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    Layla lived with her roommate in a apartment building while in college and while her roommate had a boyfriend, Layla wasn't too concern with boys, or anyone for that matter. She wasn't a loner or anything, she had plenty of friends and she always indulged herself in her artwork, manga, anime, cosplaying, video games, and knowing trivial facts about any of those subjects. Being in a relationship never really sparked her interest. Yes she did have needs like anyone else but she managed on her own...fangirling and shipping fictional characters.

    It wasn't until she came back to her apartment when's she noticed the door open across the hall and saw a handsome guy in there unpacking. Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped a bit. Her face was never so flared up like this, not even with hardcore Yaoi! Her heart even skipped a beat. She holds her nose just to make sure she didn't have a nosebleed. She turns around quickly and tries to find her keys in her pockets which she drops numerous times in embarrassment.

    What was happening to her?!
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    Roddy was at last living on his own, no more roommates or anything. Sure that luxury came at its own cost, he had to move clear across town & shell out more money monthly but it was definitely worth it. He however just landed his first job after graduating bartender school & could not miss the chance to be the bartender of a new club readying to open despite it being a environment he would never actually find himself in. Who was he to complain after all? It was good pay, good hours, & the promise of plenty of good looking women too. Everything was beginning to look up for him.

    However being so far away from his normal stomping grounds meant moving was proving to be incredibly difficult. Roddy was constantly moving boxes up & down stairs for hours at this point. He was unpacking one of his boxes when he looked through his open door to find a lady staring back at him. He only saw her for a split second before she quickly spun around & avoided eye contact with him. Roddy could hear her keys jingling frantically before hitting the ground, this happened several times over. He slowly decided to approach the women & introduce himself, "You need any help there....?"
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  3. The girl freezes for a moment and then jumped like a frighten cat. "I-I-I" she began to stutter a lot and then nodded shyly once she was able to move her. "Y-y-yes...I mean No!" She says quickly and picks her keys and was unknowing using the wrong one to try to open the door.
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  4. She was a rather odd gal & incredibly frigidity yet there was some cuteness about her behind those thick framed glasses. Roddy scratched his hair as he continued to watch the women struggles to enter her own apartment. "Are you positive? Looks like your struggling there." He was attempting to come off as polite as possible hoping it wouldn't freak her out anymore than she already was. He then watched as she went through nearly entire key chain without any success whatsoever of opening her door. "Y'know I could go if you want me to?" Roddy waited for her apply while pointing a thumb over his shoulder back at his open apartment complex, he then spoke once again. "Maybe it'll help if I introduce myself?" He paused anticipating well hoping she would be able to reply without fumbling over her words.
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  5. Layla managed to get her door open and when she did, she quickly goes inside and smiles nervously to the guy before slamming the door closed and locking it up.

    Her heart was thumping really fast and she looks through the peep hole to see if he was still there. Her face was as red as rose and she felt shaky in her knees.
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  6. She never replied to any of his questions & when her apartment door finally opened she took off inside. Roddy was completely baffled by her actions & was left there in the hallway completely speechless. He wasn't sure if it was he approached her or if she was actually that awkward. Roddy pondered going back to his unpacking considering how much more he still had to do but he needed resolution with this girl. He gently knocked on the door & spoke, "Y'know if I'm going to be your neighbor we may want to introduce ourselves to one another at some point." Roddy then stood there patiently giving her a few moments before he would return to his apartment.
  7. The girl sees and hears him behind his door. Oh crap...why couldn't she speak to him?! She was normally fine with guys, seeing as she had many guy friends then female companions. She crouches down at the door and couldn't even get a word out etch wise. She looks around and saw a pad of paper and a pen and goes over and writes on it before folding it and sliding it under the door.

    "Sorry for my behavior. My name is Layla." She slides under before running to her bedroom and hiding in there like a little kid.

