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    • [BCOLOR=#3366ff]H[/BCOLOR]ounds of [BCOLOR=#3366ff]G[/BCOLOR]alere
      The Aether, an inter-dimensional no man's land that houses nothing but a vast stretch of spiritual energy that goes on endlessly in every direction for miles and miles. Strangely enough, exploration and tampering with spirit magic led one man to this anomaly and it was here that he set up what would go on to become a prime stronghold in the War that was to come.

      The Spirit War was a war started by some malevolent spirits who wanted to take over the human realm too. It was in light of this War that Marcus Aldriem, an exceptional hunter accidentally opened a rift to the Aether and he decided to set up the Hunter's Guild here, away from any being's reach. The Hunters are fighters who have the ability to form links with Spiritual Beings by means of Link Bracers mounted anywhere on their bodies and can thus use the power of these beings to fight.

      However, there was one thing that Marcus hadn't accounted for, that if he could chance upon a place such as this, so can others.

    • The Rules for this RP are as follows:

      [BCOLOR=transparent]1. No Godmodding, Bunnying, or spamming the OOC and absolutely NO SPAMMING the RP thread. [/BCOLOR]

      1.5. No "Gary Stus" or "Mary Sues". These are characters that are perfect in all aspects and are as such frowned upon. Please avoid them.

      [BCOLOR=transparent]2. Please have patience after you have posted your applications. It may take me up to 2 days to see your application and complete the analysis. [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]3.(IMPORTANT) Hounds of Galere is a free-roam RP, however, you don't have the liberty to do whatever pleases you. Mild language is allowed but scenes that are of a highly sexual nature must be faded to black. This RP is not an "everyone lives" kind of RP. There's a chance your character might die right off the bat if he makes risky moves. As you climb through the ranks, survival gets tougher. Upon your death, you may make a new character and start immediately upon approval.[/BCOLOR]

      4. You are at the liberty to make as many characters as you want or even twins for that matter but kindly keep in mind that NPCs, should you wish to create any must be passed by me so that I may approve them. Also state whether only you can play that NPC or can other players too.

      5. Posting Requirements(IMPORTANT):
      Do try to keep a certain level of clarity and proper grammar when you are writing. The writing level for this RP is "Intermediate" so I believe one can keep with it. Your posts must be at least 8-10 lines long as a lower limit. There is no upper limit except, just make your post readable. Avoid walls of text. You must post at least once every 5 days. In case you miss your 5 day period, you will be notified for a total of upto 3 misses before your character is killed off. Can't have one person holding everyone up. In case you need to carry out a conversation with another player, just go into a collaboration with them and create a big post instead of several small posts.

      6. ENJOY...!!! :)

    • The Bio format for Hunters is as follows:

      Name: (Your character's name.)
      Zodiac: (Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, ect ect. For fun, not required.)
      Age:(Your character's age.)

      Race: (What race is your character...? You may use any custom race but make sure you put in a small description explaining the race's qualities.)
      Physical attributes: (Your character's body type and his fighting style comes in this section.)
      Dress: (What does he wear...?)
      Voice: (What does your character sound like...?)
      Facial Details (Explain your character's facial structure, whether he has any facial hair or any scars, etc.)

      Personality: (What is your character like as a person...?)

      Link Bracer: (What does your link bracer look like...? A complete description.)
      Position:(Where do you wear your link bracer...?)
      Spirit Name:(What is your Spirit called...?)
      Element:(Your Spirit's Element.)
      Appearance:(What does your spirit look like in it's corporeal form...? Remember, spirits usually take animal forms. A complete description.)
      Weapon: (What does your spirit look like in their weapon form...?)
      Personality: (What is your spirit's nature...?)


      Skills: (Your skills MUST pertain to your element, unless stated otherwise.)
      Rank E: (This being the lowest rank will have you using just one special power, the weakest one.)
      Rank F:(A bit stronger than Rank E, this power will be stronger.)
      Rank D: (Stronger than Rank F, this power is even stronger)
      Rank C: (This power is stronger than Rank D)
      Rank B: (Rank B will give you access to your 5th power.)
      Rank A: (This power is a passive skill which will automatically get activated upon your entry into Rank A. As an example, consider the power "Dissonance" which naturally causes a bit of uncoordination among multiple enemies if you are near them letting you focus on one enemy at a time without having to worry about multiple attacks from all sides. Choose accordingly.THIS SKILL NEED NOT BE ELEMENTAL.)
      Rank S: (Rank S gives you an overwhelmingly strong special power)
      Rank X: (Having reached the top of your form, you can now access the strongest of all your attacks.)

