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Monsters, supernatural, fantasy, romance, criminality, slice-of-life (modern or set in past, usually with some twists)

How long had it been? Was it 50 or 60 years? Was it longer than that?

Honestly, Montague didn't know anymore how long he'd been dead. When your day was spent walking about your home, unable to reach out and touch or talk to anyone, you did tend to lose track of time. Sometimes, he managed to find entertainment to help the days go by quickly. It did help when the hotel was now often full to the brim with happy tourists and guests. It gave Montague something to do. He enjoyed just observing these people, as he had done for decades. He liked the hippies from the 60s and 70s, with their bright, rainbow-coloured outfits and the freedom they had to just be themselves. He definitely liked the 90s kids with their funny hip-hop music and large mobile phones. He didn't understand much of the technology, but he just sat and observed - it helped pass the time.

Modern guests definitely confused him the most with their complexities and reliance on technology, but they were definitely the most entertaining too. Guests from around America and the world had been observed by the ever inquisitive Montague, who just liked to sit. He couldn't reach out and talk to any of them, which sucked, but sometimes he fooled himself into pretending he was part of their lives. He was a friend, maybe, and another guest... though that illusion always ended whenever the living just walked straight through his ghostly body. It was hard pretending you were a part of their lives when the other people just walked right through you.

Although, any positive Montague had was definitely overshadowed by the negatives. He was alone. That was the biggest one. He had to watch people live their lives out happily while he was left to wander the place of his death alone and lonely.

It was exceptionally difficult when he had to watch his boyfriend commit murder and commit some of the most monstrous acts imaginable to the human mind. At first, when he realised that Isaac was sticking around to decorate the hotel, it had been beyond amazing. He quietly sat watching his lover paint and wallpaper the place up, his smile permanently fixed to his face--

And then he saw the monster the man really was without Montague around to curb his urges. He saw him decapitate people, torture them, eat them and drink from them-- and, most shockingly, he saw how Isaac smirked evilly after every murder. It disgusted him, it really did break his heart-- and he had to watch him do that for all these years without Isaac ageing a single day. It was confusing and, while it horrified him to see Isaac act so horribly, Montague was at least... happy that he was still around.

His undead life would be horrendous if he didn't have Isaac around... even if he couldn't utter a word to him or even touch him.

Currently, the ghost -in his patterned pyjamas he had been murdered in- was silently sat on a couch in the lobby of the hotel, whilst admiring just how beautiful the interior looked. It was so different to how run-down the place had been when he was alive... and it was now how he had always dreamt it would look.

That said, things that happened in the hotel made him feel sick. His mother had bought the place with the last of her cash and they'd both put so much love and care into it.

Seeing the rooms be splattered with the blood of Isaac's victims was... horrible.

Despite that, he couldn't help smiling to himself as he watched his boyfriend head behind the reception desk. No matter what Isaac did, no matter what he was... well, Montague couldn't hate him. It was almost impossible for him to hate the only man he'd ever loved.

As the ghost silently sat at the fireplace with his knees to his chest, he watched two tourists with their luggage happily stroll into the hotel, speaking some language Montague didn't know. They were both exceptionally beautiful, he could tell that immediately, and from their close proximity, he assumed they were dating.

It was easy to see why. Blaise had his arm wrapped around Tulip's waist as they came to a stop at the reception desk, and he even kissed her forehead lightly before locking his eyes with Isaac's. Now, Montague hadn't realised this, but Blaise could see him. Tulip could too. Blaise, though, wasn't so rude as to stare at the weird kid dressed in pyjamas. He just politely smiled and headed past him.

"...Excuse me? We have a reservation, under Blaise Deschamps," grinned the blue-haired boy, his eyes immediately lighting up at the handsome man opposite him. "...We're pretty tired. We just came in from Paris, didn't we, Tulip?"
Sixty-seven years. It's been sixty-seven years since the love of his life was cruelly taken away from Isaac. He met Montague a rainy late March day. The monster fell in love with him the moment he laid his grey eyes on Montague. It was as if the Earth beneath his feet shifted. Monty was his soulmate. He knew that the moment he met him. He'd never loved before, but Isaac knew he was in love with Montague. And he knew he'd feel the same. And of course, the teenage boy did. Only a week after meeting they made love. And then...Only a month later, Montague's precious life was stolen from him.

