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  1. Nicky awoke early, like usual. He got dressed in his school uniform after taking a shower and brushing his teeth. Once that was taken care of, he walked downstairs to Leo's dorm, waking him up as he always did. Once Leo was dressed, the pair went to the cafeteria, where breakfast was being served. It was the same as it was every Saturday: bagels with salmon and capers. Nicky loved it, but Leo always said that the salmon made him ill, so Nicky would eat his.

    As they ate--or rather, as Nicky ate--Leo was tapping on the table, humming along to himself. It was something that his teachers frowned upon, but Leo didn't want to be an artist or an inventor like the Leonardo da Vinci from Renaissance Italy. Rather, he was much more interested in drums and singing, and sometimes he would be seen with Amadeus, discussing techniques and rhythms. It made Nicky worried for his friend, knowing that the doctors and other personnel wanted Leo to be a master painter or inventor, when he obviously didn't want to be.

    Sighing, Nicky continued waring, devouring his bagels in seconds. After breakfast, the two went outside, to a large grassy area, and sat under a willow tree so they were out of the sun.

    Leo continued tapping, while Nicky took out a notebook, writing down another of his ideas. Just another boring Saturday, he supposed.
  2. "Hmmm... hm hmmm... hum hmmm..." Truth hummed as she went about her daily routine. The clothes were clean, breakfast was made, she was clean, and the cotton was picked. Then, she looked to the clock. The girl was going to be late! Truth grabbed a piece of toast and made a mad dash out the door. Truth was the clone of Sojourner Truth, a woman who led southern slaves to freedom in the north. Sojourner Truth was known as the black Moses. What Truth was actually going to do, however, was a mystery to herself.
  3. "...I need more muscle. More protein in my diet" Musashi said, looking at her scrawny, unwashed body in the mirror. Indeed, though she was the legendary sword saint Miyamoto Musashi, she was unfortunately both eleven years old and a girl, a glitch in the cloning process, altering exactly one chromosome that made an entire genitalia of difference.

    But this girl knew her heritage. Her birthright. And by the gods she'd become the greatest swordsmen of whichever century she was brought into. She quickly donned a torn up shirt and hakama, and grabbed her weapon. Though the school no longer allowed her to carry metal swords (and with good reason), they had trouble preventing her from whittling wooden ones.

    She exited her room, bokken stuck through her sash. The stars was hers.
  4. Edwina Thatch glanced around, as she began for the morning. She got into her morning uniform, and went over to a mirror. She coughed and began talking to the mirror. "Avast".. Thatch shook her head, No, no. Let's try this with feeling. "AVAST YE SCURVY DOGS, I SHALL PLUNDER YOUR PUNY VESSEL WITH THE MIGHTY FRIGATE, QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE!" She glanced at the mirror for a bit before blinking. "Yeah, that should do it!" Edwina was one of the few "unlucky" clones who weren't exactly like the intended target. Oh the unfortunate malfunction of the chromosomes, but she did not care for that. She would bring a Glorious Age of Piracy just as Edward Thatch, or Teach, did. She would plunder and pillage just like the glorious Blackbeard.

    After finishing her daily prep for pirating and plundering, she exited her room, making way to the cafeteria, to get some free grub.
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  5. Imili sat in her room, staring into a mirror. She was already dressed -- she had been prepared for the day for several hours -- and was staring herself in the eyes. Imili was a failure. She, much like many other experimental clones, did not look exactly like her namesake. Imili wasn't her real name, of course -- her real name was Maximilien Robespierre. She was a young girl, standing at 5'6"... even at her young age, she was slightly taller than what her namesake had been when he was a full adult. Imili felt like monstrosity... and indeed, Imili very well may have been. With long, black hair that went down to the middle of her back, Imili was a blossoming young girl. Her eyes with a smooth brown, and she had a smile that made peoples' hearts ache...

    ... and she was a failure.

    Maximilien was supposed to be a terrifying looking man, a man who -- in spite of his height -- was terrifying. And Imili was not terrifying. She looked absolutely nothing like her namesake, in spite of her hair color and eye color.
    She did speak fluent French, however...

    ... and also had the terrifying internal desire to rule over people in a reign of terror.

    Anyway, Imili finally get off of her bed, moving one finger to move away a stray lock of hair. She put a small pendant in her hair, which looked...strangely like a guillotine. Leaving her room, Imili went down to the office, handing in a piece of paper entitled "Student Council Admission Form", with the box "President" checked, along with a speech that was attached.

