Hotel of Horrors

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  1. "I... I, uh... I'm... yeah, I'm Blaze," responded the boy surprisingly... slowly. Telling the other his name wasn't a particularly difficult task, and it wasn't something he needed to think about too much, yet he stammered and struggled to get the words out. This was partly because he was shy and bashful in front of a ridiculously good-looking man who called him cutie.

    However, it wasn't just because of that. He was hesitant to give his name, wondering whether it was to do so or not. And why? Because Blaze and his family were... rather famous. His folks weren't celebrities, no. His father was a... businessman.

    That was probably a polite way of saying that he was a crook; a mob boss, and because of his control on areas in the city, Blaze always worried about telling people his name. Blaze was hardly a common name, after all. He worried that someone would freak out if they realised he was the mob boss' only son.

    It was strange, how history was repeating itself somewhat. Isaac lost Montague all those years ago because he got involved with the mafia and took their daughter from them; a woman who Blaze was obviously related to. She had been one of his ancestors; the sister of his grandfather.

    Now here Isaac was again, flirting with the mafia boss' son and getting involved with the family, even if he, like back then, wasn't aware of it.
  2. "Blaze? Unique name, for a little cutie like yourself." Grinned Isaac, unaware of who he was talking to. He had no idea some of the mob had been spared. He honestly believed he wiped most of them out, and whoever was left ran away. But Isaac knew he definitely killed everyone involved with Montague's death.

    And how was he supposed to know this pure boy was related to the mafia? "So Blaze, you hungry? Maybe you can join me for dinner. Blaise was just going home. He's feeling sick. Blaise, you should head home. But don't go around trying to pick tulips. I'll find out~" He grinned, sending a light threat to the French boy.

    Looking back at the mob boss's son, he smiled, resting his chin on his fist again. "I'll treat you to whatever you want to eat~ Maybe ie cream? I bet a cutie like you loves ice cream~"
  3. It was true that most of his family had been slaughtered. In fact, all of them had-- besides his grandfather. The man, the youngest child of his parents, managed to escape mostly because he hadn't been involved in Montague's murder. He had been more of the 'nerd' of the family - he handed the accounts and the money, rather than the murder and the beatings.

    The man then proceeded to spend his life having a family, staying out of trouble. But his son -Blaze's father- decided enough time had passed and he wanted to restore his family's control in the city. And that he had. The family were rampant and feared again, even if Blaze hadn't really inherited any of his father's tyrannical streak. Blaze would prefer curling up with a book than going out threatening people.

    Blaise, however, frowned at the other. While Blaze nodded eagerly at the sound of lunch, the French boy was growing more uneasy. It can't have been a coincidence that this Blaze boy had such a similar name to him. Perhaps that was a nudge from fate, urging Blaise to step in and stop this horrible act.

    "...Are you sure you want to go for lunch with him, mon ami? Stranger danger, isn't that what you Americans say?"
  4. "Oh Blaise, it's so funny how you say 'stranger danger' when you go in strangers beds almost every night~" Laughed Isaac as if he were just jesting, but he wasn't. He was so close to snapping Blaise's neck if he didn't shut the fuck up. "And besides, Blaze is a big boy, he can handle himself, and we're going to lunch in a heavily populated area. We'll be fine." Smiled the British man, before looking back at Blaze with a smile.

    Blaze wouldn't be harmed tonight. No, a full moon wasn't until fifteen days from now. Fifteen entire days. That's how long Blaze had left to live, and that's how long Isaac had to get Blaze to trust him enough to come home with him. It shouldn't be so hard. Blaze seemed innocent and it seemed he was eager to get to know Isaac. "So, cutie, what do you wanna eat?"
  5. Glancing towards the similarly-named boy, it was fair to say that Blaze was pretty wary of the French man. He was supposedly friends with Isaac, yet was warning him away from him? That was... well, that was pretty damn weird, wasn't it? It did have the opposite effect, too. Rather than be wary of Isaac, Blaze found himself frowning and turning his back on Blaise a tad.