Isaac can still remember that night. He was grocery shopping, for Magnolia, Monty's mother. When he returned with the groceries they were both dead. Isaac ran to Monty, holding his beaten and bloody body crying and screaming. He begged for Monty to come back but of course...His lover was dead. May 21st, 1950...That was the day he lost Montague. Every year on that day Isaac is at his lowest. He doesn't kill people like he usually does, but instead drinks himself into oblivion, and cries as he looks at pictures of Monty. He himself never was able to take pictures with Monty, but when he fixed up the hotel, he found a few his mother had kept away. Did he know his soul still roamed around? Of course not. If he knew this he wouldn't have shown the monster that he truly was. Isaac didn't want anyone to be happy. If he couldn't be with his true love, then no one could.

Which is why he narrowed his eyes at the couple who came in. At least he thought they were a couple. Everyone would, they way they were hugging each other. He had no idea that they were just friends and that Blaise was actually gay. Before they had come in, Isaac was looking at a picture of Montague. He kept it on him at all times. His little lover.

Tulip looked at the strange boy in pyjamas, smiling brightly at him. She thought his little duckies were so cute~! Americans were strange but fun! The French girl looked up at her best friend before nodded happily. "Oui! It's been a long trip..." Her accent was heavy over her words.

"...Mhm." Was all Isaac replied with, instantly annoyed with the young couple. He looked through his computer, before finding their room. He handed them their room key. It was a card, but...It was their key to get in the room. "Room 154. Second floor. I do hope you enjoy your stay with us."

"We will, won't we lapin~" She grinned excitedly grabbing her bags. It was her first time in the U.S, so she was excited to look around tomorrow. But for now, she was more excited to sleep.
"Maybe you could recommend some nice places to eat? The food on the plane here was dreadful. We flew first class and it was still terribly plain. If you could point us in a direction of a nice place, I'd appreciate it. You look like a man who knows the best places in New York," continued Blaise, his own accent thick-- but he'd learnt English as early as the age of 13. He was fluent by then, with his father and his mother both pushing him into extra lessons so he'd learn the language quick. English was an almost universal language, and they saw the importance for their son to know it off by heart.

He was using it currently to flirt with the handsome man opposite him, taking in by his good looks and the fact he had a British accent - that was incredibly appealing to the young French fashion journalist. He didn't entirely realise that all his flirtation wouldn't achieve anything by pissing the man off further.

And Isaac was hardly the man to piss off. It was fucking dangerous to risk annoying him.

Eventually realising that perhaps Tulip didn't want to waste time standing beside him as he uselessly flirted, he grabbed his suitcases with a dashing smile and, after signing in and collecting the card key, headed to the elevator.

Now, in that time, Monty had sat bolt upright in confusion. He didn't see the smile Blaise gave him, but it was impossible to miss Tulip's smile. His first instinct was that she couldn't have seen him, that her smile wasn't directed at him and that they hadn't made eye contact. He was simply imagining it all out of desperation--

But then... what if she had seen him? What if she did send him a smile? He had to be sure, didn't he?

Which was why, just as the elevator opened to the fourth floor and Blaise stepped out to search down the hall for his room, Montague was already there. It was a perk of being dead that he could get to places far quicker than if he was living. Standing directly in front of them, he fully expected the couple to just stroll right on through him.

But they didn't. Blaise stopped before he walked through the boy and, once taking in just how cute the young teenager was, smiled brightly in welcome. Sure, it was a little odd that a boy was walking around in pyjamas like this, and who had got up from the lobby so quickly, but... well, the kid was cute. He didn't care how odd he was. "Uh-- Hello. You were... down in the lobby, weren't you? Are you a guest here too? This place sure is nice, huh? Really glamorous, old-fashioned..."

Wow. They... could actually see him? Just... wow..

