Hours of Entertainment!

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  1. What helps you pass the time? Links are welcome!

    Me? Youtube. Enough said.
    What I like...
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  2. ......Iwaku....and youtube....
  3. well there's goes your social life ;)
  4. Roleplaying. Go figure.

    Otherwise the internet it my vita while at work.

    Home is another story.
  5. What you meant to say was HOURS OF DISTRACTIONS

    Like oh man...

    When I was about 7 I started playing WoW, and that is virtually all I remember from my elementary school days. DONT PLAY MMORPGs
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  6. Yeah, don't play MMOs. They're all fetch quests for 20 bear asses anyway!
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  7. Passing time for me is

    - Iwaku
    - League of Legends for like an hour or two
    - Just browse the web on my phone
  8. Iwaku, YouTube, webcomics, facebook, pokemon!
  9. Masturbation.

    I can't believe no-one else has said it yet! For shame, Iwaku, for shame.

    Oh, and a bit of Iwaku helps pass the time too.
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  10. YouTube
    Mobile phone
    Eating :P
    Moisturising lol
  11. iwaku WHILE masturbating!

    you call it gross, i call it multitasking
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  12. Masturbating for hours? God that sounds painful.
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  13. but you know that feeling you get when you do it bareback and then pull out before you come inside? masturbating for hours feels like that.

    and now you know.

    the more you know.

  14. And thus, Iwaku has taken a great step forward at this moment, derailing another thread with the subject of masturbating...

    ...WITHOUT THE HELP OF ASMO *theatrical gasps*

    Kudos to you, my fellow Iwakuvians. This is certainly a day to remember.
  15. Game Grumps, Minecraft, ridiculous cbox conversations, plotting RP, manga, staring off into space... >____>
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  16. What
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  17. One small step for man, one more inch for manhood.

    Doh ho ho h oh h ho ho.

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  18. Epic moment lol
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  19. What, you guys never get that feeling?

    It feels pretty awesome, you know.
  20. Dawn agrees. We all know that "staring off into space" is just a euphemism.
    I know what you mean, man. You've got to EARN that feeling, none of that teenaged quickie crap, this is serious business.