    Time to eat. Imili headed to the cafeteria.
  6. At the cafeteria Edwina took a hearty English Breakfast, as she was not on the high seas it was far easier to obtain such a meal. But if on the seas she would have dolled her crew and herself a fair amount of rations. Her plate was stacke up with scrambled eggs, three strips of bacon and some hash browns. She took off her backpack and pulled out a laptop, which had a large sticker of the Jolly Roger on it.

    She placed it on the table as she idly took her fork with her left hand and began eating the eggs. Edwina loaded up the computer and grinned. "Argh I shall head through the seas of the web and plunder with the mighty sloop Torrent, and claim the game Creed of Killers III, for it is the best in the series. After all you play as a pirate!" She then began to pirate the game online. She intently watched the mighty sloop of war plunder the files, though they were not going down quickly. Thatch then returned to eating breakfast and watching as the noble sloop continued its plundering in the digital world.
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  7. Nicky and Leo eventually walked inside, practically arm in arm. Rarely was one ever seen without the other, and as they walked down a hallway, this was still ever the case. However, this time, Nicky was smiling with a devilish light to his eyes. As he passed under a large sort of bridge on the second floor, he reached into his pocket, pressing a button on a device inside it.

    Simultaneously, every fire alarm went off, the sprinklers all turned on, and the school's security systems were triggered, engaging the lock down sequence and trapping everyone inside. Leo yelled and held his backpack over his head, reaching over and punching Nicky in the shoulder, cursing.

    However, Nicky was grinning, listening to screams of surprise and anger, watching as students tried to get out of a side door, to no avail.

    "I am the bringer of chaos!" Nicky shouted, smiling like a lunatic, as the water fell into them, drenching his uniform and hair. Leo was decidedly less happy, and pushed Nicky down so he was lying in a puddle of water. "You're an ass!" they shouted simultaneously.
  8. Edwina glanced upwards as the fire alarms, sprinkler system and just all other general destruction was happening. She quickly opened up her bag, shut her laptop and placed the computer inside. She was in the process of going under the table, when suddenly, she bounced back upwards, as she shouted towards no one in particular. "Arr! The vessel has been becalmed! Batten down the hatches, the mighty storm is brewing... And I don't know about any of you, but I am not going to Davy Jones' Locker this day!" Thatch then noticed, that Nicky just shouted something. "A mutiny, seriously!? Bwaah... I didn't bring any Cat of Nine Tails with me! How am I supposed to dispense justice for the ship due to mutiny?" Edwina pouted for a bit, before shaking her head, "Well, the mutiny needs to be fixed... and the leak plugged. Really, that leak needs to be plugged."
  9. "Hey you!" Musashi called, pointing her bokken and Edwina. "You look strong. I bet the original you used swords all the time. Duel me, fucker. Do it."
  10. i know this person is a historical figure! but let's say this is marious monroe 8D

    Marious Monroe and Jasper Dean were together in the cafeteria. They were late for the most part and were seen quickly swallowing their foods -or Atleast jasper was, while marilyn was far more 'fancier'-. Soon alarms rang and sprinklers went off and the two looked around alertedly in confusion.

    "Oh--golly!" Said Marious looking up in surprise."What the hell?!" Yelled jasper. Marious laughed at his friend as the two more modern historical figures looked around in the cafeteria at the other clones. Marious stand furrowing his eyebrows as jasper did the same trying to find a way for the noises and calamity to be stopped.
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  11. Edwina glanced at Musahi, and heartily chuckled. "Yar! You challenge BLACKBEARD TO A SWORD BATTLE!? I accept your challenge... But uh, hold on... let me find something to make shift as a sword." Edwina proceeds to break off part of a wooden chair leg, "Ah there we go." Edwina moves closer to Musashi, holding the broken chair leg, ready for a duel.
  12. The moment Edwina agreed, Musashi was already charging, bringing her bokken down with a roar.

    Without a teacher, she would have to rely on her only battle strategy, as the original once did: senselessly beating the enemy unconscious.
  13. Pancho Villa was eating his food in the cafeteria when the alarm went off. He was about to take another bite when the commotion started. Instead of being upset, he was overjoyed. For the eleven years since his birth he was hoping for the chance to lead a revolution much like the great Pancho Villa once did, instead this time he will live to see through as many as he can.

    He jumped on top of the cafeteria table and shouted "NOW IS THE TIME MY FRIENDS, LET US START OUR REVOLUTION AGAINST THE DREADED FIRE ALARM!" He took out his two rubber band guns he had in his pockets at all times, shooting into the air as he made gun noises. "Pew Pew!"
  14. i know this person is a historical figure! but let's say this is marious monroe 8D
    Through the chaos and commotion, yelling was rampant. Fights seemed to be starting, Jasper looked at Nicky, his yelling catching his attention and approached him. Marious followed behind him in suite furrowing his eyebrows as if trying to catch on to what jasper might be planning and jasper stand Nicky up.