    "I... I guess I could go for some sushi? My father owns a restaurant, it's all meat and Italian food and... and sometimes I just want some light sushi, you know?" He lightly grinned, his cheeks now a ruby red colour. He never ever thought he would get the attention of someone like Isaac, so no amount of warning from Blaise was going to put him off.
  6. "Sushi? Oh, you've got to be a mind reader or something because I was literally just thinking that~!" Laughed Isaac as he stood up, helping him up. "Well, cutie, let's get to the Chinese restaurant. There's one not far from here." Smiled the man, wrapping an arm around the shorter boy's shoulder, bringing him close.

    Once they were out the comic store, Isaac sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry about Blaise...He's...He has a crush on me, you know? And I want to just stay friends with him, so that's why he was trying to warn you away from me. He kind of wants me to himself. Silly right?" Sighed the man, looking down at the boy. "Besides, I really wanna get to know you....You are single, right? I mean, this would be so awkward if you had a boyfriend." Laughed Isaac, not caring if he did have a boyfriend. He found that humans often cheat. Except for his sweet little Montague.
  7. Of course.

    Oh, that made so much more sense. It was so clear to him now that Blaise had a crush on Isaac. Who wouldn't? It made sense that he was trying to warn him away, so he could have him for himself--

    And god, it felt incredible that Isaac preferred to spend time with Blaze, rather than the French man.

    "I... c-course I don't have a boyfriend, I... my... my father isn't really... very accepting of my sexuality, I... I've tried to stay away from dating because my father isn't very... nice sometimes," he babbled, scratching his cheek with a faint smile, not going into details, for obvious reasons. "Hey, you can call me Brandon, you know? Blaze is a nickname I use so people don't know my real name, I mean... my family's kinda well know and sometimes it's just nice to escape that with a nickname, I guess."
  8. "Brandon? Oh, that's cute too. But I think I'll just call you cutie~" Smirked the tall man. "So your family's well known? What does your family do?" He asked, pretending to be curious. He found that humans liked it when other asked them questions about themselves. Such annoying creatures they are. Only Montague cared to get to know him. He was the first human to ask him what he wanted, what was his interest. What were his goals in life...Ugh, he missed him so much, he just wanted to hold him again.

    Which was why it was important for this little boy to hurry up and trust him so he could sacrifice him on a full moon. Walking down the street, he noticed how people looking more at Brandon. That was strange...More people looked at him usually, but they were looking at this little boy.
  9. "I mean, my... my mother's a model. I don't know how I came out looking so damn ugly because she's really pretty. My father's an entrepreneur, a businessman. He owns a few clubs, several restaurants, it's... kinda impressive, I guess?" Shrugged Brandon as he adjusted his varsity jacket, doing anything he could to avoid the stares from passersby. Honestly, this was the reason he didn't get out much. He didn't even go to school anymore - he was homeschooled instead, saving him the embarrassment of being stared at and questioned about his family.

    "It's not important, r-really-- tell me about yourself! You seem interesting," he beamed, doing what only Montague had ever done - enquire about Isaac's life. Everyone else he'd spoken to were happy to gush about themselves, but clearly, Brandon, like Monty all those years ago, seemed more interested in listening rather than blabbing. "...You own a business, right? You have that air about you, I... I mean, I can tell."
  10. That caught him off guard. Looking down at the human, he arched a brow before smiling to cover it up. "I um...I own a hotel actually. Ugh, I sound like such an old man don't I? I own the Monteville Hotel, maybe you've heard of it?" He asked with a bit of a smile. He hadn't expected him to be like Montague...It was...Weird.

    Clearing his throat, he pulled him into the Chinese Buffet place asking for a table for two. "But yeah, I own a hotel...I inherited from my mother."
  11. The Monteville?

    That name was, of course, pretty familiar to the young boy. He'd never been there, but he had purposely walked past the grand hotel a few times. He had been told that the owner of that place had been the one to essentially massacre every member of his family all those years ago, besides his grandfather. For his own peace of mind, he'd headed past the hotel just to get a feel of the place.

    To hear Isaac was the owner was a pretty... huge coincidence, wasn't it?

    "I... yeah, I know it," he began quietly, debating whether or not to just own up with the truth. He wasn't like his father. He was a nice, kind boy who really didn't have a bad bone in his body. Besides, his father was infamous in New York. It would only be a short time until Isaac heard who Brandon or 'Blaze' really was, right? And he didn't want to be accused of hiding the truth from him when it did come out...