It took everything Montague had not to break down and cry and have a total meltdown right now. It had been 67 years since he last uttered a word to someone, or even had someone see him. So yes, it was a huge fucking deal, and he barely managed to hold himself together. He did make a subtle move to rearrange his hair to cover up the bullet wound at the back of his head - he didn't want them seeing that and freaking out about it.

"...I... It's my hotel. I'm the owner, really," he began quietly, his voice sounding far softer and lighter than your typical 17-year-old, which was why people had always assumed, when he was alive, that he was younger than his age. Hell, he remembered the mafia members debating whether to hurt him too badly, thinking he was just a kid. In the end, they decided to just hurt him regardless of how young and innocent he looked. "I... You can see me? You can actually... see me? sorry, golly, that sounds strange! Ignore me, I'm awfully tired. It's a large hotel, it... it tires me out with its upkeep... Sorry, gosh, where are my manners? I'm Montague Monteville, I... I'm sure you'll love your time here."
Tulip was surprised to see this boy in front of her. For one he was just in the lobby...Like just there. Well, he said he owned the hotel, so maybe he knew secret ways to get up quicker? That had to be it. That or she was just really tired and hadn't noticed him walk by. "Montague? What a cute name~ I'm Tulip~ This here is my best friend Blaise. You really own this beautiful hotel? You're so young...Did you inherit it?" She asked with a small smile.

He seemed like such a sweet boy! She hoped they could be friends. Maybe he could show her around. "Also, do you know if that man downstairs is single? He was handsome, right Blaise?" She giggled girlishly, unaware she was speaking to said man's boyfriend...Sort of. "He looks like an euh...what's the word? Ah, celebrity." Her English wasn't as good as he best friend. While he had been taking it since he was thirteen, she had only learned it when she was seventeen.

"I don't think I have a chance though...He's so handsome." She said wistfully playing with her bright red hair before looking at the boy in front of her. "I love your little duckies~ So cute, Americans are so cute!"
"Americans are the cutest, totally. But that man downstairs was out of this world gorgeous. I got a gay vibe from him? I don't know, maybe that's just because he knows how to put an outfit together. He was like a celebrity, you're right," he praised his best friend lightly, adjusting the backpacks on his shoulders quietly. After all, while he'd tugged Tulip along with him for a little getaway, he was here on business to head to a few fashion shows and write up about them, both for the fashion magazine he worked at, an for his own online blog.

But hey, all business and no fun made for a very boring life. He would have a tonne of spare time, hence why he had decided to force his best friend to join him. When he wasn't stuck in his hotel room writing up his article, he was definitely going to be hitting the town and having a good time. He wanted to meet a few cute guys, too - and the fact he'd bumped into one just downstairs when meeting Isaac made him a hell of a lot more excited.

If he could meet a handsome guy within two minutes of getting out of the taxi, then he could meet a whole lot of cute guys tonight.

That said, he wasn't sure any of them could match Isaac-- but it would at least be fun finding out.

"...My mother bought this hotel. I supposed it was mine when she died. I... I let Isaac run things, which is why he'll say he's the boss. But it's called the Monteville Hotel. I'm Montague Monteville. It's... It's really self-explanatory," smiled the teenager as he fiddled with the long sleeves of his pyjamas. It was a good thing he died in these, because his arms were covered with permanent bruises and stab wounds. If he'd died in a vest, they'd all be on display and he'd scare the French tourists away before he could even open his mouth to introduce himself.

"Isaac isn't available. He's... in love. With me. We're dating," he openly smiled. God, it felt good to say that. When he and Isaac had been dating, society wasn't accepting of it. Not really. Now, Montague saw gay couples stroll into the hotel happily, hand in hand, kissing one another without fear. It was so... so amazing to him, so satisfying.

Saying aloud that he and Isaac were an item was almost emotional.

"I... We're arguing at the moment. I don't think it would be wise to... to say we've been talking. Just don't mention me at all-- oh, I'm not going to bore you with the details! Come on, I'll show you your room. Isaac said you were in Room 154, didn't he? Oh, that's a fabulous room, wonderful view of New York. You'll love it. It's a double bed. I... I'm sure you won't mind sharing. You seem close."
"Oui! We've been best friends since diaper days." Giggled Tulip, and she held her own bags as she followed Montague. "Well...Montague, I'm sure you and he will figure it out. You're lucky to be dating such a handsome man!" She did feel a little awkward about saying how gorgeous his boyfriend was an asking if he were single, but Montague didn't seem too mad at her and that was a blessing.

