Hot Women In Music

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  1. Belle

    "A tactical and field agent," she commented with a smile "Have you per chance heard of Cloak, or perhaps of Dagger?"
  2. Lead Singer lady for Within Temptation is pretty tempting.
  3. Whoever makes actually good music, Tal Wilkenfeld works, so does PJ Harvey, Rachel Grimes is fine too, I guess.
  4. Annette Olzon, and all of the members of Serebro, see below.

    One of them looks like a better version of Hillary Duff, another looks like Megan Fox, but hotter. the last one.... I dunno, but HOT.

  5. Ray

    He sat at his desk after bringing everyone their cups. He smiled at her. "I personally like the cold. Cold Baltimore usually means snow. Snow means more families are out playing in the snow and being close. Spreads loves and happiness throughout the city. Hell, crime even goes down when that happens." He sipped his hot chocolate. He reached into his desk and brought out a bag of mini marshmallows. "Help yourselves." He put a few in his cup.
  6. John

    "But of course." He smiled at her.


    "To be honest, I guess it'll be good to work with a team to get Dagger out of Baltimore for good. I will try to keep the Hunter in check, but I wouldn't order him around too much. So, who all is going to be on this team?"

    (It's going to be a very awkward time when Blair finds out about Ray being the Hunter, yeesh.)
  7. Ray

    "I'd prefer if she didn't. He and Blair aren't exactly getting along. He kind of threatened her telling her to stop being a vigilante. It was a step to far that I wish he didn't do, but I think he did it out of love and wanting her to be safe. Hunter's worse with emotions than I am."
  8. Belle

    "Not what I mean Ray. What I mean is you dug into her personal life, and you know her secret." She leaned back and smiled "Maybe go for another one. Or something. Get a hobby that doesn't make you dig into people's dark shit."
  9. John

    He smiled at her. "I like you." He started driving.
  10. Belle

    She smiled "Perfect. You do all the chit chat this time around, okay?"
  11. Belle

    She nodded then allowed a smile "I hope he has a good idea for her. I don't want her to be a possible rouge."
  12. Jason

    He walked onto the campus of his new school. He wasn't really sure what to expect from it all. He just knew he'd see some interesting things.
  13. hannah

    "I am doing good. I have shapeshifting powers, the power to melt, and I am extremely flexible in my human form" she said. "hbu?"
  14. John

    "True." He chuckled as he pulled into the parking lot at the base. He smiled at her.
  15. Hannah

    "my name is Hannah. what is your name?"
  16. Hawthorne

    He smiled brightly "just delightful! I am so glad to here it."

    "He warns us he might go rouge." Belle mumbled under her breath. Hawthorne shrugged

    "Well if he does we have our protocol." He confirmed with a small nod
  17. Sakamoto
    (haha XD)
    It is so dark and I try to go around not seeing anything as I got up. The place seemed rather small though....I was glad that Winnie was alright though. She then found the light switch and I blinked at the sudden exposure.
    Thats better at least we can see now, I think looking around seeing all the books and stuff
    "Um...yeah it is kinda creepy." i admit agreeing with her.
    "Wonder why kind of books are here?" I say looking threw some books....i mean obviously this person took the time to makek this place to hide these secret books. I wondered what was so important.

    "Experiment facility with how easy we got out?" I say and laughed a little.
    "Hum...that could be why they are here. Like I said once we go back we can always just ask." I then say with a shrug," think they do have powers? Why hide them?"

    I see he becomes flustered...I couldn't help but smirk finding it like sweet justice for all the times he has teased me. I take another sip of the hot coco
    " does taste very good." I say," Lets just hope Warren doesn't find out."
    I looked around the room to make sure that Warren wasn't around then lean close to him. I should trust him since he's my friend
    "Hey I have a secret to tell you...but you have to promise not to tell. got it" I say in a whisper, looking at him serious.