    "Look, my father's Angelo Romano-- I'm Brandon Romano. I mean, I'm... part of that family-- I'm not like them, I swear. I-I couldn't hurt a fly," he weakly smiled, already growing red at the nervous glances he was being given by a few other people. Clearly, they believed every Romano was the same. He couldn't entirely blame that assumption - all his brothers were pretty awful.
  12. When Isaac was being told this information, he was already reading over the Chinese menu. He stopped his reading and really froze. Romano? No...No, they were all dead, he himself slaughtered them. Anyone he left alive fled to Italy or something. Before he could stop himself he let out a laugh at the irony shaking his head. Covering his eyes as he laughed, he used his free hand to let the boy know to give him a minute.

    After his laughing, he looked at Brandon or Blaze, or whoever the hell this boy was, trying to hold back his chuckles and snickers. "A Romano? You mean like the mafia right?" He asked, picking his menu back up with a little chuckle. "No, no, they are all dead. Slaughtered. Tragic really. Oh, let me guess. The lone survivor your grandma, or grandpa fled and had children, and his children are looking to revive the 'family business', and now they are back and feared? Oh, this is just pure gold." Laughed the man. History was truly repeating himself. He was definitely going to kill this Brandon, and when he was done? Wipe these Romanos out for good.

    Damn, they were harder to get rid of than roaches. "...Sorry for laughing, it just hilarious...You see my grandfather...He was the one who killed your family off. Crazy old man he was. Your family...Killed the love of his life. Took the one person he treasured in the whole world. So he killed your family. What irony is it, for us to be seated together? I mean..I have no ill intentions unless ill intentions count trying to get in your bed." Winked Isaac. "Not that that's the only thing I want from you. I'll just be honest, I want to be your boyfriend. There's no point in me hiding it. You're adorable, really and I...Felt like we have a connection. So let's forget about the past." Smiled Isaac reaching over to hold his hand.
  13. It was an odd reaction... but laughter was better than panic and fear, wasn't it? The laughter caught him off guard and truly unnerved him, given he didn't understand why the chuckles came, but it was at least better than if he'd made a panicked excuse and run out on him.

    Brandon wasn't sure he could accept that. This was his first time chatting with a guy who seemed to like him. If he'd run out and left, the insecurity Brandon would be hit with would be immense, so as odd as this laughter was, he could accept it.

    He definitely accepted it when the explanation arrived, his face freezing a little as he tried to acknowledge what he'd just been told. This was such an incredible coincidence that it was almost unbelievable but, in his head, this was fate. Some higher being had clearly brought them together, hadn't they? Because, honestly, this was an incredible coincidence.

    "That is... gosh, it's kinda scary, isn't it? I mean, your grandfather doing that to my family, my family being total assholes and killing your grandfather's love... I don't know. I'm not my family, I'm... I'm nice, I swear. I'm not going to, you know, shoot your brains out," he giggled, bashfully fanning his reddened cheeks, even if the joke was a little... morbid. "A-And, uh... I-I'd love to definitely go on another lunch date or something."
  14. "Well, let's finish this lunch date before we go planning another, hmm? Now, what should we order?" Asked Isaac grabbing his menu and looking it over. About a week later, eight days away from the full moon, the more he hung around the boy, the more he reminded him of Montague, the more it unnerved him. He...Did a lot of things like Montague. Like how he only ate strawberry ice cream, because the others were too 'basic'. Monty would say too bland.

    Or how he loved childish pajamas. Isaac found this out by going shopping with Brandon. They were just too similar. Today...Isaac wasn't going to hang out with him. He honestly couldn't do it. They two hung out every day since they met, but today Isaac decided against it. He just laid in Monty's bed, missing him more than ever. Brandon really made him miss him. "....Montague...You're here right?"
  15. Montague, in that week... well, he knew something was wrong. In all the decades he had been wandering around the hotel, observing Isaac, his boyfriend hadn't left the hotel as much as he had during that week and a day. It was suspicious and, as naive as Montague could be sometimes, he assumed that there was somebody else. He didn't understand that Isaac was deliberately enticing a boy for Montague's benefit.

    All he knew -or assumed- was that the man he'd loved for so long was out dating someone else.

    And it really did traumatise him.