"So you let your boyfriend run things around here? Sounds more like marriage to me~" She joked. But it did seem like the two were more serious than just being boyfriends if Montague let Isaac run things. When they reached the bedroom, she squealed in delight, running to the massive windows and looking out. Montague wasn't lying. The view was incredible. It made her want to cry almost. She was really in New York! While it was for her best friend's job she knew they would have a lot of downtime. So they could party and explore a lot! She had always wanted to go to New York. Living in Paris was exciting but not as exciting as New York! She was used to Paris, New York was something new to her! And maybe she could find a cute American boy! "Oh, Montague the view is incredible!"
All Montague had wanted was a successful hotel. When his mother put all her money into this, he had hoped that the place would be booming with guests, all happy and gushing about how amazing the quaint hotel was. Of course, that never happened. Nobody but Isaac had ever visited, there hadn't been any real guests and his mother had died and passed into the afterlife never seeing her beloved hotel burst with life.

Now, the hotel was gaining a reputation in the city. People visited from all over the world and Isaac was running things exceptionally well. When a group of Swedish models had arrived into the hotel, being the first guests after Monty's death, he'd wanted to cry with joy. It was all he wanted, to see his hotel be loved as much as he loved it, and those models had been special to him. They had given the hotel a chance.

He just wished, in return, he could have saved them. Instead, he'd walked into their room to observe them, just to see them all dead and Isaac casually cutting their bodies up.

It hadn't been a very... settling sight.

Hearing Tulip gush about the room and Blaise drop his bags in amazement at the view made the small teen's eyes light up, fiddling with his hands as his smile grew wider. He wasn't the best with social interaction when he was alive, but 67 years not speaking to anyone made him just want to babble on for hours with these friendly people.

"...I'm glad you like it. It's... It's a very nice room, one of my favourites, really," continued Monty as he hesitated awkwardly in the corner of the room. "...How long are you staying for? I... Are you models? A lot of models stay here during the fashion show season--"

"I'm a fashion journalist, aspiring designer. Tulip here should be a model, I've always told her she has the physique," cooed Blaise, with an unsubtle wink to his best friend. "We're here for a month-- I want to see everything! You could perhaps show us, you're such a cutie."

"I... W-Well... I have the hotel, but... but maybe, that'd be nice. Maybe we could just... talk, here. I don't talk to many people, really."
"Really? Why? You're such a doll~" Smiled the French girl, sitting down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. "Wow the ceiling is so high up~ It's so spacious in here, I love it~" Smiled Tulip. "...I think I'll be a model, I mean I could be with my little lapin a lot~" Standing from the bed, she instantly grabbed a list off the nightstand, seeing it listed places to eat from and their numbers.

"Ooh, look Blaise. Here's a list of places to eat. I'm starving, and I want real food. Not that fake food we ate on the plane. Yuck." Looking through the list her bright blue eyes went to Monty, noticing he was awkwardly standing. "You can sit~ I mean you own this place~ Tell me, Monty, how old are you? You are so lucky to have a hotel and be this young, you must be loaded huh?"
"Loaded? I... I'm not rich, not really. I... the hotel is mine, it's my whole life, but Isaac is mainly in charge of all of that. He makes the money, he maintains the place, his name is on the receipts and bills. I suppose, in that sense, I'm not the owner any longer. I'm just too emotionally tied up in this place to leave," the boy shyly replied, his mouth quivering a little at the thought. Isaac, really, was the owner.

Montague was dead. He and his mother were both... dead. He wasn't the owner any longer. He could claim that this was his place, that his name was in the hotel, but he wasn't the one making the money. It was all Isaac. He had to admit that, however hard it was.