      Character List:

      Marcus Aldriem/Cain- Aldriem



      Name: Marcus Aldriem
      Zodiac: (Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, ect ect. For fun, not required.) Libra
      Age: 27

      Race: Human
      Physical attributes: Marc is a speedster-type who relies chiefly on his speed in order to make his hits in a battle. His lean, thin build further complements his style. Accompanying this speed is precision, Marc does not care for strength as long as he knows the target. He believes in getting the job done by wasting as less energy as possible.
      Body Type: As stated before, Marcus has a thin, slightly muscular and lean build, furthermore, he is of an above average height, if not taller than most. His arms appear to be longer owing to the shape of his upper torso, when in fact, that is not the case. Long legs help him build speed faster than most making him an excellent sprinter.
      Dress: Marcus wears a full-sleeved black trench-coat over a crimson half-sleeved vest that has a high neck on his upper torso. A leather belt adorns his waist while for lower garments, he wears tight black leather trousers with high boots.
      Voice: Marcus, as he is still quite young has a bright, cheerful voice with a certain feel-good factor about it. However, upon closer inspection and listening, one could detect all the nervousness that he hides within that also makes his sentences come out in whispers.
      Facial Details Marc has long brownish-black hair that fall down over his eyes. His complexion is of a slight tan with a hint of fairness about it, apparent at his forehead. He has a well-defined jawline considering how his face has a long-ishness about it. His eyes are a dull brown color and he has somewhat thin eyebrows. His lower face shows traces of a beard, even if he shaves it, albeit not so often. He has thin lips that are a dull pink color. His sideburns are well-trimmed.

      Personality: Marc has a cheerful personality, he is cocky, bright and surprisingly accommodating when it comes to favours. One of his best personality traits are he seldom lets any kind of nervousness or stress get to him. On the rare occasion that he does, he also does a terrible job of hiding it. Rarely feeling down or depressed, he gets along well when interacting with fellow Hunters and such. He is a person that while few develop an immediate liking for, others grow suspicious of his cockiness.
      History: (How did you get to where you are today? A summary of your life beforeand during the academy with decent amount of detail to explain how you became who you are.)

      Link Bracer: Marc’s Link Bracer is a bangle made wholly of small brownish beads that white spots on them.
      Position: This bangle, wholly made of beads starts at his wrist and winding its way up his forearm, circles once just under his elbow and travels back down in a motion just opposite of the winding motion as when it goes up.
      Spirit Name: Cain, and his alter ego, Kuro.
      Element: Wind
      Appearance: Cain(the real one) is a 4 foot tall, big wolf with a silky greyish-black fur. He has a white scar running diagonally down across from his upper jaw, and ending all the way down at his chin. When his alter ego Kuro takes over, all of his black fur turns snowy white and the formerly white scar on his jaw turns black even as his otherwise grey eyes develop a crimson glow.
      Spirit: (Please refer to the Appearance Section)
      Weapon: Cain’s weapon form is a pair of foot long daggers that have dual-edged blades. The blades are of different colors, one is of a shiny, jet black color with white outlines while the other is just the opposite.
      Personality: Cain is the polar opposite of Marc. While Marc is a quick-to-react, happy-go-lucky person, Cain is patient, and somewhat slow-moving under normal conditions. He assesses any situation very carefully before advising Marc or reacting himself. Kuro is the darker version of Cain with an ever-present intent to cause violence. He goads Marc to become ruthless and go on killing sprees often confusing the Hunter. Even so, Marc chooses to heed Cain more than Kuro under situations requiring presence of mind.


      Rank E:
      Wind Tunnel: Marc gets a burst of speed helping him dodge fast attacks even faster.