    That said, he was still in his bedroom with Isaac, sat in a chair and staring across at the other, practically fuming at the sight of him. Such was his anger that, while his body couldn't be seen, his voice was heard. It sounded distant and faint, but... well, it could be somewhat heard.

    "...I'm here. Can you hear me? I... I'm here, Isaac. I... I'm in the chair, I... I'm mad at you."
  16. This startled him. Angry, what had he done to upset his lover? Sitting up, he looked at the chair, his face instantly concerned. "Mad? You're mad at me? What did...Blaise told you didn't he? That damned Frenchman...He won't be eating tonight...Look I'm sorry, this is for you, I promise you it is. Once the full moon is here, and I sacrifice that boy, you will return to your own body! I could hold you again, I'm doing this for us, and then I'll never kill again promise." He thought Montague knew his entire plan. Not that he was 'dating' someone else.

    He didn't like Brandon, hated to be around him. It only reminded him how much he missed Montague. "..Baby, come sit by me, please? I miss you so much...I know I have been out a lot this week, and I'm sorry. But I need the boy to trust me. But you had Tulip and Blaise to talk to."
  17. Almost immediately, Monty took in a sharp intake of breath in horror-- even if he didn't need to breathe. It was just automatic. He'd often given these cute little gasps when he was alive in response to spiders he saw, which freaked him out to no end and just amused Isaac. That instinct of gasping like that really hadn't left him, even in death.

    "Blaise... wouldn't tell me. I asked him. He told me nothing. I... I thought you were dating someone, I... I didn't know y-you were-- I'm not allowing that! N-No way, no... no! Y-You are not doing t-that!" He screeched suddenly, the chair he was sat on immediately falling to the ground in response to him jumping to his feet in horror. "...Don't do that, I-Isaac. Y-You're a m-monster, a-aren't you? I c-can't do this, I won't let this happen, I c-c-can't..."
  18. To hear him call him a monster literally broke him. Tears brimmed in his eyes as he looked at where he heard Monty's voice coming from. Montague....Thought he was a monster. He never wanted to hear that from him. He didn't care if he heard it from anyone else but from Montague? It felt as though he had been hit by a train. "...M-Monty...Baby, you don't...You just don't understand...I..I can't do this anymore Monty! You...You so close, but out of my reach...I want to hold you again, kiss you again, don't you miss me too? This is the only way! Baby if there was any other way, I would take it in a heartbeat, I promise but this is the only way I can bring you back."

    Wiping the tears from his eyes, he looked down at himself. He never wanted to show Montague this monstrous side of him. He wanted Montague to see him as the perfect, funny, loving boyfriend. Yet...He's seen so much of who he really was. "...You are right...I am a monster. Without you, I'm a monster. And I will continue to act this way without you. I need you. You're my soulmate, baby. And once this is over and behind us, we can do everything we wanted! Travel the world, run our hotel, have a bunch of dates, be together in public, we can do everything you ever wanted! Don't you see?"
  19. "I don't want that if it means... hurting someone and causing them to live eternity as I have for the last 67 years. I would never want someone to... suffer what I've suffered. That poor boy will be so scared and afraid and angry, so... angry if you kill him. He'll be stuck in this hotel with nobody. I... at least had you to watch and keep me sane. I-I don't want that poor boy being stuck here," he confirmed weakly, his arms wrapped around himself as he struggled to truly accept what his boyfriend was saying. He wanted everything he listed, so badly, but not if it meant murdering a boy to achieve that.

    Montague had been murdered and he'd spent more than six decades stuck in limbo like this. He wouldn't wish that reality on anyone.

    "I refuse, Isaac. I... I demand y-you leave that boy alone, do you understand?! I-I won't allow him to be hurt."
  20. "....So you are damning me to this eternal hell?....Montague this is hell for me! I can't live like this without you anymore! This isn't enough, hearing your voice and not seeing you! I want more...And we could have more but you are choosing to save some boy you don't even know!" Clenching his fist, he panted, slowly trying to calm down.

    "...Sorry....I'm sorry for raising my voice." Whispered the man, feeling guilty for yelling at Montague. He'd do anything for Montague, and he'd do anything to have him. Looking at the floor, he allowed tears to run down his face. "...I'll find another way then....I won't stop until I have you in my arms...But If I don't find a way, Montague...We are just going to have to sacrifice someone else. I will not live another sixty-seven years without you."