"I'm 17. I... I'm almost 18," he smiled nervously. Well, he had almost been 18. He'd been so close to that big birthday that he and Isaac had been making birthday plans. They were going to share a chocolate cake cuddled up in bed, his mother was going to make a huge birthday dinner for the three of them, then they were going to just sleep all snuggled up closely. It would have been perfect, but he never had the chance to experience any of it.

"Really? You look so young-- adorable, really," smiled Blaise as he swiped the list from his friend's hands, absently running his finger down the list and randomly stopped on a Mexican restaurant, making note of the street it was on quickly. "When I was 17, I think I just started work at McDonald's. Honestly, you're lucky. You have such a handsome boyfriend, a successful business... Hey, you could come out with us sometime! It'd be nice to share a meal with you and Isaac. We don't know New York very well, it'd be, how you say... handy to have you help us out."
"Oui, oui! You should come out with us~ That would be fun~ So you're only seventeen? And have a boyfriend like euh...Isaac, you say? Wow, he seems older than you, like mid-twenties...You like older men, hmm?" She giggled lightly, smiling a bit before crawling over to sit next to her best friend, looking at the list of places together.

"You are lucky Monty, can I call you that? Anyway, you so lucky!" She grinned at the cute teenage boy. He had a hotel for crying out loud! She thought he was being humble when saying Isaac owned everything. Of course, she thought Monta got some cut since his mother owned this beautiful hotel. She was unaware that he was dead already.
"He is older than me, but... well, it wasn't an issue when we got together, really-- look, you two sweethearts go out and have fun. The city... it's changed a lot since I and my mother bought this hotel, but I'm sure y'all can have a real hoot out there. I have a lot of work today. Lots of rooms to clean and sort out, you know? A lot of little things to... to do," the ghost mumbled. He wanted nothing more than to continue to talk, given he'd gone so long without company. He didn't know how these two could see him, or why, out of all the people he'd seen, these two were special, but he didn't care.

All he cared about was the fact they could see him, and he didn't want to end their conversation now. But they had their young lives to lead, they could go out and have fun whereas he was contained and limited to the hotel. He wasn't selfish. He wasn't going to force them to stay when they clearly wanted to go out.

Besides, they were here a month. He... He could be patient and wait until they returned.

"I... I... maybe when you go downstairs, maybe you could mention to Isaac that I'm... in my bedroom? I should be mature and apologise, really," smiled Montague. If his heart could beat, it would be beating out of his chest. This was his first opportunity in 67 years to communicate with Isaac, albeit through this couple. He'd tried a lot over the years. He'd written notes and wrote messages in mirrors, but nothing worked. The notes were lost, the messages wiped away...

This was his shot at letting Isaac know he was here, that he hadn't left. He couldn't mess this up. He didn't want this couple getting killed by Isaac in anger, if he thought they were just making it all up.

"Tell him that... that he should bring me up a nice cup of lilac tea. It's my favourite. Only he knows that. Now you two know that, I suppose."
"Sure~ No problem~ Be sure not to be too loud tonight~" Giggled the girl, winking at her new friend. Of course, she thought they were going to make up, as all couples do. And she knew if she had a man that looked like Isaac, she would pounce on him the moment he came in her bedroom. Once she and her best friend were alone, she smiled brightly. "What an adorable kid~ Well, let's get dressed and...euh...Party~!" She grinned.

About an hour later, she and Blaise came back to the first door, on their way out into the big city to party. Her red hair was in a high ponytail. She wore a little black dress, with a faux diamond choker. As they headed out, she stopped, before smiling at Isaac. "Oh, Isaac, right? Your boyfriend, Monty said he's waiting in his bedroom, and to bring him some euh...lilac tea, right lapin?" She asked her best friend looking up at him.

Isaac looked at the two, his eyes wide, his face draining of colour. What did they just say? Monty...Waiting for him...How...How did they? He stared at the couple he was planning to kill tomorrow, wondering how they knew Monty, and...how did they know about his favourite tea. But he didn't have time to question it, instead, he sprinted to Montague's room, tears welling in his eyes.
Monty had waited all that time in his old bedroom, the one room of the hotel that had been untouched all of these years. He was thankful that Isaac had locked it up and refused anyone entrance to it, because Monty didn't want any guests in his personal room. It was untouched and just as he had left it all those years ago. It was just... his space and he didn't want it to change. It was special to him and, when he sat on his bed, he sometimes tricked himself into believing he was alive, just waking up from a bad dream.

