Hot or Cold?

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Shiver or sweat?

  1. Hot

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  2. Cold

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  1. would you rather be too hot or too cold?

    I'd rather bake in the heat, every time.
  2. Maybe I'm just used to it from living this far up north, but cold over hot any day of the week.

    Plus, snow and ice is the best thing ever.
  3. Really vague.. Are we talking about surviving in it or how we get to die in it?

    Cause I live in Florida. Where the heat literally can kill. And it does, every single year.

    That said, the cold. Shivering burns calories at an extreme rate compared to sweating which just sucks moisture out of your body. I'd rather be cold and losing weight than sweating and dehydrating in a matter of hours.
  4. Cold every time. Boiling inside and sweating is one of the worst feelings ever.

    Plus, when it's cold. You just put on more clothes.
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  5. Like any rock, I ignore the weather and gather moss.
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  6. This guy has it right.
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  7. I'd rather be cold... because you can always add another layer if need be, but you can only take so much off before it becomes indecent exposure.
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  8. Relevant.

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  9. Cold, definitely. Heat is miserable, and when it's cold you've got the option of rain. We don't get snow here, but usually cold means rain and rain is good. Plus, you can wear jackets if you get too cold. Can't get naked in the heat.
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  10. I don't like to sweat. It leaves me with a nasty feeling.

    But you knew this about me already. :D
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  11. I hate the winter but I'd still choose cold because you can constantly make yourself warmer via more layers.
    For heat there's only so much clothing you can lose before you need to go insane with the AC being used.
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  12. I'm getting flashbacks of hiking adventures. The moment you stopped moving, man. It was worth the experience but ffff so cold.

    Indoors cold is more manageable but try spending days outside. It is not good for you. Not at all.
  13. COLD COLD COLD!!!!!! It may help that my internal temperature is 2 degrees higher than the norm, but I like it cold. In fact, I have a hard time sleeping if its too hot, but sleep like a baby when its freezing cold. When I was living with my mom when my parents split up, my mom always mentioned how freezing cold my room always was XD And my friend will be like "i'm freezing D:" And I would be like "bullshit! I'm still warm" So he feels my body and he'll be like "JEEZ YOU'RE WARM!!!!! ARE YOU RUNNING A FEVER OR SOMETHING???"
  14. Cold. Shivering is annoying and not very comfortable, but getting all sweaty just because it's so hot is both of those things plus it feels gross as well. Also what others have said about layers versus stripping.
  15. I am a frost giant and I wear shorts all year 'round. Only times I really don't are the later months of winter when it gets below freezing, but even then that's only if I'm going outdoors. Around the house I'll still choose tank top and shorts. Gets me funny looks at times. People don't seem to understand I have to let my body breathe as much as I can, lest I get overheated to the point of needing medical attention. Not sure why I'm so severely intolerant of heat, but my suspicions lie with hyperthyroidism (which runs in my family).
  16. Hot. I absolutely hate the cold. And it's not often I get too hot. I kinda like the heat. XD lol.
  17. You wouldn't happen to live in a desert of sorts like Vegas or Texas? Or maybe even Tennessee?

    Here in Washington, we don't get the pretty good dry heat, we get humid heat o.o Humid heat is the worst. You get sweaty for like 3 minutes of walking, it's hot and muggy, it just doesn't feel good DX

    The dry heat of Vegas/Tennessee and Texas is quite good. I can go long periods of time outside just fine even when its nearing 100 degrees. But Washington heat? I can barely stand 80 DX

  18. I wish. ;-;

    I live in Michigan. Not the warmest place in the world. >.>

    When it's in the 70's I have to wear a sweater. And even when it's in the 80's or higher I have to carry a sweater with me when I go places because people turn their air conditioning up so freaking high that it feels like winter inside every building. DX When I wear shorts, I carry 2 sweaters with me. One to wear and one to cover my legs with when I'm sitting down somewhere. XD I feel ridiculous. I'm the only one in my family that does that and I don't like it, but I get cold so freaking easy. Probably because my grandpa and his family is originally from Texas. So I like warmer weather naturally.
  19. Michigan is where I'm moving, as soon as I get the cash to do so. I can't wait to finally leave Georgia. The summers are miserable and winters aren't cold enough. It doesn't hurt that I'm from the area, too :D

    There's no place like home!
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  20. That explains it XP My mother is from Texas and she cannot handle even the slightest amount of cold. Why didn't that go to me too? Probably because my dads super cold winter with snow up to his knees probably carried over.