Hotel California

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  1. On a dark desert highway, with a cool wind in you hair, and the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air, up ahead in the distance you see a shimmering light. Your head grows heavy and and you sight grows dim, you have to stop for the night. There she stood in the doorway, you hear the mission bell, and you think to yourself 'this could be Heaven, or this could be Hell.' She lights up a candle and shows you the way. There were voices down the corridor, you thought you heard then say:

    Welcome to the Hotel California!
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    >> Ethan


    here was no way he had heard that. Who, or what, would even welcome him to this hotel? He was tired. Very much so. He couldn't help the yawn that escaped his mouth. His eyes watered, though he blinked the tears away. Once he was lead to his room, he immediately collapsed onto the soft, plush bed. One that you normally wouldn't find in a hotel like this. He had to admit, it was hard keeping his amber eyes open, but it was also hard to close them. Being in such an unfamiliar place wasn't something he enjoyed. Who knew what would occur. Not to mention hearing so many tales about people being... injured. Or worse...

    Sooner or later, Ethan would drift off. He would then resume his wakeful status, only to drift again. He wasn't able to fitfully sleep. He probably wouldn't be able to, either. "Maybe if I look around I can get more... comfortable." He decided on getting up and walking around. They wouldn't mind. He twisted his body off of the bed, getting his shoes back on. He stretched slightly, still feeling fatigued. Opening the door of the room he rented, he walked through the halls, wondering who, or what, else could be here.
  3. He sees a young woman wondering the halls. It was the girl who led him inside. She called to him, wondering if he needed something or not. "May I help you?"
  4. >> Ethan


    e almost jumped when hearing the voice from the girl he hadn't noticed. "Ahh," he began. "No, I'm sorry. I don't need anything, necessarily. I'm just walking around, and can't seem to sleep, is all." He smiled, looking slightly apologetic for wandering around. "Er, did I wake you up? Or am I not supposed to wander? I can leave, back to my room, if so." He replied, shrugging. He paused a moment, having a question on the tip of his tongue. "Erm, is there anyone else here? Or can you not tell me?"
  5. The girl smiled and giggled at the boy. "It is quite alright that you wander the halls. I am Ruth, the Hostess. The other guests are most likely sleeping."
  6. A girl charges into the hotel through the open doorway, "Yes! Finally, a place to rest!"

    "Phew," She takes out a hairband from her back pocket to tie her blond hair together.

    She looks around and sees the hostess answering a boy's questions.

    Cecelia walks over to her, "Hello, what's the fee for one night?"
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    >> Ethan


    h, that's goo-" He paused, not finishing his sentence as another girl, who just came in the door, had walked over. It would be rude to interrupt her question, though he'd been talking first. He raised an eyebrow, his other eye narrowing slightly, giving him a rather confused look on his face. Who was she? Of course, he wouldn't know that, since she had just walked in, but it piqued his interest. He casually leaned back on the wall, not fully interested in knowing the price a second time. His eyes immediately went to looking around the room. It was rather homey looking, now that he thought about it. Nothing too modern, and nothing too cramped. It was an effective use of space. But, something threw him off in that moment, and made his stomach lurch. The feeling was gone as quick as it came, and he threw it off easily. It was just fatigue, as usual.

    His eyes were half lidded, easily reminding him that he was tired. He blinked, eyes still only being half lidded. He might as well have gone back upstairs, but he felt rather... unusual about doing such. He listened in on the answers, or questions. Rather, just the words forming out of their mouths.
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    Cecelia sees the zombie-like boy slowly dragging himself back up the stairs.

    Her vision is weak, so everything in the room is a blur. She takes out a thick pair of broken glasses from her old bag with patches and stitches allover.

    She sighs and tries holding the glasses over her eyes to look around. The room is well kept, not a speck of dust in sight.

    Then she turns her attention back to the hostess, who turns out to be surprisingly pretty.
  9. The hostess turns to the girl to answer her question. "Hello! The fee for one night is sixty dollars, but if you buy our membership card for seventy-five dollars, the first three nights are free!" She smiles invitingly. "Would you like to rent a room?"
  10. Aw she has such a cute voice Cecelia thought to herself.

    "Yes, I'd like to rent a room," She says as she rumages through her bag, and then hands some cash to the hostess.