      Rank F: Wind Cutter: Marc's blades replicate into thousands and fly at the enemies when and however he wishes them to.
      Rank D:
      Wind Cannon: Marc charges fairly strong balls of concentrated wind in the palm of his hand and shoots at his foes, stray cannon balls can hurt unintended targets. These balls will explode upon contact. Overusing this skill will lead to exhaustion.

      Rank C: Wind Chain: Marc gains power to explode the air near a foe, the first explosion sets off a minor chain reaction of explosions which are limited to the area around the enemy, closeness to the explosions can hurt unintended targets, if Marc pushes his limits, it may take a toll on his stamina. He can chain this attack on only upto 3 targets at a time, and even then it’s vastly exhausting.
      Rank B:
      Blade Gust: The daggers dissolve into the wind and strong sharp gusts of wind start blowing at the enemy, again, Marc needs to clear out of the way to avoid getting hurt. This attack is almost undodgable.

      Rank A: Wind Fall: Marc calls down high pressure pillars of wind to crush his enemies, the area is large and unintended targets may get hurt.
      Rank S:
      Sense: Marc can sense the presence of enemies and predict their numbers and location accurately whenever a gust of wind blows. Passive skill.

      Rank X: Aldriem Executor: Marc's eyes go black with brilliant white pupils and black tattoos appear all over his face. The enemies are bound to their spot by invisible wind chains while Marc unleashes the complete power of the element on them.


      Arno Morioni/Tyrius- Redgrave



      Timothy Chase/Id-potatotots

    Hounds of Galere
    Index of Topics:

    1. Rank System
    2. The Guild house and its rooms
    3. Missions & Rewards
    4. Storyline Arcs
    5. Major & Minor Characters

    Rank System

    Upon joining the guild, you start off as a low rank hunter who has to work his/her way up the ranks and with each rank, attain greater strength and access to even greater magical powers. The Ranks are as follows:

    Rank E-(You start here.)
    Rank F
    Rank D
    Rank C
    Rank B
    Rank A
    Rank S
    Rank X

    In order to climb the ranks, one must obtain a certain number of Rank Points so that they may prove themselves as being eligible for the next rank. The rank points required to climb ranks are as follows: are as follows:

    Rank E: 0 Rank Points
    Rank F: You need 5,000 Rank Points to reach here.
    Rank D: 15,000 Rank Points
    Rank C: 50,000 Rank Points
    Rank B: 80,000 Rank Points
    Rank A: 1,10,000 Rank Points
    Rank S: 1,30,000 Rank Points
    Rank X: 1,60,000 Rank Points
    Upon rising a rank, you will have to face a Ritual of Elevation upon completing which, you will be raised to a higher rank. The themes of the rituals shall be decided by the Guildmaster and a panel of high-ranking Hunters.

    The Guildhouse

    The Guildhouse is located in the midst of nowhere in a plane known only as the Aether.


    On the outside, the building is nothing too ostentatious looking more like a castle than anything else. However, since there's no exit that lets the residents out of the building, no one really knows how the guildhouse looks on the outside.
    The Portal Room

    The Portal Room is one of the most important rooms in the Guildhouse. It houses two Portal pads and can teleport only upto 2 people at once. It is by means of these portal pads that you can teleport to your mission locations and come back the same way.

    The Sparring Hall

    The Sparring Hall is where Hunters can train themselves and take on one another in friendly duels. There are wooden weapons provided here in order to maintain a level of safety. Wooden dummies and other training equipment is also provided for the Hunters' use. For special occasions, the Hall also becomes a Tournament and Duelling Arena.

    Guild Courtyard

    The Guild Courtyard is the central part of the Guild that has an open roof giving the residents an open view to the Aether's purple skies. It is from the courtyard that corridors start off leading to the different rooms of the Guild. The courtyard has benches and tables for people to rest and just chat.

    The Tavern

    The Tavern is another room of the Guild that resembles an actual tavern complete with counter and drinks for the Hunters' pleasure. There are tables and chairs where the Hunters might sit and eat or drink and just generally make merry.

    The Dormitories

    The Dormitories for men and women are different. Two separate set of stairs lead up to the different dormitories where rows of beds line the walls. Washrooms and bathrooms are located at the far end of the Dormitories with as many bathing stalls as there are beds. The men are not allowed to enter the women's dormitory side.

