Hot Topic, Hot Cash ($15 Give Away)

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  1. Hot Topic
    $15 off Next $30 Purchase Online
    *Hot Topic is some store, some place with clothes...and stuff.

    So, I have a $15 Hot Cash Coupon for purchases of $30 or more. Virtual Money, Yay.
    But I do not shop at Hot Topic generally because I am too old for it, and I hate it. Only reason I got this was someone bought me a gift card for Christmas.

    Does anyone shop like an addict at Hot Topic and would like $15 off their next purchase?

    I can't mail you the physical copy because that requires personal information. There is an Online Promo Code and the Hot Cash can only be used 1/14-1/24 for whatever reason.

    Don't care who wants it, but first come first serve.

    I'll be sending a photo of the actual thing to prove it's here, then the promo code. Along with the small print because apparently there are some things you can't buy with it.
  2. If no one else wants it, I'll take it! I'm a tee-shirt fiend. They have good stuff sometimes. :D

    But srsly, wait and see if anyone else wants it before giving it to me. :3
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  4. Yo GC threads go to shittown over some dumb things sometimes but 15% off at Hot Topic is not something that I see people losing their heads over.

    Unless, I dunno... people start talking shit about Hot Topic in general which leads to negative comments about fandoms and punk... stuff?? (I only shop at Hot Topic for fandom-related stuff sometimes and have no idea what all their other stuff is supposed to be.) Which then somehow leads to a debate about "free speech" vs some other things and it is laced thoroughly with a fair amount of making fun of "Tumblrisms". (inb4 someone goes out of their way to jokingly make a post that touches on everything I just described)

    ...Or at least, that's my best guess about how things could go sour, but, that seems less likely with a topic as innocuous as this. POINT IS, no one's gonna be fighting for that discount code, donworryabaddit~

    BACK ON TOPIC, I would've accepted it if no one else wanted it, but if it's only valid till the 24th, then, I'm not sure I'll get around to using it in time, soooo someone else can have it.

    Edit: BUT EVEN IF YOU DO INSIST ON CLOSING IT SO QUICKLY, an hour seems like a pretty short window of time, anyway. Not sure how many takers you'll get in a mere hour.
  5. It's all up to @Seiji now. Could care less about it~ Besides there is only one, so why would I need a bunch of takers? Just need one person.
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