Hotel Vacation

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  1. Plot: A local radio station is hosting a week long party event and anyone and everyone is invited who can book a hotel room quickly. You decide that you want to go to this event and book a room. (You being your character). Along with enjoy the many dance parties, panels, and everything else the hotel has to offer, you may end up finding someone special...Or that special someone may find you!

    Joanna opened her room with the hotel key and opened the door. It was a beautiful room inside, regardless of it being a one bed, one bathroom small room. She rolled her suitcase inside and closed the door. First thing to do, check the bed. Joanna went to the bedroom and flopped on it. Oh how soft it was. She almost swore it was the mainstream "TempurPedic", but of course, not even this hotel could most likely afford a TempurPedic mattress for every room for the 6 floors in the hotel.

    She stretched and laid on the bed for a while before getting up and going back to the first floor to explore the hotel a bit.
  2. James Alexander strolled through the doors of the hotel, pulling his green suitcase behind him. He paused at the desk and glanced around the room. It being just after breakfast, there wasn't a lot of people in the lobby, which suited him just fine. He glanced down at the desk and cursed under his breath - the receptionist had gone on break and wouldn't be back for ten minutes.

    He groaned and flopped down on the lobby sofa. "This week isn't starting off well!" He muttered to himself. James looked up as the lift dinged, and he watched a pretty girl leave the lift. "Although...." He smiled.
  3. Joanna exited the lift and looked around. Wow... she thought. Pretty deserted here... she looked around the spot some more. Once her eyes fell on James, she jumped a bit not expecting to see a person there. "O-Oh, hello!" she smiled to him, not wanting to seem like she's a just a curious child.
  4. "Hey there. You here for the radio event?" He grinned at her, and brushed his dark hair out of his face. He was both blessed and cursed with curly black hair which always seemed to flop into his eyes.
  5. The chestnut haired girl nodded and walked over to him. "That's right, I assume you are too?" she asked. Joanna made her way around the table and looked in front to James.
  6. "Yeah - I'm James, by the way. James Alexander." He held out his hand to her, and flashed her a smile. Back home, he was known as quite the ladies man - very popular with the girls in his year, and the years above and below.

    "I'm trying to check in, but the receptionist is apparently taking a break, and won't be back for ten minutes." He finished sourly.
  7. Joanna nodded and shook his hand gently. "Joanna Lee, nice to meet you James!" she gave a sweet smile back. Joanna was most likely a year younger than him, but it would take more than a smooth voice and cute looks for Joanna to be swayed.

    "Oh? Oh dear..." she looked around and tried to see if there was a telephone to get the receptionist back. "Some hotels may have this phone..."
  8. James shrugged. "Nah, I'll be fine. It's only ten minutes." He glanced at the sofa space beside him, and asked, "Wanna sit down?" He could definitely see some potential in this girl - she was pretty, and she wasn't in-your-face.
  9. "A-Ah, Ok then," she nodded and stopped looking for the phone. She looked to him. "Oh?...Ah, all right," she said with a hint of confusion, but nonetheles sat down next to him and gave a smile.
  10. "You're what? Seventeen?" He looked her up and down, trying to judge her age. "I'm seventeen just turned." James grinned at her.
  11. Joanna blinked a bit watching him. "I'm a week away from being seventeen, the last day of the radio event will be my birthday!" she said with a smile.

    "Oh? Just turned you say...What month if I can ask?" she said with a head tilt.
  12. "June - just a few weeks ago actually."James smiled back. "Which floor are you on?"

    They continued like this for the next ten minutes, just getting to know one another, until finally the elderly receptionist returned from her break. James glanced up, and then stood. "I'm going to check in now - see you later?"
  13. "Oh nice! and I'm on the 3rd floor, heh.~" she said with a bit of a chuckle.

    When the receptionist came back, she looked to James. "There she is...Ah, all right then.~ See you later!" she said as she got up as well.
  14. James had a thought, and quickly caught her by the elbow. "Here's my number." He pulled a pen out of his pocket, and wrote down his mobile number on the back of her hand. "Call me." He winked, and then walked off towards the desk.
  15. Joanna jolted a bit in surprise and turned back. "Who what where?" she said quickly and then she looked up at James. She watched him take her hand and blinked. "...Oh!" she blushed a bit, not expecting him to give his number to her, but nodded. "H-Heheh all right then..." she said smiling. She couldn't help but blush at the wink...Winks were sort of her weak spot, regardless of how hard-to-get she would be. Once James left, Joanna left the main lobby to go back to her room.
  16. He quickly checked in, and got a room on the fourth floor. He thanked the receptionist and made his way up to his room. He unlocked the door, and walked in.

    It was a small room, but with an amazing view of the nearby sea. He gazed out the window, and then glanced down at his pocket as his phone rang.
  17. Joanna didn't think he would call him so quickly. But then again, he didn't want her to think her untrustworthy and went through with the call. For some reason, many things were going on in her mind.

    Joanna, what part of DON'T MAKE YOURSELF EASY do you not understand. Dammit you should just hang up the phone right now and call him tonight. Wait, I need to call him anyway, I said I would call him and so I am. BUT NOT 2 MINUTES AFTER HE GIVES YOU THE NUMBER. Well wouldn't someone do that when their texting. BUT THATS TEXTING, YOU'RE NOT TALKING WHEN YOU TEXT. Oiii...

    Joanna continued to fight herself like this until someone picked up the phone.
  18. He put the phone to his ear, and said, "Hey there. James Alexander here." He grinned to himself. He hadn't recognised the number, so the caller was a mystery.
  19. "Oh hi! Uh...This is Joanna! Didn't want to leave you waiting so I decided to call now...e-eheheh Soo hi!" she spoke a bit awkwardly. It was quite unnatural that she would call someone right off the bat that she had just met today. Then again, she'd probably do that with a friend whom was a girl. But would it be different? She didn't really know and at the moment didn't care.
  20. James grinned, and sat on the window seat. "Hey Joanna. You miss me that much already?" He teased her good-naturedly. This girl was really something - even his other girlfriends before had waited at least an hour before calling him. Nonetheless, he was intrigued by her.