    The last room in the Guild is the Guildmaster's office.

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  1. Just saying, but the rules section sounds pretty hostile. I don't know if that's what you were going for, but I feel it might be quite an off-putting sight to potential players. Also, a couple of things about said rules: First, if we're creating generic NPCs like a nameless barkeep or Child who Feeds the Horses, do we still need to run them past you, or is that rule only for more important NPCs like high-ish ranking members of the Hunters? Second, about the posting rules. Need we post 8 lines minimum even if there's a conversation going on in the IC where nothing's actually changing between posts besides progression of the conversation? Also, the text box is quite a lot smaller than the actual displayed posts, so posts may vary in actual length even if they look to be more than 8 lines.

    Now, on a less critical note: Do the hunters have some kind of permanent doorway to the Aether?
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  2. I'll work on it.
    The rule applies only for characters who might be of significant importance to your character or might affect the plot or your character's storyline in any way, whether minor or major. For plain characters built only for the purpose of everyday interaction, it's fine.
    If it's a post with plain conversation, then I would recommend going into a collaborative post with the other person in order to make a bigger post and avoid mini-posting. Honestly, mini-posting looks more like an interruption in an otherwise fluid story. Let me know if you figure out any other alternative.

    Yes, when you move in and out of the guild to your mission locations or any other location, you will be using the "Portal Room" that's part of the Guild's interiors. You'll be directly teleported to earthly locations. I'll explain when I make the first post of the OOC.

    I hope that answers your questions.
  3. Ah I see, that all makes a lot of sense. I had wondered about collaborative posts, but that can be rather pointless to orchestrate when it's between all the characters, though I see why you might take conversations to a PM chat to keep the IC relatively fluent.
  4. So, what elements are available to use in this setting?
  5. The elements available to use in this setting are:


    I'll try putting up the OOC post by the end of today.
  6. Can we use multiple elements? If so, can I reserve Darkness and Lightning? If it's one only, just Lightning please.
  7. Is it intentional that there was no spot for history on the profile skeleton, or was that an error?

    Name: Arno Morioni
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Age: 35

    Race: Human
    Physical attributes: Arno stands at just over six feet tall with a muscular build that he works on daily to maintain. His fighting style focuses on landing powerful blows while maintaining good footwork to not get cornered.
    Dress: Arno wears a set of plate mail with a navy blue tabard over the torso of his armor. The plate mail has intricate designs around the pauldrons and the gauntlets. The helmet of his armor has an open face.
    Voice: Arno is generally soft-spoken for someone of his size, making him normally sound quiet and calm. However, when agitated his voice often quickly raises in volume.
    Facial Details: Arno's nose is slightly crooked from an injury that didn't heal correctly. A thin scar runs from just below his left eye all the way down to his jawline, stopping just short of reaching his neck. His medium length blonde hair is starting to show strands of grey hair. He has emerald green eyes and thick eyebrows. His facial shape and jawline are squarish.
    Personality: Arno is a strict adherent to his faith, believing it to be a source of strength as well as a way of life. Arno treats his fellow hunters with a degree of respect but is sometimes a bit protective of Hunters he considers to be especially young for the job. He would much rather solve problems with words first, but is fully aware that doing so is ineffective against most of the beings the Hunters go after. "Don't hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hot softly" is a phrase that describes his outlook on life quite well. His dogmatic nature may grate on the nerves of some of his fellow Hunters, but when things get rough he's willing to lend a hand if he is able to.

    Link Bracer: Arno's link bracer is a string of blue prayer beads.
    Position: Arno wears his link bracer around his neck.
    Spirit Name: Tyrius
    Element: Light
    Appearance: Tyrius takes the form of a large lion with amber-colored fur and blue eyes. He is about 4'5" tall and 9 feet long. Tyrius has a small scar on his face to the left of his nose.
    Weapon: In weapon form Tyrius takes the form of a large, two handed warhammer. The head of the hammer has several spikes on the striking parts and is gold colored. The handle of the hammer is also colored gold with blue cloth leather around where Arno grips the hammer.
    Personality: Prideful and always loving a good fight, Tyrius has little issue in prodding Arno into action when he feels they would be better off hunting evil spirits instead of anything else. Despite his good intentions Tyrius can be a little too bold in his words and deeds.