His eyes lit up the moment Isaac unlocked the door and stepped in and, just for a moment, he thought they'd locked eyes-- but then he realised that, rather than looking at him, Isaac was staring through him. He couldn't see him, but... Monty expected that. He hadn't seen him or heard him in 67 years. That wasn't going to change soon.

He just wanted Isaac to know he was there, and that his only way to truly communicating with Monty was through those French friends. It guaranteed them their lives for a while, anyway.

Standing just in front of his lover, he moved his hand to rest just away from his cheek. His hand would just go through him, so, to pretend that he was alive for a moment, he held his hand just away from the other's cheek, as though holding it. He didn't know how he was supposed to communicate with him, but this, for now, was nice.
He wasn't there. Of course, he wasn't there. Why did he think he would be? That damn French couple played him for a fool! But...How would they know about Montague? And about his favourite tea? "...M-Monty...If you are here....Please know that...I love you so much...." He whispered, his wet eyes looking around. His eyes looked around the bedroom that he hadn't changed. He only came in here on Montague's birthday.

Silently he walked over to the bed, unaware he had walked right through his lover. Laying on the bed slowly, he felt his body tremble as he silently sobbed into the pillow. He missed him. Even after all this time...He still missed him. Time didn't heal all wounds. Isaac knew this from first-hand experience. Because after over sixty years, he was still crying over the lost over the love of his life. He just wanted him back. He needed him back.
If Monty could hold physical objects, he could have convinced Isaac he was still around years and years ago. He just couldn't do that. He tried to touch physical things, but he didn't work. His hand and body went straight through them. He'd learnt how to sit in chairs and lay on beds, but picking up physical objects was something he just couldn't do.

Well, sometimes he could. Sometimes he found himself being able to hold pens and touch mirrors, which he'd done to leave messages, but, suddenly, that power left him. It was all very raw, he hadn't perfected the ability yet, however hard he tried.

It was just another thing obstructing his reunion with Isaac, and it was something he desperately wanted to learn to do, especially when he had to uselessly stand and watch the man breakdown like this.

"Isaac? I-Isaac, just... just listen, you have to hear me, I... I'm here," he whispered nervously, sitting down on the bed beside him as he tiredly reached out to try and touch him, his own emotions kicking in when his hand continually just slid through him.
Isaac continued to sob. He wanted Montague back so bad...He really thought he was here this time. Well, Montague was here, Isaac just couldn't see him. As the thought came to him, his sobbing softened a bit as he opened his eyes. It looked like he was looking right at Montague, but of course, he wasn't. Wiping his wet eyes, the man mumbled, "...Monty, you are here, aren't you? How...How else would that couple know about you?" He whispered.

"...How long have you been here? Since...Since that...Horrible day?" He questioned, his voice cracked as he was forced to think back to the events of that day. But now...He knew Montague was here, and...He must have seen everything Isaac did. "...Montague, I'm...I'm so sorry...If you saw me...You....You're probably wondering what....Kind of monster I am...Do...Do you hate me now? God, you probably do, don't you?" He whispered, tears in his eyes thinking the man hated him.

He needed answers...He wanted to talk to his lover, and those French people were the only ones who could talk to him. "...When that couple comes back....I'm going to talk to them...Be there too I...I want to hear your answers."
This was horrible. This was honestly the worst thing Monty had had to go through, seeing his boyfriend break his heart without being able to comfort him. This was worse than watching Isaac kill people with a smile on his face.

Okay, maybe this the second worst thing, because the worst was watching Isaac coming home and seeing Monty's corpse all those years ago. He had never seen anyone so grief-stricken and heartbroken in his life. That... That had definitely been the worst moment of his life, both living and dead. But this came a close second.

Besides, he hadn't thought it through at all. He couldn't have the French couple talk to Isaac for him, communicating what Monty was saying. They would find it weird until Monty explained he was dead and... and then they would freak out and possibly leave and then he wouldn't have anyone to talk to. He wanted them-- no, needed them to stay.

