Houkago no Charisma (Afterschool Charisma)

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  1. Alrighty! So I did this once before, but it fell flat after a while. So, if you were a part of my old rp and want to join this one, please do!

    For this rp, we will be playing the first year students of St. Kleio Academy, and they range from John F Kennedy to Leonardo da Vinci. These are the first of what would be generations of clones of the world's greatest minds.

    For your character, please choose a significant historical figure from at least 70+ years ago. For those of you who haven't read the manga, you are a clone of a famous historical figure, part of a project. You are kept at St. Kleio Academy until you turn 18 and are deemed a success.

    • Cursing is allowed
    • Romance is allowed
    • No one liners!
    • Try to reply at least once every two days or so
    That's it! If you're interested, please respond and I'll try to post an IC thread soon!
  2. This looks fun. Mind if I bring in Miyamoto Musashi?
  3. Yeah, this does look fun. Oh, would you mind if I brought in Blackbeard?
  4. This seems fun, could I be Pancho Villa?
  5. I shall indulge in the roleplays.

    How about Maximilien Robespierre?
  6. I'm in, I'll go for Moondyne Joe
  7. Yay, so many people ^^ And everyone's characters are fine!
  8. Hm, so when will this party get started?
  9. I'm planning on posting the IC thread tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Oh, and in case it was unclear, I'm playing as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci ^^
  11. Nikola Tesla is a boss. But can he beat CLONE EDISON!?
  12. Yes. With Science!!
  13. Yes. But he probably wouldn't. Because Edison is a dick.
  14. Yes, Edison is a dick. But what if Leonardo attacked Edison from behind and then grappled him down? I don't think Edison has a tag-team partner.
  15. And, I don't think Tesla fights with the Queensbury rules. He'd get some kicks in while Edison was down.
  16. I'm debating if I can play off a 'marilyn monroe'......

    But would she even count //shot
  17. I think I could make an exception for Marilyn Monroe...However, we are short on males, so I would be more open to having a Marilyn Monroe as a male, as several of the characters are genderbent.
  18. Oh, in need of males? I don't mind pulling off a james dean then if that's an exception.

    Or both male!marilyn and james dean.
    I don't know yet.
  19. Both would be great ^^
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