    Rank E: Glare: A bright flash of light explodes out from Arno, blinding nearby enemies for several seconds.
    Rank F: Zeal: The light uplift's Arno's spirit, letting him attack faster.
    Rank D: Clear Sight: The light Arno wields infuses his senses, allowing him to see in any kind of darkness as well as he could in daytime.
    Rank C: Hymn of Rejuvenation: A song that when spoken causes Arno to slowly regenerate wounds he receives. However, he cannot regenerate severed body parts. This ability causes the designs on his armor to glow a soft blue color.
    Rank B: Blessed Hammer: Several hammers made out of the light element spiral outwards, striking out at enemies within several yards of Arno.
    Rank A: Litany of Retribution: A second battle prayer that activates whenever Arno is attacked and successfully damaged. A portion of the damage is dealt back to the attacker. Passive skill. This skill causes the glow on his armor to change from a soft blue to soft gold.
    Rank S: Fist of the Heavens: A large pillar of light comes down from the heavens to the ground on the enemy, then exploding outwards in a 20 foot diameter.
    Rank X: Judgement: Runes of light circle the enemy, forming a barrier to keep them in place while hundreds of rays of searing light bombard the target, finishing off with all the runes exploding simultaneously.
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  8. I am sorry but only one element is allowed per character. Also, you don't need to reserve an element. There may very well be more than one characters using the same element in this RP.

    @Redgrave That part is intentional. Also, you are required to input all your powers right at the beginning instead of creating them one by one as you rank up.
  9. Yo! Im here. I expressed interest early on
  10. Name: Shiori (No family name)
    Zodiac: I don't know the Zodiac besides Cancer 'cos it's fun to tell people "I'm a cancer"
    Age: 72

    Race: Revenant (human)

    Revenants can be created from a variety of other races. They come to exist upon death, in the rare occurrence that both a wandering soul and the original soul try to re-enter the corpse as the same time. The two souls fuse together in the confusion and the extra energy lets the body be reanimated. Revenants have free will and are essentially the same as their original race, however, the physical limits in place on the body to prevent damage are removed. Revenants are physically stronger than a typical creature of the same race (though their body is still just as fragile), and have high regeneration skills, even able to regrow missing limbs given a few months. Regeneration takes a constant supply of energy, though, so if one takes a lot of damage, they will often become exhausted rapidly in the weeks to follow until the wound is repaired.

    Physical attributes: Shiori has a rather slight body, and so her strength is always unexpected. Her combat style typically involves staying to the back of the group where she can dodge more easily, then sprinting in and striking in opportune moments.
    Dress: Shiori usually wears a light, silk-like dress that ends around her knees. Over this, she wears a breastplate made of a light metal alloy, as well as shin-plates and boots of the same material. These are a pale tarnished gold colour, while the dress is silver.
    Voice: Shiori has quite a calm and relaxed voice, but it carries a subtle edge of depth and venom.
    Facial Details: Um, not good at describing this, so just imagine a typical some-what attractive 25 year old with long, white hair.

    Personality: Having lived for a considerable length of time, Shiori is quite wise, but also rather exhausted. She doesn't bother with pleasantries and speaks only when she or someone else will gain something from her speech. She's typically a calm person, but can get fired up occasionally, which is quite surprising to behold.

    Link Bracer: The bracer looks like an egg-shaped coal black cut diamond, mounted in a tarnished gold frame.
    Position: The link bracer has been partially absorbed into the flesh of her upper chest by damaging the area and allowing flesh to regenerate over the gold edges.
    Spirit Name: Kageyi
    Element: Darkness
    Appearance: Kageyi's normal form is that of a coal black cat with eyes the same tarnished gold as her bracer's frame.
    Weapon: Kageyi's weapon form is that of two coal black metal gauntlets.
    Personality: Kageyi is quite playful at times, but generally has a serious and emotionless nature. It does not make any attempt to understand emotions it views as illogical.