    She never felt so nervous or sick before and it scared her. What was this feeling? It was similar to how she would fangirl over a anime guy but...this was real life!!!
  8. He could hear her feet shuffling behind the door & then silence, Roddy then felt something hit the tip of his foot. There was a note on the floor that had to have come behind the door, this was getting rather weirder by the second. Roddy picked up the note & learned the girl's name was Layla, cute name he thought to himself. He then realized he didn't have a pen & no way to reply to her so instead he just spoke up louder, "It's ok really but name is Roddy by the way." He didn't even know if Layla was even listening to him anymore. "Well...nice to meet you Miss Layla...maybe we can actually talk face to face next time?" Roddy then began to head back to his apartment.
  9. It was just then that Layla's roommate, Rebecca came up the stairs and saw the new neighbor. "Hi there handsome." She asks since she was the flirty type even if she had a boyfriend.
  10. Roddy looked over his shoulder assuming this new woman was referring to someone else, how many girls lived on this floor he thought. "Ya mean me?" This has been such a awkward day even by his standards. "Hello there yourself." This gal was very attractive & it was obvious by her attitude that she knew it too. "It's nice to meet someone who doesn't run away after eye contact in this complex." He was of course referring to Layla of course who still hadn't come out yet. "Anyway where are my manners? My name is Roddy & I just moved into the place." He then pointed at his apartment which was still incredibly bare & going nowhere fast.
  11. "Hot new neighbor huh? Sounds like fun." She says, winking at him. "I'll be sure to keep you in mind Roddy." She says and goes to her apartment which was also Layla's. "Come over any time you want." She says and unlocks the door and goes inside before turning back to him, "and I do mean any time."
  12. He smirked at the woman's advances, who doesn't appreciate a good ego boost now & then? He then was astonished to discover that she shared the same apartment with Layla. Quickly Roddy stopped her from closing the door on him, " live with Layla?" He could tell she was confused on how he knew who Layla was. "Listen this is going to sound...odd but we had a really shaky start & I would actually like to meet her face to face." Roddy didn't know why he was so hard pressed to meet her but never before had a women took off in the opposite direction after meeting him.
  13. Rebecca was confused when Roddy mentioned Layla and after listening to him, she understood. "Layla's....a bit...what's the word? Awkward." She says. "Don't get me wrong, she's super sweet and nice and a great roommate. But I noticed that she's a bit...awkward." Rebecca says nicely. "But maybe once she gets used to you she'll talk." She offered him a smile and then goes inside.
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  14. Roddy was quite relieved to find out about Layla's apparently known awkwardness around people especially since it meant it wasn't him she was terrified of. "Wait." He quickly closed & locked his door, "I can finish unpacking lately & honestly I need to unwind." He brushed a few locks of stray hair out of his eyes before continuing, "& you did say any time." Roddy smiled hoping that putting on the charm would work, "What's the chances I can come over now?"
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  15. Rebecca smiles and let's him inside. "Make yourself at home." It was a nice and clean apartment because Layla was such a neat freak and she did the cleaning as well as cooking. There was a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. Layla's door was closed and Rebecca's was open because one could see the mess inside of there. "Want a drink? Layla went to the store I think. Today's grocery day after all." She says since Layla was the time he have a schedule when she like to do things. Like Sunday was laundry night, Friday was (video) game night with her friends, and Wednesday was grocery shopping day.
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  16. He walked in right behind Rebecca & was impressed by the cleanliness of the place. The layout was exactly the same as his apartment just swapped around since it was on the other side of the hall. Only one room seemed to be unorganized & Roddy didn't pay much mind to it considering how horrible his place appeared at the moment. He found himself gazing at a few of the pictures that was scattered among the house, Roddy could finally see what Layla's appearance was. She was a very attractive women, not attractive in Rebecca's way but her own. It was a way that Roddy couldn't look away from until Rebecca offered him a drink, "Have any beer?" He smirked hoping there was some alcohol in the place, "So is she going to come out?"
  17. "Maybe a few since Layla isn't legal to buy them so I do." Rebecca says and gives him a can and grabs one for herself. "And what you said is true that she was nervous or something, she'll be in there all night." She informs him and then asks, "so you like her or something? You're asking a lot of questions."
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  18. He gladly took the beer & began to enjoy it until he nearly choked after hearing Rebecca's question. It was one hell of a conclusion to jump to considering he hadn't even said a word to her or meet Layla face to face. Yet why was he having such difficulty coming up with a way on how to answer her question? "Like her? The gal won't even look at me." That part did bother him, Roddy never knew a gal who wouldn't jump all over hell even Rebecca was flirtatious out the gate. "I just figure our neighborly status would be easier if she was able to speak to me actually." He then sat down on their incredibly comfortable couch & had some more beer.
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  19. "She's like a cat. Let her approach you. I don't think she can even talk to handsome guys. I mean, yeah she has guy friends but they are not the best looking bunch." She says honestly. "Even my boyfriend intimates her."

    Just then, Layla comes out with her laptop and asks, "were you on my laptop again Rebecca?" She asks softly.
    "No why?"
    "Then why am I getting lingerie ads with your name on them?" She asks and Rebecca laughs nervously and changes the subject. "Layla, you're boyfriend is here." She says and the girl looks over and saw the new neighbor and freezes up. She quickly closes her laptop and hugs it to her chest with a mad blush going on and she was silent.
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  20. "So what ya saying is I should switch my cologne to catnip?" It was a decent attempt at a joke & it was enough to make Rebecca laugh too. Just then Layla entered the room clutching her laptop & oblivious to his existence. Roddy just stared at her in complete shock, Layla was actually rather gorgeous. Everything about her just flowed & complimented one another, Roddy had never seen anything like her before yet she was so humble about it. He listened as the roommates talked & Roddy be lying if he didn't imagine for a brief moment what Layla in lingerie would look like. He then blushed when Rebecca referred to him as her boyfriend which could be any further from the truth however despite fumbling over his words he was able to speak, "Ya know its easier to meet people when your not always running from them."
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