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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
Character A is an ancient vampire and a skilled mortician. Having strayed away from feeding off live prey for decades, Character A takes blood from the dead while preparing them for burial. It tastes awful, but it allows him to live more peacefully. Over the course of a few months, he starts to realize that some of his patients have already been bitten by another vampire, this being their cause of death. While the townspeople are overwhelmed with sorrow, none seem to suspect something as fantasy driven as a vampire to be the cause of their dead loved ones.
Driven by curiosity, Character A tries to pick out the vampire that has slipped into the community. There is one thing Character A has yet to realize though. The new vampire already knows who and what he is and is ready to move in... for a marriage proposal?

Looking for someone willing to work with me on ideas. Character b will be the new vampire killing people. Looking for a dominant that can play either character A or character B. Must be willing to have fun.
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