    Skills: (All skills require access to a light source of some kind, unless stated otherwise. All abilities are more powerful with more intense light sources.)
    Rank F: Shiori can control her shadow as if it were a third arm. It can be stretched 5 meters perpendicular to the direction of a normal shadow, 10 meters in the same direction as the normal shadow, and 2.5 meters in the opposite direction. Attacks made by the shadow deal half damage. The shadow cannot be damaged in 2D form, though in a 3D form, enough damage can destroy the projection and return it to being a normal shadow.
    Rank E: Shiori can manifest physical balls of dark energy which can be fired up to 25 meters and explode on impact. (does not require a light source)
    Rank D: Shiori can now manipulate the shadows of other people and creatures, whose attacks deal half damage. Her own shadow has double range in all directions and deals full damage.
    Rank C: Shiori can melt into a shadow. She takes no damage in this form, and exists in a 2D plane, able to slip through even the most negligible of spaces. The duration of this depends on the intensity of the light source. (Even if the light source is extinguished, the shadow form will remain until the duration runs out.)
    Rank B: Shiori can now control all shadows, even those of inanimate objects. Her own shadow has no movement limit, while other shadows may move 20 meters in any direction from their source. All shadows deal full damage, and may be twisted into different forms than they originally were. If a 3D shadow would take enough damage to return to 2D, it will instead split into multiple smaller 3D shadows.
    Rank A: Wounds caused by Shiori's magical attacks (those made through her rank F, E, D, A, S and X skills) gradually worsen over time. For example, after 24 hours, a burn from her E skill if left untreated will have spread to almost the entire body, and the area around the original burn will be completely dead and necrotic.
    Rank S: Shiori can create beams of dark energy from the heavens which can cut through even the strongest defenses. (does not require a light source. By "strongest defenses" I mean all physical defenses and all magical defenses of rank A or below. For Rank S defensive abilities, there's about a 50% chance any given beam can break through)
    Rank X: Shiori can rupture the very ground as a storm of thousands of heaven-bound blades of darkness rip through everything they touch. These blades cause accelerated versions of the C passive.
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  11. @Aldriem

    I noticed a distinct lack of pictures on the character sheets. I was curious of your opinion of them
  12. Name: Shadrak
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Age: 176

    Race: Living Shadow Golem

    Living golems are a natural phenomenon. These magical creatures are made from natural elements (fire, water, wind, etc.). Being nonliving entities, golems are strong against physical attacks. On the downside, they find themselves weaker to magical based attacks. These golems have no set appearance but most golems take a more humanoid form. Each golem has a solid core which is the only part of them susceptible to physical harm. As long as their core survives, the golem will be able to mantain their form. If the core is damaged or destroyed, the core will be able to slowly regenerate as long as it is given a safe enviroment to do so. Spending a prolonged period without regenerating will eventually kill the core.


    Physical Attributes: Being a golem made of shadow, Shadrak is intangible save for his arms, torso, core, and head. He stands at about 7 feet tall and looks like a skeleton shrouded in a cloak of black mist or smoke. He has no visible body bellow the waist.
    Shadrak's core is his heart, located in his open skeletal chest. If his heart is destroyed, Shadrak will be unable to maintain his tangible form and will disperse until his heart is restored. Shadrak, for some reason, is still affected by gravity.
    Dress: None. The cloak around him is part of him
    Voice: Deep and hollow. He hardly ever raises his voice.
    Facial Details: Shadrak's head resembles a human skull but the eye pits are more triangular than round and four dim lights shine from each pit.
    Personality: Shadrak is unexpectedly very human-like for a golem. He has a strange soft spot for cute, furry things. Even more strange is that animals and young children show no fear towards this otherwise frightening golem. Shadrak also likes classical music and nature. Things he hates include in-fighting among his allies and loud noises.

    Link Bracers: Shadrak's link bracer takes the form of a black gauntlet on his right arm. The gauntlet appears to be made of silver and is completely covered by indecipherable symbols. There is a black gemstone about 1 1/2 inches in diameter on the back of the hand of the gauntlet.
    Position: Right arm
    Spirit Name: Malek
    Element: Darkness
    Appearance: A 12 inch black scorpion. Also covered with indecipherable symbols like the gauntlet.
    Weapon: A 10 foot black spear
    Personality: Malek is very aggressive. It tends to pick fights with others and Shadrak has to keep it in constant check in order to make sure that it doesn't hurt itself or others. It also shares its master's strange soft spot for cute things.