    "It's a nice place you got here. You run it all by yourself?"
  11. "No, we have other staff, but most of them are sleeping. I usually stay up most of the time." She smiles at the girl. "Let's go over to the register and get you checked in, and I'll show you to your room."
  12. "Alright," Cecelia says as she follows the girl.

    She usually stays up most of the time?
    She thinks to herself.

    Does she drink vats of coffee or something?
    Cecelia's thoughts wander as she ponders why the hostess doesn't have bags under her eyes.
  13. They walk over to the counter and she checks Cecelia into the Hotel, and hands her the room key.

    "Alright! Is room 203 good for you? It's on the second floor. Third on the right. Welcome to the Hotel California!"
  14. Jack entered the hotel's lobby warily. It seemed to be a classy place... or maybe just gaudy. It was hard to tell in the night, and he was too tired to care. This was the only hotel that looked like it would take him. He shuffled up to the front desk and smiled apologetically at the pretty thing behind the counter. "Uh... Sorry it's so late, but could I get a room? I only have 50 bucks on me..." He hoped it would be enough, or that they could work something out. He really needed a place to stay.
  15. "Thanks," She takes the silver key with the numbers 203 engraved in it.

    Cecelia puts the key in her pocket, grabs her bag, and runs up the stairs. She races past the tired looking boy, and heads straight to her room.

    "Ah," Cecelia opens the door halfway but then pauses. Her head starts to feel dizzy, and she wobbles back and forth.

    She collapses on the floor from exhaustion.

    She had been camping previously and got lost in the woods. After walking around for a day and a half, she had found this hotel.

    Now, she is asleep in the doorway to her room.
  16. >> Ethan


    than happened to be walking up the stairs again, zombie-like. Figuring that he was being a bother just staying there, and also figuring that he wouldn't figure anything out tonight. It was only for a night, anyways. While walking up the stairs, and finally making it to the base, he looked through the dark corridor. Something, again, seemed rather off. Something he couldn't place. Either way, he kept walking, tired.

    He hadn't been paying attention, so when he felt something soft hit his foot, or his foot hitting it, he practically jumped away out of his wits. His eyes widened, and he slowly began creeping over to it, again. He knelt down, slightly reaching out and touching the object. It was warm, and obviously alive. He pulled his hand back, confused. "Wha-" he closed his mouth quickly, his voice being lost into his head. Suddenly, he noticed that he was by a doorway, and the thing he had touched was a girl. The exact one he'd seen downstairs.

    Slowly, he began to panic. Was she dead? Did she have a heart attack? Was she injured?! Ill? He felt afraid that he'd stumbled upon a dead body. What if he had?! What would he do?! His breath came quickly, heart beating just as fast. That is, till he noticed the girl was still breathing, and fine. He let out a sigh, releasing some of the fear he had felt before. What should he do, though? Take her into her room? Leave her?

    Soon, he had decided to take her inside. It would have been rude to leave her out in the middle of the doorway. But, how would he pick her up? Deciding that it would probably be easiest to carry her like a groom would, he picked her up, doing his best not to disturb the sleeping girl, and vertically walked into the room, making sure to not bump her, either. Once inside, he noticed the blandness of this room, as well. The same everything. Not as classy as you would think he thought, with a silent laugh. He located the bed, in the far left corner of the room, at the top. He could get her there, and not drop her, he hoped. He was never one for strength, but more for speed.
  17. The hostess turns to Jack, a welcoming smile on her face. "So many new guests! And yes, that will be fine, we can figure out a way to work out the rest at a later time. Would you like to check in now?" She was still sitting behind the desk, ready to check him in.
  18. Jack gave the hostess a look that said "Thank you so much". "Yeah, I'd like to check in now, if I could. Thanks..." He looked around the darkened lobby, at the dimly sparkling chandelier hanging from the raised ceiling. The expensive-looking sofas and armchairs with fraying threads... He couldn't make heads or tails of this place.
  19. The hostess looks through a list. "How's 309 sound? Third floor, ninth on the right. Lovely balcony view. Is that OK?"
  20. Eli walks into the hotel and looks around. This seems like a good place to crash, he thought. He walked up to the check in station. "Hey. I would like to check in." he says.