    "You were up to this?" He asks with an eyebrow raised. Jasper wasn't mad however and Marious watched in silence."Stop the craziness now you idiot--people can get hurt!" He said with his voice raised for Nicky to hear."If the other clones are killed or dead, there won't be another generation to pass the genes we're carrying." Explained jasper.
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  15. Edwina saw Musashi charge at her with her boken, as she quickly brought her broken chair leg against it."You've got piss and vinegar in ya! I like it!" she said with a grin, as she swung the chair leg towards Musashi's ribcage.
  16. Nicky was giggling as Jasper and Marious arrived, having not bothered to stand up. Leo wasn't far away, still angry at Nick, but it would simmer down in a while. Still laughing as he was helped up, Nicky said, "No one's going to die! And they have copies of our genes. How do you think we exist? If they need another me, they can just kill me and use my own DNA to make me out of a test tube, like they did to you and everyone you know. The only ones here who aren't clones are the teachers and the doctors. But isn't this amazing? It's utter chaos, and it's beautiful!"

    He grinned, completely soaked through. Leo rolled his eyes. Nicky didn't realize it, but he was always like this whenever he was excited. Folding his arms, he said, "Turn it off, Nicky. It's not funny anymore."

    The young man shook his head. "I can't. I never did that. But I'm sure the scientists will figure it out soon."
  17. i know this person is a historical figure! but let's say this is marious monroe 8D

    Jasper rolled his eyes shaking his head."I hope they make a copy of Edison, where his projects will be correct without flaws." He mutters hands in pockets."Though he does have a point." Shrugged Marious smiling, about the whole test tube thing."And I'm sure the Edison clone will make few mistakes." Added the young male,

    Unlike his 'mother' Marilyn Monroe, to which he was cloned from--Marious came to be a male. He naturally inherited his mothers features and overall personality--which to summarize was 'more submissive looking' than other males as Jasper put it. A kid who was sweet, intelligent, sensitive, generous to a fault (if you admired a sweater he wore, you'd find it mailed to your doorstep the next day) yet was also unexpectedly very clever and tough then people credit him for..

    Jasper looked down at Marious and sighed."You keep your mouth shut Marious." He said in a gentle yet stern voice."When I want my kid-friend to tell me what to do with my other kid-friend, I'll ask you--kid friend." He snapped walking off. Marious stayed quiet furrowing his eyebrows as he watched him walk away and sighed. He looked back at Nicky and smiled brightly, like what Marilyn often did."Sorry about that, please excuse his brash behavior." Shrugged Marious giving them a hand."I'm Marious.. Marious monroe." He introduced himself,
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  18. Nicky ground his teeth as Jasper said that Edison would be a better inventor. It was slander, and mentioning Edison would make him angry, regardless of the circumstances. Balling his hands into fists while he watched Jasper walk away, he scowled and looked over at Marious, his dark eyebrows furrowed.

    Planning his revenge as Marious introduced himself, he said, "Nikola Tesla. But call me Nicky." Shaking his hand, he let Leo step forward and say, "I'm Leonardo. You've probably heard of me. I'm kind of a big deal." He smiled good-naturedly, indicating that he was joking. The blonde shook Marious's hand, smiling.

    Nicky, still angry, grumbled, "I'm gonna fight that asshole...screw Edison with a Tesla coil."
  19. When the clone of the artist leonardo shook his hand instead he soon let go after a few seconds looking over his shoulder at the tesla clone."Nice to meet both of you... That was Jasper Dean." He sighed."Will you--er, he be alright?" He asks with his eyebrows furrowed in concern as he then stared at leo understandably trying to calm the conflict and drama down."Besides who cares about the whole tesla-Edison feud." He simply said shrugging.
  20. "I do!" Nicky shouted, his good mood ruined now. "I'm Tesla! Edison stole my work, my ideas! There's a good reason why Edison doesn't have a clone yet, and it's cause I am the better inventor!"

    Leo stood to the side, letting Nicky rant. He didn't know what it was like to have an 'arch nemesis', as Nicky put it, but he would allow him to rant every once in a while. It kept him happy, arguing that he was the better inventor. Giving an apologetic smile towards Marious, he said, "Sorry...He gets in a bad mood when people insult him. He's rather sensitive about it..."
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