    Rank E: Dark Portal: Shadrak can create portals that resemble black holes. The more portals he creates, the more energy is drained from him. Shadrak must be able to see where he places his portals.

    Rank F: Black Bolt: Black energy shoots from the tip of Shadrak's spear burning the victim. The projectile's power is dependent on how much energy is put into it. A strong projectile is powerful enough to pierce most body armor. It is less effective against magical defenses.

    Rank D: Shadow Trap: Black chains shoot out of the target's shadow, binding them. If no shadow is available, Shadrak can use dark portals.

    Rank C: Ghost Form: Shadrak can turn himself completely intangible for a short time, allowing him to travel through walls and avoid physical harm. He can still be hit by magical attacks including enchanted weapons if the correct enchantment is used. He cannot fly in this form but can float in the air though floating for an extended period of time may prove taxing. The longest Shadrak can maintain his ghost form without completely draining himself is 10 minutes.

    Rank B: Eternal Hunger: Shadrak summons a giant leech like monster of darkness to eat his enemies. Upon death, the monster will explode, dealing damage to anything near it.

    Rank A: Shadrak can now create multiple portals where he cannot see. He is able to maintain his ghost form for about 1 hour and is able to float with little to no energy. Also, Shadrak is able to "eat" shadows and dark based magic to strengthen himself

    Rank S: Grand Shadow Archknight: Black armor covered with the symbols covers Shadrak as Malek transforms into a 20 foot broad sword. Shadrak's strength, speed, and dexterity is increased. He is near impervious to most damage in this form.

    Rank X: Fallen Hell: Shadrak creates a giant shadow portal on the ground, sucking anything and anyone unfortunate enough to be standing on the affected area into a pocket dimension. There, Shadrak is free to break, torture, and kill as he pleases.
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  13. Sorry about that, I updated my post with the skills for all of his ranks.
  14. It seems there has been a misunderstanding on account of the character sheet that I posted.

    Rank A is indeed the passive skill rank. I misplaced it in the character sheet. I'll fix that. Sorry for that.
    There is only one passive skill in your skill-set.

    Secondly, just keep this in mind, Rank E is the rank you start on.
    I am addressing this. The rank E skill is in a different spoiler tab above the rest of the skills. I was experiencing a spoiler tab difficulty that I am yet to fix.

    @Redgrave While your bio is perfectly sound, I have to ask whether your Rank C and Rank A skills are both passive. Rank A is the only passive skill. Please check that out.

    @Karakui Your bio needs a switch of passive skill from Rank C to Rank A as well. The rest of it is well done. Also, Rank E is supposed to come first.

    @Reanimator Bob, Hey there. While I am not particularly fond of picture-based description, a few of them, like 1-2 will suffice. I believe that nothing can replace a few well-written lines that can help people draw a picture of your character. :)

    @jeshem Shadow is not a usable element in this RP. You'll have to change it to darkness.

    Anyways, there's a number of other issues I faced in your bio.

    Firstly, being a shadow golem, how impervious is Shadrak to normal damage...? You describe his form as being intangible and the fact that he has no visible body parts below the waist effectively make him a ghost. You'll have to explain this.

    Secondly, on the topic of skills, your first two skills appear a bit OPed. Making multiple portals right from the lowest rank will drain a tremendous amount of energy, I presume. The Ghost form is visibly very powerful. You'll have to bring that down or change it entirely. The rest of your skills are good enough.

    Thanks for your interest in the RP. :)
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  15. Aldriem updated Hounds of Galere(Always Accepting) with a new update entry:

    Update#2: OOC General Fix

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. @Aldriem CS updated. Better? Did I do anything wrong?
  17. Alright, CS updated to put the passive at rank A. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, our characters will start at rank E, meaning they can use both the rank F and rank E skills? Or does rank F not exist anymore?
  18. I think rank F is above rank E
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