tachibana
    Nickname: Airi
    Age: 19
    Character: The Anime Fan/Cosplayer

    Personality: Alice is a girl with a lot of faces.She is seen by many as an outgoing and confident person,but according to her that's not her at all and is only the face of the characters she cosplays as.She is actually rather self-conscious and easily embarrassed.She is also hot-tempered in general and would not think twice of hitting anybody that annoys/pisses her off.(In short,she's truly a tsundere :v)

    Nationality: Japanese-American
    DOB: February 14th
    From(born place): Born in Japan,but grew up in America
    You live now?: America

    School? Work?: After graduating from High School,she stopped(partly because she has no idea which course to take in college) and became a model mainly for cosplay

    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: She is complimented for her skill in making cosplays and pulling them off flawlessly.Although not many get to taste her food,she is also said to be good at cooking and baking

    Likes: anime, manga, cosplaying, anime conventions, RPGs
    Dislikes: not being able to go to anime conventions, overly touchy people(unfortunately she gets hugged too much in conventions and it has been bugging her a lot)

    History: Only child of a Japanese father and American mother,Alice received 100% of her parents' attention,or at least until she turned 12 before her parents had to focus more on the family business.She was really popular in her previous schools and had good grades.Some time along those years she got into anime,but she never told anyone about this and became her secret hobby and afterwards became a cosplayer and went by the name Airi,a nickname her friend from Japan gave her.

    Your Dreams: To be the best cosplayer of all,and at the same time to know if that's truly what she wants to do with her life
    -Theme Song-
    Uh...idk,this one I guess xD


    As mentioned,she is a girl with a lot of faces.This does not only apply personality-wise,but she also meant this literally.She is often seen cosplaying wherever she goes.Everyone she meets have always thought that she has blonde hair when she actually has black(nobody knows that it's just a wig...yet).

    She is also afraid of the dark.​
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  5. Haruka I ask you to read the rules ^^ I know you didn't because You have things missing MUHAHAHAHA need to make sure everyone reads rules now ^^!
  6. ...oh.Thought I already wrote it ._. oh whale.I love Cry~~~ (his voice is mmf ♥)
  7. NO YOU LOVE ME I'm CRY and CRY IS MINE *hissesss*
  8. also you forgot America ^^
  9. Interesting!
    I love Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: Alan Goodwill

    Nickname: People call him Alan but the housemates call him Al

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Character: The Normal one

    Personality: I’m quite like other ordinary person. I didn’t want to be the talk of the town or be forgotten easily. I hate weird people but I hate injustice more no matter how I hate the person that I stood up for.
    Nationality: ½ American ½ Japanese

    DOB: April 9th

    From(born place): America you live now?: America!

    School?/Works: Ordinary High

    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: He’s good at cooking and sometimes plays video games with fellow housemate

    Likes: Video game, Cooking

    Dislikes: Weird people, weird stuffs, Injustice, back stabbed by someone, and all kinds of vegetable besides carrot.


    For all his entire life he lived in an ordinary house with ordinary family member. He always rank in the middle of his class, he got exceptional athletic, and friend with ordinary friend. It’s all start when he’s bore with the daily routine he’s encounter everyday and so he decided to leave his house and went to “The House”.



    Theme Song:
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  10. OMG Now we have to wait longer T^T Not even Anymore XD its ok I bet more will come ^^ thanks for joining ^^
  11. Th
    thanks for accepting me lol! I'm sure more will come too XD!
  12. Hmm... plotless meandering? This could be fun! Not my typical setting, but I must needs brush off my writing!

    And you seem to be in need of males so... I could snag 'the silent one' or 'the athlete' if you'd like?
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  13. @Greedalion OMAGEE ITS SHINTARO + NGNL OP *squeals*

    @Cry F'sure xD ...OH and now I get what you meant by that rule *gets killed* *edits right away* .x. Srry,I was sort of drowsy while making my form earlier so I guess I didn't have the sharpest mind at that time
  14. NO PROBLEM!!!!

    One please just for now! and yes but its up to you to choose male or not ^^
  15. lolz its fine love ^^
  16. [​IMG]
    Aurora Ivy Fox
    Nickname: Aurora or Rose
    Age: 19
    Character: Popular
    Personality: Aurora is actually a pretty shy girl but she enjoys meeting new people so much that her bubbly side shows more. She's a nature lover and very girly at heart. She's sweet and sassy and witty and enjoys flirting quite a bit.
    Nationality: American
    DOB: April 17th, 1995
    From(born place): Grand Rapids, Michigan you live now?: Well the house
    School? Work?: She graduated high school and currently attends UGA in Georgia but works part time at an animal hospital to get credits for vet school
    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: She's great at making friends // Her talents include drawing, painting, and singing // Her hobbies are anything involving animals and horseback riding.
    Likes: -Boys- -animals- -reading- -horse back riding- -Chocolate- -friends- -sleeping- -flowers-
    Dislikes: -Not being liked- -judge mental people- -perverts- -being called dumb- -insults- -fights- -fruits-
    History: Aurora was born into a family where her mother was an alcoholic and her father did his best to make ends meet. Her family was blessed to have a family business to rely on and after her little brother was born her father divorced her mother and took Rose and her brother Chris away with full custody. Aurora used to struggled with depression and her appearance do to her mothers mental abuse but she has all but forgotten that part of her life.
    Your Dreams: Aurora wants to be a small animal veterinarian
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  17. We are planing to Remove a Character and add a new one but the new one will be Closed because it will be already chosen ^^ but do not worry your charactrers are safe ^^
  18. OK so The Player is Gone and has be replaced with All-rounder:
  19. I wouldn't mind playing "The Nerd" or the "Silent One" if you're accepting ^^
  20. Haha watched Kagerou days in a day and the next day got a major headache all over my head lol!
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