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    We're having a heat wave. Where I live it never usually gets above the low-mid nineties, but today and for the next week we are consistently 100+ WEAKSAUCE. It's only 9AM and I'm already sweating.​
    No big deal, riiiiight? Just turn on the AC? I have no AC and my bedroom window facing the west, making the evenings almost as hot as high noon. Koori gave me a good idea for staying cool with out AC, using a fan, a bowl and some ice water. Genius.​
    My question for you is
  2. Pool party!! my bathtub.
    It's usually pretty hot where I live (in the desert) so we're normally about 110+ after the first of summer. I'm the weirdo that will work out, then relax afterwards. It's always a zillion times cooler after cause you've created that heat, then you're cooling down.

    Besides that, fan's and ice water right in front of it, sounds about right!
  3. Inside

    1. turn off all the lights in my room (It causes more heat i learned)
    2. Strip nekkid and roll onto cool spots on my bed
    3. Sleep

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    1. Get in my car and roll all the windows down (Turning on the AC in the car is bad for you!*)
    2. Drive anywhere at a fast speed so wind blows through everywhere
    3. park in the shade, crack windows, and only go to air conditioned places.

  4. We have central air in this house. It'll get to be over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, so it's totes necessary and worth the hundreds of dollars it costs to have.

    Otherwise, I spritz myself with a water bottle while sitting in front of a fan. My boyfriend bought me one of those cool things that you soak in water and wear around your neck, too. A cool scarf, I think it's called? It's even a stylish red and black color; bought it from a festival. :) Feels good, man. Also, honestly, smoking pot helps too. You care less about the terrible heat when you're stoned.

    Aaand of course, sipping cold drinks. Water, kool-aid, even a beer or wine cooler even though it doesn't hydrate you. lol It's mentally comforting, you know?
  5. I don't have AC, and I don't want anything to do with it either. I don't usually mind the heat as long as it's not warmer than my own inside body temperature; and once it is, it's no use getting undressed anyway, so I dress just like I usually do (and it still doesn't bother me too much even then). My strategy in keeping my house cool is this:
    I close everything during the daytime, curtains included. I open everything at night. I spill water onto terrace and balcony (water is automatically available for this after I wash anything) to make it evaporate and cool the air around the house, that works surprisingly well.
  6. My family doesn't like to turn on the air conditioner at night and surprisingly the house heats up rather quickly once it's off. My room constantly faces the sun so it's the hottest room in the house. My boyfriend and I bought a fan that you add water to (I don't know if there's a fancy term for this) and to make it extra cool, add ice. Granted your room gets humid but at least it starts to cool down.

    I hate heat. >.< So jealous of all of you who seem to not mind it. If I get too hot, my body starts breaking out in hives.
  7. Naw, dude the method is this:

    Fan or a willingness to be takin' brisk walks around your house
    Bowl of water with or without ice
    Small washcloth
    Optional: Drop or two of Spearmint, Peppermint, Mint essential oil. Make that shit MINTY.

    Strip as naked as you please
    Optional: Put one or two drops of the aforementioned essential oil into the bowl of water and mix that shit up thoroughly
    Take the washcloth and dip that shit into the bowl of water
    The key areas to pat the wet washcloth are these:
    - Back of your neck
    - Straight down from your sternum to your belly button
    - Sides
    - Front and side of your thighs
    - Inside of your forearm up to your armpit (but not all the way, you don't want your pit germs to contaminate your water)
    - Whereever you can reach on your back

    You gotta wet these areas quick enough so they're still wet when you step in front of your fan/walk as fast as you can in the area of your house that's large enough to do a lap in.

    'Cause I swear, once moving air touches those wet spots?

    Frozen tundra type shit, swear yo' ass got hypothermia. 109 degree what?
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  8. Cry. And burrow underground. And contemplate moving to Greenland.
    More crying.
    Working in a place where I can tweak the thermostat on the company dime and make it Hoth. >:[
  9. I have an in-window A/C unit in my bedroom. ._. Otherwise, that room would be completely useless in the summer, as it too faces the west.

    I also don't leave the house while the sun is out in especially hot weather and even then I still keep a bottle of ice water on hand to keep me from overheating. Shit's SRS, mang.
  10. Fans mostly (i really ought to try that ice trick) and dressing down. I keep the shades down and don't move much, just read or watch tv
  11. ocha I love it!
  12. AND you can put waters, sodas, a small watermelon and a coupla beers in that shit. All at around the cost of around 20 bucks! Fuck you Big A/C!