He wasn't going to go back to years of loneliness again. He needed them to stay, and that meant pretending to be a living human. They would just run if they knew he was a ghost, so... so no, he couldn't stand with Isaac and talk to the French couple. As much as he wanted to communicate with Isaac, he didn't want to lose Blaise and Tulip either.

It was why he deliberately stayed away when the French pair returned. Rather than arrive to meet them, he stayed away in one of the empty rooms, meaning all Blaise saw when he drunkenly stumbled into the hotel was Isaac behind the counter, shooting the man a drunkenly flirtatious grin. That was as fair as he was going with that, though. Monty was dating him. As flirty as Blaise was, he wasn't someone who dated unavailable men. He wasn't like that.

"...I'm so... tipsy. Tipsy is a good English word. I'm tipsy," he purred to Tulip playfully, holding onto her hand for steadiness. "We went to a bar, it was so much fun! Do you stand there all n-n-hic-night, Isaac? God, boring!"
Since they took a cab home, Tulip was able to get drunk with her best friend as well. She laughed happily and swaying as she held her best friend up to it. "Really I-Issac` Should you b-be in Monty's room? Making up~" She purred giggling happily. "Oh don't stand here all night~"

Isaac grimaced slightly. Montague wasn't here? Why...Why didn't he come? Growling lightly, he would just have to communicate with him another time. Isaac was planning on taking the couple, holding them hostage so he could contact his lover. Hey, maybe he could get Montague to possess one of them.
"That kid is just too cute. You're too handsome. Honestly, I'd go with either of you and be totally... totally happy... I'm going throw up, oh f-fucking hell. Never... Never drink shots with Tulip, there's some advice. She says she's not good at partying, but she can drink any man to the ground," groaned the journalist as he warily leaned against the wall for support, resting his head low and taking deep breaths to counteract his nausea. He was pretty sure that plenty of drunk party people had strolled into this hotel, so he wasn't too embarrassed by his tipsy state, as evidenced by the bright smile he gave after the urge to vomit disappeared.

"You should... totally go and talk to him. I thought you both were going to be in bed at this point. I thought you were making up," shrugged Blaise, finally gathering himself together somehow, though leaned on the reception when dizziness hit again. It was there that he saw the small framed photograph of Montague, grabbing it curiously before recognition kicked in. "This is him, yeah? It looks like an old photograph-- but that's cute. Honestly, the kid gives me cavities, he's that sweet, isn't he Tulip? In those duckie pyjamas and--"

"...Did you enjoy your night out? You certainly look like you did. I... If you ask Isaac for hot chocolate, I'm sure he can bring it to your room for you. I want to go the extra mile for you both, you're lovely guests," murmured said boy, having arrived out of the blue. Okay, so he had wanted to stay away to preserve his growing friendship with the couple, but the urge to talk to Isaac had overridden that. It always would.

"Ah, Monty, mon mignon petit ami~! I... may have had a little too much to drink but the bartender was so cute. He kept plying me with free drinks," grinned the French man, smiling across at Monty but, to Isaac, he was smiling at thin air. Clearly, he could see someone Isaac couldn't. "I thought you and your handsome boyfriend over here were going to, how you say... 'kiss and make up'~!"
Isaac's eyes looked at where he and Tulip were looking but of course...He saw nothing. But they clearly saw him. Feeling the tears well in his eyes, he blinked them back, before looking down at the drunk boy on him. He couldn't keep he and Tulip hostage right now. They were far too drunk and looked like they would pass out any moment. He would just take them tomorrow when they were sober. So Monty's still wearing those duckie pajamas? The ones he wore on that day...

Tulip giggled happily, waving to Monty. "Oh Monty~! My sweet American friend~! Why aren't you and your gorgeous boyfriend in bed~? You made up, oui?"

"...No, actually he isn't talking to me...Could you tell Montague that I still love him?" He asked while holding the blue-haired boy up.

"Ah, I see! You two having one of those childish fights~ How cute~! Montague, Isaac says he loves you." She giggled, thinking they just weren't speaking directly to each other.